Aug 22, 2013

Fantasy Vuelta

Try try try again to beat this guy (thumbs pointed at me).

League Name: BVN Vuelta 2013 
League Code: 22195324 

Aug 13, 2013

MMSF TT 08.13.2013

We had a small turnout at the TT tonight despite the beautiful weather.  After claiming the course record last time around by 1 second, Jonathan Jacob smashed his own course record with a blistering 20:20.  Sarah Sanders was the lone rider in the women's division, but had a solid time of 24:58.  Meanwhile, my lack of riding this summer was evident with a lackluster 25:03 to bring up the rear.  Big "Thank You!" to Lindsey Bruick for timing and congratulations Jon for the course record!  Perhaps we'll see a sub-20 TT one of these days??  Full results below...

Full Results:

Place Name Category Time Average Speed
1 Jonathan Jacob TT 20:20 29.5*
2 Ryan Shanahan TT 21:35 27.8
3 Shave Slaven TT 23:36 25.4
4 Mark Powell Merckx 24:07 24.9
5 Blayne TT 24:38 24.4
6 Sarah Sanders TT 24:58 24.0
7 Ren-Jay Shei TT 25:03 24.0

*course record