Oct 31, 2010

Team Scholars Inn Bakehouse

Team Scholars Inn Bakehouse supported by Team Tortuga will hit the roads of the Midwest in 2011 with the aim of excellence in performance and community involvement. Owner of the Scholars Inn properties, Lyle Feigenbaum, has pledged to support the new team, which will be administered by the well-established organization skills of Team Tortuga. Team Scholars Inn Bakehouse will have the goal of not only being competitive in all disciplines of cycling but importantly placing themselves in a central position in the vibrant local cycling community. Feigenbaum states that ‘we aim to place this team at the center of the Bloomington cycling community, using it as a vehicle to bring businesses, charities and individuals to support all the fantastic benefits that cycling can bring’. Team Scholars Inn Bakehouse has already began to develope a relationship with the Boys and Girls Club of Bloomington that will lead to squad members supporting different BGC events.

The centerpiece of the road cycling season in Bloomington will be the re-titled ‘Scholars Inn Bakehouse Cycling Festival’ that will occur in high summer on Kirkwood Avenue, combining top quality criteriums, kids events and a race expo.

Details of the composition of Team Scholars Inn Bakehouse are still to be determined but they expect to support an invited small team of Elite Category 2 racers as well as a slightly larger invited squad of Intermediate Category 3 riders. In addition we will develop a Women’s Squad (primarily supported by the Oliver Winery) as well as encouraging applications from Category 4 and 5 riders who wish to represent the team in a professional manner as they aim to rise up through the categories by working together to achieve TEAM success.

Look out for an announcement of a ‘Press-Release-Party’ to introduce ‘Team Scholars Inn Bakehouse’ to the community. Riders and supporters of interest will receive invitations but the event will be open to everyone who has a serious ambition to race for the team. It’ll be a great time!

Oct 29, 2010


Totally forgot about this but it's the Regional Collegiate Cyclocross champs tomorrow in Purdue. There's a good chance that Ryan Kiel might come home with the W in Mens A as has been riding well as season. His main competition will likely come from Marian (surprise) or Lindsey Wilson who also have some good guys. There is an open event as well later in the afternoon. The OVCX is back in Lousiville this weekend and likely be the first race in a while without any National calibur riders in attendance. Expect Erik Hamilton to defend his high overall position in the Elite Mens event.

Oct 28, 2010

Race across the Sky 2010

Coming the AMC East side on thursday 4th Nov at 8.30pm. It's a little steep at $12.50 but probably worth the money. Go see Levi smash Lance's time into the dirt. TdF finisher > Best US Marathon MTBer. Also look out for Zach Trogdon throwing down for Bloomington!

Race Across The Sky 2010 from Citizen Pictures on Vimeo.

Oct 26, 2010

IUCC Call Out Meeting

This Thursday at 7pm at Wilcox House. Come and hear what the plans are for the coming year. President Rachel (Fullmer) has been working hard to put things in position so that the team is registered with IU and ready to order clothing as soon as possible. See you there.

Fall series

Results are here. I didn't see anything but the cyclocarnage so others are better qualified to judge what went on and hopefully that can be reflected in the comments. It appears CRU cycling have quite the young phenom in Kris Zee who won Street Sprints and strongly contributed to the 2nd place finish in the cyclocross. Could there be a new rising power in L5, powered by HIM upstairs? Climb Trial winner Rex Rafferty has clearly been training hard over the summer but will be ineligible for BKB in 2011 as he is a transfer from Air Force.
No surprise on the ladies side with Teter, DG and Wing-it looking good. The DG-Kelseys inparticular showed some good balliness after Kelsey P broke a chain and crashed to the track hard. Kelsey K raced to Wilcox, picked up a new bike and got back in the game! Good work!
That's all I have....

Oct 21, 2010


J-Pow is the nicest guy in bike racing and it's all genuine. Nice beer handup by a soon to be lapped dude at the 9m00 mark. Frankly the course at Gloucester looks like a pos compared to the UCI3 or Bloomingcross!

"Behind The Barriers" Episode 4 from Behind The Barriers on Vimeo.

Fall Series Crazy

The IUSF website now has PDFs for all the weekends event and there are a ton of riders competing! Good for the health of the race.
All the strongest ladies teams are repping (even Kappa) and I'd wager my money on Balchan, Dickman and (of course) CvK competing for the Ws. No Cutters, PDTs or FIJIs on the Mens side of the docket but GGC, BKB, DTD and Sigchiwoegler have strong representation out there. Coudright and Dewart will battle it out for the Sprints, Morrow and Half for the Climb TT and the Cyclocross- Half and Kiel for GGC will win. As ever I enjoy getting it all wrong.

Oct 20, 2010

USGP this weekend

If you go and watch 1 cyclocross race this year then take a trip to Louisville on Saturday to check out the USGP C1 race. Best guys and gals in the country and some of the some highly ranked riders in the world atm (Ryan Knapp at 58th!!). The race is at the made for cyclocross Eva Bandman Park. I'll be driving done to watch the afternoon races if anyone wishes to come down.
The Course on the river in Lville

CX Worlds

5.30pm at the Tailgate fields.

Any other group rides going on on Wednesday? Let us know.

Bloomingcross report/ Vid

Report on Podium Insight

Bloomingcross 2010 from CinéCinnati on Vimeo.

Oct 19, 2010

Fall Cycling Series

Register on the IUSF website. It's coming up this weekend and is the true test of autumnal form! An added wrinkle this year is that the winning team ca choose their qual time next spring- I like the innovation!

The details-

Street Sprints - Friday, October 22, N Jordan Ave 3-6pm
To determine the fastest male and female Little 500 rider on campus, students will drag race 200 meters down Jordan Ave. The Street Sprints are set up in a tournament style bracket format with the fastest riders moving on until only one remains the champion.

Climb Trial - Sunday, October 24, Bill Armstrong Stadium 9am-1pm
Riders Council has designed a new event for the Fall Cycling Series that combines an uphill time trial with a 2 lap time trial on the track - all to be ridden on a Little 500 bike.

Cyclocross - Sunday, October 24, Bill Armstrong Stadium 3:30 W/4:30 M

What is commonly referred to as an obstacle course on bikes, cyclocross is made even more interesting with a Little 500 spin. Hay bales, stairs, and obstacles are combined with this two person relay event on and around the Little 500 track.

Oct 16, 2010

Race, ride out, spectate, drink a beer

Bloomingcross is tomorrow. Schedule of events is here. Come on out to race OR call in on the way home from a ride OR come spectate and grab some food and a beer from the 'Big Woods Brewing'. Will be a great day for it. Elite races start at 2.20pm.

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Oct 14, 2010


Sign up online TODAY!!


Aaron Hubbell has some brand new but retro NUVO-Bacardi kit for sale for anyone looking for some cheap good quality clothing.
He will have all these items at the Bloomingcross race this Sunday if anyone is interested in purchasing:

Castelli Bacardi jerseys, all size S, mix of new and used, $20 - $30 each
Castelli Bacardi skinsuits, all size M, mix of new and used, $25 - $40 each
Castelli Bacardi armwarmers, M and L, all new, $10 each

Champion NUVO-Cultural Trail jerseys, all M, all new, $30 each
Champion NUVO-Cultural Trail skinsuits, all M, all new, $40 each
Champion NUVO-Cultural Trail tech polo, all M, all new, $15 each

You can contact him at hubbell3@gmail.com

Picture of Sweet Sonne riding the NUVO-Bacardi kit in question

Media on the crash


Channel 13 News story

Video Link

Oct 13, 2010

Cutter Eric seriously injured (but not that one)

It hasn't rained in Bloomington in forever, the roads are oily and todays rain brought down lots of leaves. A team of four Little 5ers were very unfortunately hit by a car riding on south 446 north of the lake. They happened to be Cutters and the social media has gone a little haywire! Eric Brodell, one of the their rookies (who already has a pet name- Skeeter) has suffered a serious leg injury while Eric Young and Michael Schroeder were hit but not seriously hurt. The HT has the developing story. I have no knowledge more than that but it appears a consequence of (maybe) driving too fast on slick roads and being in the wrong place at the wrong time. The comments on the HT article indicate that plenty of people have noticed that the roads were dangerous today. I hope everyone gets well soon as I would do if it were the 'Cutters' or 'Hoosier Climber' and this story makes everyone slow down just a touch.
Photos below from the HT- thanks to Tom Schwoegler for sending them.
Personal experience says that if you hit a car make sure that it never gets driven again.

Sad Scene

Bike shop challenge- who can fix it?

CX Worlds

6pm tonight at the tailgate fields.
Next week the start time will be 5.30pm (from Fred).

Oct 12, 2010


This weekend is not only Homecoming but the OVCX comes to Bloomington. Bloomingcross will be ongoing going on over at Karst Farm Park on the west side of town. Expect a couple hundred riders to race out there. Get those cross tires on the bike and come race. Online registration ends on Thursday evening.
Saturday sees a clinic from Barry Wicks starting at 4pm after which there will be a bonfire (place unknown). For more details call Revolution Bike and Bean at 812-336-0241

Article on Podium Insight about Bloomingcross

Barry Wicks at UCI3- photo from Podium Insight

Oct 11, 2010

Community Race on the Little 5 track- relive the glory years!

As part of the fall cycling series IUSF are putting on a 'day at the track' for riders who either want to give the track a go OR reclaim the glory of yesteryears- I'm sure Matt Neilber will be there ;)
Unfortunately I can't attach the registration form to this post so please email Pam to get one ( pmloebig@indiana.edu )

From Riders Council-
Not an IU student, but want to participate in all the excitement that is the Little 500? Here's your chance! Sunday, Oct. 24 the Indiana University Student Foundation will be hosting a 'Day at the Track', as a part of the Little 500 Fall Series. There will be a community race event, which all community members are all invited to participate in. It should be a lot of fun, both for Little 5 alumni, who would be excited about being back on the track, and for those of you who have never taken a lap on cinders. It's a FREE event and a Little 5 bike will be provided. A training session will start at 1 p.m. and then heats of a 5-lap scratch race will begin at 2 p.m. Please, try to register by the end of this week if possible. Contact Race Director Pam Loebig at pmloebig@indiana.edu with any questions.

UCI3 replay

Big weekend of cross in Cincinatti this past weekend with 3 days of high quality racing under high temperatures. Most consistent Bloomington performer was Andy Messer who finish top 4 in all three Elite masters races including standing on the podium after Saturdays Java Johnnys race in Middleton. That race was highlighted by a Bloomington battle between Messer and Fred Rose which the latter lost in a tight sprint. That was a real quality ride from Rose who kept the pressure on eventual winner Mark Legg for much of the day before slotting in behind Messer for the remainder of the race.

Pam Loebig was a two-time podium finisher with a pair of third places in the Cat3/4 womens race. Admitedly not riding as much as in previous years, Pam's good finishes highlight her residual fitness and bike handling abilities! Elizabeth Cobb finished 4th on Saturday after battling with Pam but was struck with bad luck after puncturing at the very start of Sundays race, had to run a LONG way UPHILL to the pit before recomposing herself to finish 7th.
In the Elite Mens races, the weekend was highlighted by Ryan Knapp's 8th place on Friday and Mike Sherers 10th place in the big C1 race on Sunday. Remember that these races are the best in the US and aside from maybe 5 other riders, the cream of the US cyclocross talent was in Cincinnatti.
Knapp gutting it out on Friday- photo by Podium Insight

These results might not seem as gaudy as recent results on the road but in national terms they are real quality. In sunday's race the sandpit section was like a beach where temperatures soared into 90s but Sherer gritted it out solo for most of the race to take his best result of the cross season and on his birthday as well!
Check out Podium Insight for photos.

Oct 7, 2010

Hilly Start Times

Many Bloomington regulars will be out of town for the weekend but of course the Hilly will endure. I suspect there will be a good group gathering at Soma at 9am on saturday so if you need a group to roll with then head on over. Sunday usually is a little more loose given the entertainments of saturday evening but usually at the top of each hour at Soma or the Sample Gates a group might form. Please comment below if you want to advertise what time/ place your group is rolling out. I hope all enjoy the mysterious Mount Faris (24%!).

UCI3 Rankings

If anyone is around the Cincy area this sunday be sure to take a trip to Harbin Park to watch some Cyclocross. This final race of the 3 day festival is a 'C1' event meaning it's the biggest type of race outside of World Cup races. There's a 10K prize list and a large number of big names in CX world.
In the tradition of the five start ranking of L'Equipe these are the contenders for the weekend-


*****- Jpow, Cannondale/Cyclocross World
*****- Ryan Trebon, Kona

****- Troy Wells, Clif Bar
****- Joachim Parbo, CCV Leopard
****- Barry Wicks, Kona
****- Tristan Schouten, Cyclocrossracing.com

***- Ryan Knapp, Bikereg.com
***- Chris Jones, Rapha-Focus
***- Geoff Kabush, Team Maxxis
***- Brian Matter, Geargrinder

**- Mike Sherer, Pony Shop
**- Andrew Wulfkuhle, C3- Athletes Serving Athletes
**- Jake Wells, Hudz/ Sudaru
**- Weston Schempf, C3- Athletes Serving Athletes
**- Zach McDonald, Rapha-Focus

*- Mitchell Kersting, Bobs Red Mill
*- Stephen Cummings, Haymarket Bikes


*****- Katie Compton, Planet Bike

****- Laura Van Gilder, C3- Athletes Serving Athletes

***- Sue Butler, Hudz/Subaru
***- Barbara Howe, Ibis and Danger Twins
***- Ashley James, Kenda

**- Arley Kemmerer, C3- Athletes Serving Athletes
**- Linda Sone, Planet Bike
**- Kaitie Antonneau, Cannondale/ Cyclocrossworld.com
**- Deb Whitmore, Performance Bicycle
**- Deidre Winfield, C3- Athletes Serving Athletes
**- Nikki Dallaire, Alderfer Bergen

*- Christy Blakely, Cycle-Smart
*- Megan Korol- Bobs Red Mill
*- Nicole Borem, DRT Racing
*- Amanda Virostko, Biowheels Racing

But what do I know? See you on the mic!

Oct 6, 2010

CX Worlds

6pm at tailgate fields as I haven't heard about a possible trip out to Karst Farm park...site of Bloomingcross on Oct 17th!

Oct 5, 2010

Bloomington- center of Midwest Cross performance

Count them up people. At the OVCX race in Louisville, Bloomington denizens won the Pro12 (Knapp), Cat 3 (Kiel), Womens 34 (Cobb), Masters 35+ (Messer) and Cat 4 (Golas) as well as a bunch of other solid performances (Rose, Preske, Rodkey, Hamilton). I'm looking forward to announcing Bloomington continuing to bring the pain at the UCI3 weekend coming up in Cincy. Last day for registration is TODAY and the fields are stacked!! Get on it!

Oct 4, 2010

Gravel Grovel

This is advanced notice but the Gravel Grovel is back for year 2- 100km over plenty of the gravel roads of Hoosier State forest. This year run on the saturday after Thanksgiving, it was wildly successful in 2009with Kenda Pros Rytlewski and Birdman battling with Greg Strock and local hardman Andy 'Mexler' Messer for the win. Expect more of the same this year and be aware there is NO day-of registration and I'm sure it will fill up quickly. It will be a blast!

Oct 1, 2010

The Hilly cometh

Amazingly the Hilly Hundred is next weekend! It's kinda early this year so those L5 teams who use it as a testing ground might be in trouble dragging their rookies around the hills for a LOOOONG time!
There is a new route on saturday this year, presumably to avoid some of the crappier roads and the long portion of SR43 that featured in the past few years. There is no route available but there is the hill break down! 24% in the first few miles might break people mentally from the gun!