May 31, 2009

Tallest riding midgets in the US!

Tulsa Tough is a three-day series of big money criteriums in Tulsa OK and it was where the Feldman and Young money-grab rocked up at this weekend. Three races- three wins (1 for Clayton, 2 for Eric) together with 1st and 3rd in the weekend omnium. Results here.
In a three week destruction of Cat 3 fields throughout the Midwest these Cutter team-mates have made a bunch of cash and now surely must have caught the eye of the auto-upgrade police! That'd be OK for Clayton if he is returned to ride L5 next year but for Eric that would mean just one more year of L5 eligibility and the Cutter five-peat would be in jeopardy (the 2010 four-peat is all but assured!). Nice riding fellas!

Eric Young winning at Nortons Commons a few weeks ago- same story, different race!
Photo- John Bennett

May 29, 2009

State Crit Champs

Remember to mark your diary for the Indiana State Criterium Champs in Bloomington on July 18th! Championship events for Pro/1/2, Cat 3, Cat 4/5 and Women and a non championship masters race (the masters state champs will take place in West Clay during August).

Off- Roading

This weekends racing close to Bloomington takes to the dirt with the second round of the DINO MTB series just down the road at Brown County State Park. Racing is scheduled for Sunday afternoon and even if you have zero experience it might be worth giving racing a try. The trails at BCSP are fantastic and it's relatively cheap to race. Give it a try- you might LOVE it!

Other than that there is a 40km Time Trial at Monrovia early sunday AM. Brutally hard but a great workout!

For local group rides- The BBC will be heading for a 60-miler out towards Nashville. This ride has something for everyone and can get a little tasty on occasions!

May 27, 2009

TT results 5/26/09

A hot and humid day meant for a limited turnout but some fast times last night. JP Krol has only been back on the bike for a month or so but turned in a great time in very un-aero fashion! Both Kaleb Naegeli and Scott Catanzaro continue their improvements as they both knocked almost 40seconds off of their PRs. Nice rides!
Name, time, mph

Ryan Shanahan 21:17 28.19
Jason Romaine 23:22 25.67
Kaleb Naegeli 23:59 25.01
Scott Catanzaro 24:41 24.30
JP Krol 24:48 24.19
Brandon Money 25:23 23.63
Sarah Sanders 26:13 22.88
Todd Davidson 26:44 22.44
Tatiana Kolovou 28:08 21.32
Frank McGill 29:03 20.65


Paragon Loop this evening. 5.30pm at the Samples Gates. Due to the terrible condition of Bottom Road I'd advise calling a truce until we at least reach the pig farm or the junction with Dittemore Rd but we can decide out on the ride.

May 26, 2009

Weekend Results

Results from the the Burlington RR and the Snake Alley Criterium here.
From the Quad Cities Crit here. There were some solid performances from local riders with Clayton Feldman (Team WM) winning back to back Cat 3 races in Muscatine and Rock Island. Another lucrative weekend for Clayton who showed what he can do when not working for a teammate!
Clayton got some TV time after the Rock Island race in this interview with the QCtimes!

Louise Turner also took a victory at Rock Island in the womens 2/3 crit! The locals won't be pleased with that prize money going across the pond!
There was some other racing at the Wildwood Crit in St Louis this weekend in which both Ryan Knapp and Lauren Half put in strong performances. In the Pro/1/2 race Ryan made the break of the day and finished a strong 3rd. I'm sure the details will appear here soon enough!
Ryan (right) hurting in the break!

Forest TT

7pm at the intersection of Forest Road and Old SR37. 10 mile TT. There will be a group riding out to the course at 6pm from the rear of Bike Garage. Come and race or just spectate!

May 22, 2009

SR446 Update- take action!

From Kevin Hays-
446 is in the process of being "chip and sealed" from Pine Grove, past Heltonville, all the way to US 50 between Bedford and Seymour. They have started at Heltonville and are heading currently heading north. Apparently, it will be pretty much impasable for cyclists for quite some time. The Bloomington Bike Club has already been in contact with Indiana Dept. Of Transportation as well as emails to Gov. Mitch Daniels and there will probably be some sort of petition as there was absolutely no public notification at all before the work began.

Seeing as this blog is seen by riders both at IU and elsewhere, maybe we could gather even more opposition to this absurd resurfacing! Although a lot of people are now gone for the summer but man are they gonna' be pissed when they come back in the fall. Below is the contact info for Daniels and INDOT.

Gov. Mitch Daniels:


Chances are it will not make any difference, seeing as the work has already begun. But it certainly won't hurt either.

Weekend Riding

The Bloomington Bike Club is hosting some great riding this holiday weekend. The groups have a wide range of rider speed so there is usually something for all speeds of rider!

Saturday- 8am from Bryan Park-Nashville 90 or 9am from Bryan Park- BBC ride to Morgan Monroe and then maybe do the M and M ride about 60 miles

Sun and Mon from Bryan Park at 9am

IOWA calling

Not much racing in Indiana this weekend so many Midwesterns will be heading west to the IA-IL border for four days of great racing. Details of the weekend can be found here and spaces are available for each of the four races if you want to make a late decision to race. In short-Fridays event is a flat and fast RR based in Burlington IA. Saturday has the 'queen' day with the marvelous Snake Alley Criterium, a race based on the sinous cobbled snake alley in Burlington. Even if you don't race, it is a great spectator event as by sitting between the curves in the road (often time with beer in hand) you can really feel the pain of the riders.

Cresting the Snake.

Muscatine IL hosts the Melon City crit on sunday on another challenging course (watch out for the 35mph speed-bump) and the weekend is rounded out with a classic 8 corner crit in downtown Rock Island IL on Memorial day! Truly a great weekend of racing!
The Quad-Cities Crit in Rock Island is flat and fast!

May 19, 2009

Weekend Successes

It was a successful past weekend for those riders with links to Bloomington. Eric Young and Clayton Feldman had a highly lucrative weekend in the McDonalds Spring series finale. Young won both Cat3 races and Feldman was in the top 4 each time as well which netted over $1000 between them! Eric Hamilton (NUVO) had another great ride and was 2nd in a photo finish in the Pro/1/2 race on sunday at Nortons Commons. Bri Kovac (ABC) was 1st in the Womens race. We're still waiting for the full results from these races (even though they were posted at the venue after 20minutes!).
Young putting the hurt on your author

Big credit must go to Brett Stewart, a recent IU grad and now an Indy resident. Brett is often the invaluable worker on his racing teams (previously Athletes-by-Design and this year Alderfer Bergen). However this past weekend he had the chance to race for himself and took a great victory at the Pro/1/2 'Monsters of the Midway' Criterium in Chicago. A great and well deserved victory for a classy rider! If anyone has pictures/ results for this race please send me them and I'll post it.


WW is Forest loop. Try to keep it steady up the cow-pasture hill to give those people a little slower the chance to hang on over the top of the climb first time up!

As an FYI the full schedule is here.

May 14, 2009

Weekend Racing

The 'local' racing takes place in northern Kentucky this coming weekend. It's the final weekend of the popular McDonalds IN/KY Spring series and there is plenty of cash on the line. Saturday has a race in Frankfort KY and then Sunday has a race at the Nortons Common sub-division/town which is a few miles to the east of Louisville. There's $12900 to be won throughout the weekend so get out there and win some cash. Online registeration ends this evening at 11.59pm. It's $10 more expensive if you don't pre-reg!

Coach Hep Cancer Challenge

This Saturday is the second annual Coach Hep Cancer Challenge. There are 25km, 50km and 100km ride options and there should be a good group on the longer rides. If you aren't racing in KY this weekend and particularly is you've been personally affected by cancer you should go along and ride. It should be a good fun time. Details are here-

May 13, 2009

SR446 Chip n' suck

A heads-up from Tom Cox-

Just wanted to let you know that I went out 446 last night and found that they are chip n sealing south of the cause way! The north bound lane just past the top of the south climb was more like a gravel road. I don't know how far south it goes, I turned off and did the 60k. I assume by the end of the week both lanes with chipped and sealed. Hopefully they are planning on putting a finish coat of asphalt on top of this but I am not holding my breath. When large truck or cars would pass they were followed by a large dust cloud and they would kick up the small stones. Not a good place to ride at the moment.

Time trial results 5/12/09

There were almost perfect conditions out at the Forest last night which meant a good group was out to race. Ryan Shanahan took top spot on the day. Of the riders with no aero-bars and no TT-rig, Valentin Todorow was most rapid (although he did have a sweet helmet!). Thanks to Sarah and RJ for timing.

Name, Time
  1. Ryan Shanahan 21.16
  2. Fred Rose 21.53
  3. Jordan Bailey 22.09
  4. Adam Rodkey 22.49
  5. Valentin Todorow 24.05
  6. Kaleb Naegeli 24.43
  7. Scott Catanzaro 25.17
  8. Brandon Money 25.20
  9. Adam Fryska 25.49
  10. Marty McCrory 26.06
  11. Nick Puaca 26.22
  12. Geraint Parry 26.40
  13. James McKenzie 27.17
  14. Chris Brammer 28.00
  15. Sarah Fredrickson 28.03
  16. Heather McAllister 28.51
  17. Evelyn Ewing 30.17
  18. Frank McGill 30.28


Wednesday Worlds this week is the 446 circuit. With school out this will be the first of the ‘summer’ WWs and will give an idea what Bloomington’s summer residents will have to look forward! It should be fun! 5.30pm at the Sample Gates or approx 6pm out at the course on Knightridge and SR446.

446 Circuit-

May 11, 2009

Forest TT.

It’s Forest Time Trial time Tuesday at 7pm. Drive out or ride out with a group leaving the rear of Bike Garage at 6pm. After breaking the course record last time out Issac Neff now has the target is firmly on his back! However after 4 hard days of racing in AR this past weekend I doubt we’ll see Issac racing this Tuesday. Remember that the course starts at the junction of Old37 and forest road.

Cycling Study still looking for riders!

This was posted earlier in the year but Louise is still looking for subjects and now L5 season is over perhaps some students will be willing to take part! Let me know!

From Louise Turner-

Dear cyclists,

My name is Louise Turner and I am a PhD student in Exercise Physiology in the department of Kinesiology in HPER. I am conducting a research study that requires the participation of trained cyclists, and would like to invite you to participate in a research project. The eligibility criteria for the study include being a trained male cyclist under the age of 40 and with no existence of heart, respiratory, or kidney disease (as determined by the completion of a standard medical questionnaire).

What is the study? There is evidence to suggest that inspiratory muscle training (training the muscles you use to breathe in) improves endurance performance in some individuals including cyclists, however the reason for these improvements are unclear. This study aims to look at whether IMT can change the oxygen availability in the muscles that you use to exercise and whether this affects your time trial performance.

This study involves a maximum aerobic capacity test [VO2max test] (~1hr), three 20-km time trials [one is a familiarization test] (~30min/session), two simulated exercise tests (~30min/session), and two exercise sessions (~2hrs/session) over a period of 6-8 weeks. You will also be asked to complete inspiratory muscle training on a daily basis (~5min/day). The tests can be scheduled to suit your schedule and would be able to start whenever it convenient to you (i.e after little 500, or any other commitments).

This research project is completely voluntary, and you can decide not to participate or withdraw from the study at any time. I appreciate you taking the time to consider participating in this study. Your participation in this study would be greatly appreciated, and if you have further questions or you would like more information then please do not hesitate to ask. You will be compensated for your time.

If you are interested in participating or would just like more information at this stage, please contact Louise Turner at or (812) 855-4632. If you know of anyone that maybe interested in participating please feel free to forward this e-mail to them. I really appreciate your help.

Eagle Creek Traditional Crit

With over 35 riders in each of the race categories it was a competitive day of racing at Eagle Creek park in Indy this past Saturday. Leading off the day was the Citizens and Women’s race (they didn’t start together but on such a short circuit they soon came together). The powerful Alderfer Bergen squad had three members in attendance and Katie Weber got away in a break with two gentlemen from the Nebo Ridge team and took the victory. Bri Kovac and Louise Turner sprinted to 2nd and 3rd within the joint peloton. It was encouraging large Women’s field which will hopefully continue through the rest of the season!

In the Cat 3 event a powerful group of 8 riders got off the front after around 20min of racing and kept a 30sec lead to the very end. Man of the moment Eric Young (Morris Trucking) won the sprint going away with fellow Little 5ers Matt Kiel (Gray Goat- 2nd) and Clayton Feldman (Waste Management- 7th) also in the break. Young did mention that the ‘old dude’ in the break, Tom Saccone (Tortuga), almost snuck away late for the win but was hauled in to finish 5th.
Young taking the sprint... on his cyclocross bike!

The Masters race was dominated by the classy John Kelly (DB Bicycles) and Dave Stone (Verizon). They broke away early, held off the combined powers of four chasing ZIPP riders, lapped the field and then went into a full pursuit for the final laps to decide the winner. John Kelly came out on top- he doesn’t race much these days but when he does he races hard and smart!
Kelly and Stone- a class apart in the 40+ race.

The Cat 4 race was decided by a very rare occurrence- a solo breakaway. Kaleb Naegeli (IC3) went it along with 8 laps to go and some great determination saw him maintain a diminishing lead for the final few laps to savor a very satisfying victory!
Kaleb winning in the grand manner!

The Cat1/2/3 race was the Eric Hamilton (NUVO) show. Eric has been in great form recently and wasted no time attacking and going solo for the first few laps. After some reshuffling the break of the day formed with Hamilton joined by Greg Schrock (Texas Roadhouse) and Kenda Pro Chad Burdzilauskas. These three worked together seamlessly and Hamilton seemed the strongest of the day until he had a mechanical with a few laps to go. This allowed Schrock to attack Burdzilauskas on the final lap to take the win. Hamilton was joined on the final lap by NUVO team-mates Andrei Banaszkiewicz and David Caughlin to round out the top 5. As often happens Harry Clark (Alderfer Bergen) took the bunch sprint, his time handicapped by a softening rear tire! One day Harry will actually breath through his mouth during a race and then everyone else will be in trouble!
The break of the day.

Thanks to John Bennett for the pictures-
Thanks to the Indiana Hand center team for marshalling the course.

May 9, 2009

Eagle Creek Crit

Some good success for Bloomington riders at Eagle Creek park today. The brief details now and more to follow in a couple days-

Women- 1st- Katie Weber (ABCycling), 2nd- Bri Kovac (ABC), 3rd- Louise Turner (ABC).

Cat 3 race- 1st- Eric Young (Morris Trucking), 2nd- Matt Kiel (Gray Goat), 5th- Tom Saccone (Tortuga), 6th- Clayton Feldman (WM)

Cat 4 race- 1st- Kaleb Nageli (IC3). Ride of the day, solo victory after 7 laps all along off the front!

Cat 1/2- 1st- Greg Shrock (Texas Rdhse) 2nd- Chad B (Kenda), 3rd- Andrei B (NUVO), 4th- Eric Hamilton (NUVO) and off the front ALL day until a late mechanical cost him a chance at victory. 5th- David Caughlin (NUVO), 6th- Harry Clark (ABC), 7th- Ben Weaver (NUVO), 8th- Karim Abdelkader (MOB squad), 9th- Jason Fowler (ZIPP).

May 8, 2009

Little 500 pictures

Mark Zalewski who wrote report about Little 500 for Velonews has posted a ton of pictures from this years races.

Check then out here-

Weekend Racing

Local- Saturday morning sees the Eagle Creek Traditional Crit. This is run on a safe but a fairly technical loop in Eagle Creek Park in Indy. It has a shallow rise to the finish line that can sting in the sprint. Details at Indiana Race series.
Sunday Morning there is a 40k TT out at the classic Monrovia course. Go under the hour and win a T-shirt!! Also part of the Indiana Race Series. The tentatively scheduled Mooresville race has been canceled.

Regional- There is a circuit race in Germantown Ohio on Saturday, Check it out here.

National- The "">Joe Martin SR is occurring this weekend in SW Arkansas and there is a good amount of local representation in the Pro/1 race (Neff, Sherer), the Cat1/2 race (Meyers, Shei) and in the Cat 3 race (Gaines). The opening TT was yesterday and Ren-jay Shei in his first big national race finished 19th out of 100+ riders. Nice ride RJ! Share a thought for a couple of Indiana racers who traveled all the way to AR and then were outside the time cut in the TT! That's a long way to go for 2.5miles!

International- The Giro d'Italia starts tomorrow! Not much Bloomington interest but I hear Lance Armstrong is riding! Universal Sports will be airing the race live on the web so good luck to those of you wanting to get any work done in the mornings! For what it's worth BVN picks Ivan Basso for the win although it will be interesting to see if Astana gain the USPS and Discovery channel style eye-of-the-tiger now that Big Tex is on board again!

May 6, 2009

Use it or Lose it!

This Sunday the Indiana Race Series will attempt to host a circuit race at Pioneer Park in Mooresville. This is a great venue and the racing is always competitive and fun! However as it's Mothers day the organizer (Dan Daly) wants to guarantee a good field before committing to the event. Therefore if you want to race, go to Truesport and register before midday Thursday. The race will not go if it's raining due to some new yellow lines on the pavement so if you register and it doesn't happen then Dan will get you the money back. All the racing will be done by Midday so there'll be plenty of time to pamper your Mom afterward! If you have any questions then email Dan at
The Indiana Race Series also hosts the Eagle Creek Traditional Crit on Saturday morning in Indy. Another great race!

WW. Low Gap- CC

Wednesday Worlds this eve is Low Gap- Catholic Cemetary. Cath Cem road is pretty beat up but since it's uphill it'll be safe. Many of the local 'hammers' are off doing some big time racing at the Joe Martin SR so maybe tonight will be a day for the small guy! Its the final in-semester WW so hopefully we'll see a big crowd. 5.30pm at the Sample gates. The 'race' starts on Anderson Road and finishes back on old37 at the bridge close to Robinson Road.

May 5, 2009

Alderfer Bergen Domination!

The Winona Lake RR and Crit over the weekend were the home races of the Alderfer Bergen cycling team and it seems they represented pretty well!

Results here and a great picture of Issac Neff winning the crit here. Oh he's happy about it!

Ren-jay Shei put together this race report, thanks RJ.

- The Village of Winona Circuit Race this past Saturday saw many solid performances from the Alderfer Bergen Cycling team. In the women's race the expected breakaway of Tracy Tolson of Texas Roadhouse and a couple of Alderfer Bergen ladies happened, with Louise Turner and Bri Kovac accompanying her. In the end, Kovac went off solo to take the victory while Turner outsprinted Tolson for second place. On the men's side, Chris Chartier and Isaac Neff, both of Alderfer Bergen, were part of a four-man breakaway that went clear of the peloton early in the race. Later as the race went on a couple of chase groups formed, with Will Nowak of Alderfer Bergen and Adam Leibovitz of Nuvo bridging up to join a disintegrating breakaway. The endgame became Nowak vs. Leibovitz, the latter being on junior gears. In the tailwind uphill sprint, it was Leibovitz who led out the sprint and hung on for the victory, with Nowak taking a close second.

Sunday's Village of Winona Criterium saw similar tactics from the Alderfer Bergen Women with Pam Loebig and Katie Weber attacking right from the gun. Later in the race, Weber, Bri Kovac, and Louise Turner joining Tracy Tolson in a 4-woman breakaway. Turner jumped out of this group and wound up lapping the field by herself while Tolson, Kovac, and Weber maintained their gap over the peloton. On the last lap, Turner led out her teammates in the pack while taking the victory, with Loebig and fellow Alderfer Bergen rider Erin Hetzel taking the top two spots in the field for 5th and 6th, respectively. Kovac outsprinted Tolson for second, with Weber taking 4th after a late solo attempt for second. All in all the women set the bar high for the men, taking 1-2-4-5-6. The men happened to be taking notes during the women's race, and after some early fruitless efforts, Isaac Neff was again off the front, this time with Greg Strock of Texas Roadhouse, and former Little 500 rider Mike Lance of Nuvo. A late chase saw the pack almost swallow up the breakaway, but Neff took off out of the last corner and won the race with a sizeable gap over Lance and Strock, who finished second and third, respectively. Mike Sherer, also of Alderfer Bergen, won the field sprint for 4th place.

Congratulations to all who raced this weekend!

DINO Results

Apparently the trail conditions at the first DINO MTB race of the year at Winona lake were excellent and there was a big turnout for all events. Results are here. Long time Bloomington resident (now living in State College PA) John-Luc Serriere returned to the Hoosier State to kick some ass in the Cat 1 race. Cat 3 roadman Chad Salla (Alderfer Bergen) is clearly more accomplished on the dirt as he finished in second place. The new owners of the Revolution Bike and Bean Don Gallagher and Andy Messer haven't let business concerns slow them down as they both finished in the top five whilst Tomos Golas, Bloomington's premier Polish rider, carried his good form from the Underground Cyclocross season to finish 7th. Results from the Road events at Winona will appear once they crawl their way on the web!

May 1, 2009

Devils Backbone

I'm going to ride a route that goes over the Devils Backbone tomorrow leaving Soma at 10am. It's about an 80mile ride so it'll be SLOW and STEADY or i'll be in a casket on the way home. If you can manage it and want to come then shoot me a mail if you're interested in joining.

Little 500 Documentary

The Blueline Little 500 Documentary will be showing this evening at the Bluebird. I'm not sure how long it'll be but they have the venue booked from 7- 9pm. It should be a good time as they have put out some great work throughout the Little 500 season. I'm sure there'll be LOTS of jerky camera shots and plenty of quotes from other teams saying they really do like the Cutters!