Apr 7, 2011

WW #4 MMSF - Up Beanblossom

Part 1: The early stages

A small but high caliber field lined up at the Sample Gates last night for the 4th edition of the 2011 Wednesday Worlds. Notable participants included Mike Sherer, Erik Hamilton and Eric Young. About 15 others were there to test their resolve against some of the best riders in the area-and they were certain to get that opportunity! Originally scheduled for Paragon and Bottom Road, the group called an audible and changed the course to go counterclockwise through the MMSF up the steps of Beanblossom. The wind was blowing hard out of the southwest, and the group was characteristically chatty until the turn at Anderson. Almost immediately the fireworks began as one rider after another tested their mettle against the field. Serious gaps developed in the middle of the field as we were single file at 35mph spun out in our 53x12s, and a bike length gap may as well have been a mile. About 12 got away; Hamilton, Young, Sherer, Pilling, Atwell, Rose, Shei, Shanahan, Saccone, Smallman, Chris (Hoosier Climber) and Josh (Nebo). About 4 others bridged at the base of Beanblossom. The leaders continued to put pressure on the group through the false-flat approach to the first step up the climb. The early part of the first ascent up Beanblossom was barely manageable for those of us hanging on and the group was stringing out. There was an acceleration from the leaders in the second section that shattered the group. After this, it gets a little dark for the author! Saccone, Pilling, Smallman, Josh, and Chris (and another rider) formed an admirable chase, trying to keep the leaders in sight, but the considerable horsepower up the road kept the pressure on. Smallman, Chris and Josh rode away from Saccone and Pilling on the second ascent of Beanblossom.

Part 2: The Finish
To be continued by one of the leaders!

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