Jul 27, 2011

MMSF #7 Times

Tonight was the 7th edition of the Morgan-Monroe State Forest TT for 2011 and 18 riders came out to tackle the course on a hot and humid day. Jonathan Atwell continues to improve, throwing down a 21.03 (a PR by 17 seconds if I'm correct), amidst finishing his dissertation - a real accomplishment! Erik Hamilton was the fastest Merckx TTer with a 22.10. On the women's side Tatiana Kolovou and Rachel G. tied for 1st both with a 27.54. Due to a lack of paper for the timers, initials and times were recorded on an iPhone. I've deciphered the initials as best I can and tried to recall Merckx/TT from memory, but if there are any corrections, please let me know. Great job to all who came out and thank you to Mr. Adam Rodkey and Mr. Eric Young for timing!

Full Results:
Place Name Time MPH
1 Jonathan Atwell 21.03 28.50
2 Erik Hamilton 22.10 27.07
3 Ryan Preske 23.56 25.07
4 Ren-Jay Shei 24.36 24.39
5 Tom Cox 24.44 24.26
6 Bob Costello 24.53 24.11
7 Shane Slaven 25.49 23.24
8 Lyle Feigenbaum 25.55 23.15
9 John Kinder 26.08 22.96
10 Cameron Johns 26.18 22.81
11 JK2 27.02 22.19
12 L.B. 27.32 21.79
13 Tatiana Kolovou 27.54 21.51
13 Rachel G. 27.54 21.51
15 Randi Cox 27.56 21.48
16 Sue Aquila 28.22 21.15
17 Nicole Richardson 28.27 21.09
18 V.B. 32.22 18.54

Jul 25, 2011


Reminder: There will be another MMSF TT tomorrow (July 26th) at 7:00pm. 10-mile out and back course in Morgan-Monroe State Forest, start/finish where Main Forest Road and Old 37 meet. Riders will go 30 seconds apart starting at 7:00pm. A group usually leaves from behind the Bicycle Garage, Inc. shortly after 6:00pm for a brisk ride out. Current course record is 20:31 by Ryan Shanahan.

Jul 22, 2011

New man at the helm..

Jordan Bailey is the new IUSF Little 500 Race Director. Arguably the most coveted job in Bloomington and the person that yields the biggest amount of grief from entitled riders and coaches on this blog and beyond. Jordan is a great guy who will be a fine representative and will perhaps even bring the Tri-community to the race. We've had aero-helmets.... will there be TT bars and one-pieces at ITTs next year? Prepare for constant calls from Mssrs Purvis, Ewing and Schwolger.....enjoy ;)

Jul 19, 2011

Scholars Inn Bakehouse Cycling Festival / Bloomington Criterium Thanks

Thanks to those of you who helped make the downtown Bloomington event a success! Although we've been doing this for years, the preparation and groundwork to host a downtown venue are mind-numbing, starting months before the event until the last rider is in. Unofficially, I counted over seventy people with specific tasks and responsibilities directly related to the race or preparations. In addition to the over 200 racers in five categories, some estimates were that over 1,000 people lined the course throughout the night! Many thanks too, to the sponsors and benefactors, both long term and those dedicated to our teams all season and those who gave for just this event-as many have done year after year. Their gifts and support and patience are one measure of the strength of cycling in Bloomington. I know you don't race for money but it's nice when a community is engaged enough in our sport that shuts down the streets, re-routes traffic and generally creates a nuisance, to provide gifts and cash for your efforts. It's also fulfilling for me to see how the racers interacted with the crowds and passersby in such a professional and courteous manner- not always so easy when the adrenalin is jacked. I was witness, at my post at the start/finish, to countless interactions between rider/fan/resident and visitor. Our community takes its cues from how we behave and that perception is what allows us back again next year.

If you have a moment, tell us how we did, and as importantly, what we can do better or differently next year.

I've seen a few photo galleries published from local photographers. John Bennett's are some of the most inclusive and are also posted at http://n4xi.smugmug.com/2011BikeRaces/Scholars-Inn-Bakehouse-Cycling.

Thanks for your support, both on and off the bike.

Tom Saccone
Director, Scholars Inn Bakehouse Cycling

Jul 17, 2011

Bloomington Crit

Nice video (until the end) from Eric Anderson. Looks like the chap from Team Upland went a little hot into the final corner, Kevin Depasse lost the rear and the rest in ugly!

Full Results
Photos from Brian Drummy
Katie Weber
John Grant with a gutted Ryan Knapp in 3rd.

Jul 15, 2011

hmmm Upland, stay classy

Bloomingto tweets and odds

Twitter trash-talk has been pretty slow in the week leading up to the big event but there have been a few gems...
@ryan_knapp ...anyone looking to buy a result from @Panthercycling at the Bloomington Crit, our only accepted currency is Jager Bombs. Thx.

@jinglehammer I wonder if @Jason_Fowler has been sleeping in an altitude tent and aiding recovery with space legs in prep for the B-town crit?

@jason_fowler Cleaning the 808s and washing my aero booties. @ahubbe it's never to hot for an extra 10 watts #btowncrit

And the classic
@jason_fowler Hay is in the barn

But who is going to win...

So looking at the start-list and knowing who else may show up, it's time for a little fun and assessing the favorite for the Pro/1/2/3 race. Italics mean their participation is not 100% but likely...

5/1 joint fav- Chad Burdzilauskas (Texas Roadhouse).
5/1 joint fav- John Grant (Texas Roadhouse) Both are on good form with recent Superweek wins. TRH are masters of taking this race by the scruff of the neck and dominating the final laps. However is deginated sprinter will be the favorite.

6/1 Chris Uberti (Panther Cycling) Likely the team sprinter if it comes to a bunch kick. The only negative would be a Purdont grad taking the Ultimate Bloomington prize.

7/1 Ryan Knapp (Panther Cycling) Also on good sprint form and could be the favorite from a small group. Motivated for the home town win.

10/1 Jon Jacob (NUVO cycling)
10/1 Erik Hamilton (Panther Cycling)
10/1 Jake Rytlewski (Kenda Pro Cycling) All these three need to find the break and then prolly attack it to finish solo. Tricky but not impossible

12/1 Mike Sherer (Kelly Benefit) First race back from a broken collar bone. Would be a big ask but if any residual sprint form remains then he really wants this one!

15/1 Jason Fowler (ZIPP). Riding solo as usual. Peaking for this event (see above) and always races up at Bloomington. A decent each/way bet I think.

18/1 Jonathan Atwell (Scholars Inn Bakehouse) Big win at Grandview but will be looking for the break like Jacob, Hamilton et al)

20/1 Matthew Light (Racing for Riley)
20/1 Graham Dewart (Scholars Inn Bakehoue) Seem to be the sprinters for their respective teams but it would be a step up in class to compete in this event. Both teams will be looking to get in the break and see what happens.

25/1 The Field- Anyone else out there to compete? Let me know, I'm a little out the loop!


one of my bike-chums here in the 'pool helped put this together. Nice little vid.

Jul 12, 2011

MMSF #6 Times

The recent heat finally broke just in time for the MMSF TT #6 tonight, and there was a decent turnout of 14-riders despite the threatening skies. Jonathan Atwell continues to improve, clocking a 21:20 to take the top spot for the day. Ryan Preske had the best Merckx time with a 24:15 and the lone female rider was Nicole Richardson, who rode a 30:26. Thanks to Alex Jerden who was kind enough to time. Good job to all who came out!

Full Results below:
Place Name Time MPH
1 Jonathan Atwell 21.20 28.13 TT
2 Brett Stewart 22.10 27.07 TT
3 Adam Rodkey 22.37 26.53 TT
4 Ren-Jay Shei 23.41 25.33 TT
5 Ryan Preske 24.15 24.74 Merckx
6 Karl Hall 25.24 23.62 TT
7 Ashton Wischmeier 25.30 23.53 Merckx
8 John Wischmeier 25.34 23.47 Merckx
9 Pat Pettyjohn 25.40 23.38 TT
10 John Kinder 26.09 22.94 TT
11 Jason Urbanski 26.38 22.53 Merckx
12 John Kensek 27.44 21.63 TT
13 David Shirley 27.50 21.56 Single Speed
14 Nicole Richardson 30.26 19.72 Merckx

MMSF #6 Tonight (July 12th)

Reminder: There will be another MMSF TT tonight (July 12th) at 7:00pm. 10-mile out and back course in Morgan-Monroe State Forest, start/finish where Main Forest Road and Old 37 meet. Riders will go 30 seconds apart starting at 7:00pm. A group usually leaves from behind the Bicycle Garage, Inc. shortly after 6:00pm for a brisk ride out. Current course record is 20:31 by Ryan Shanahan - set just two weeks ago!

Bloomington Crit Week

THE BEST RACE OF THE YEAR IS THIS SATURDAY (tear wells in the corner of my British eye).
The SCHOLARS INN BAKEHOUSE CYCLING FESTIVAL will be a great day of racing!
A real fun twist to the racing will be a big showdown in the cat3 races where the Team Scholars Inn Bakehouse will be battling with Team Upland Sustainable Cycling! It's so awesome that there are two cycle tea sponsors within a block in Bloomington and the winner on Kirkwood will have the hometown glory. Team Upland will surely be working for Micheal Schroeder and having a Purdue Grad winning the race (as are most other Team Upland riders) will be sick! Team SIB will have Kevin Depasse in the sprint and of course the Shanahammer! Should be an awesome race and a fitting prelude to the Pro/1/2 race where Team Panther will be battling with Texas Roadhouse and NUVO hopefully with a sprinkling of Kelly Benefits. No Team Bissell at Bloomington...Eric is sadly way tooo big time these days!!

Adding to the fun is that Upland Brewery hosting AN after-party but there will be other options for a beer...most notably...SCHOLARS INN!!

Jul 11, 2011

Weekend Recap (7/11/2011)

This weekend was another big one for Bloomington cycling. Numerous riders from the area came away with victories at various races, most notably Eric Young (BISSELL) took his second NRC victory of the year when he won the Stage 3 criterium of the Tour de Toona. Bissell also won the team classification, but missed out on the GC victory, which was taken by Pure Black Racing.

At this rate, Young's going to have to come up with more creative victory salutes. Photo from cyclingnews.com

Next up we have another Cutters alumnus, Erik Hamilton (Panther p/b Competitive Cyclist), who won the GC at Tour of the Valley over in Youngstown, OH. After a 3rd place in the opening TT, Hamilton, who is likely benefiting from the fitness he gained at the Nature Valley Grand Prix and Elite Nationals, took the final overall victory.

That bottle looks very appealing...

Meanwhile, up at Superweek yet another Cutter Kevin Depasse (Scholars Inn Bakehouse p/b Team Tortuga) won the Cat 3 race at the Homewood Cycling Classic. This young man will have to keep his points tally handy to make sure he doesn't get upgraded to a Cat 2 before April 2012!

This sums it up for the results I'm privy to, if anyone is left out, leave a comment!

Jul 10, 2011


Lots of wrecks in the Tour this first week but if you haven't seen it, this one may take the trophy! Flecha hit by car, Hoogerland into the barbed wire! Ouch!


Jul 6, 2011

Bicycle Dreams- July 31st 7pm

Coming to the Buskirk on July 31st. Details at follow..