Feb 28, 2012

Feb 24, 2012

MnO Results

For those starved of cinder-track related results wait no further. The demolition derby that is Rookie MnO was yesterday! Carly Dean from Wing-it won the ladies event (thx @RacingforRiley). Eric Anderson supplied the full bracket for the Mens event where Beta rookie Will Kragie took the win!
The top 8:
1st Place: Will Kragie-Beta
2nd Place: Thomas Wimmer-Sig Ep
3rd Place: Steven Gomez-BKB
4th Place: Chris Craig-Beta
5th Place: Sam Small-Sigma Chi
6th Place: Bo Henderson-Forest
7th Place: Jake Yaeger-CSF
8th Place: John Silverthorn-Forest

And a twitter pic of the winner:

Feb 20, 2012


Feb 16, 2012

Safety Advice from IU Bikes!

This is very worthy but can't help feeling it's a little obvious (Wear a heavy jacket to stay warm). I have never heard the toothpaste on the glasses advice (1m20s)! I'm sure when he's talking about googles/toothpaste she's thinking 'Really?..we didn't talk about that in rehearsal'... Is it me or does the corridor behind go on forever.... Also I'm not sure about the saddle tilt on that bike to the side!

How to Bike in Winter from IU Bikes on Vimeo.

Feb 15, 2012

Ladies Training Race

Hello, Ladies!
Okay, it’s that time again. The first collegiate road racing weekend is the weekend of the 25th, so let’s make sure we’re ready for it. We’ll do a practice race this Saturday at noon, meeting at the Sample Gates. This is truly a come one, come all event--anyone interested in racing should come check it out! If you’ve never raced before, this is your chance to see what it’s like. And if you are an experienced racer, here’s a chance to remind yourself what racing feels like. Regardless of your experience level, it’s an opportunity to get out there with your IU teammates for a great workout.

We typically do a lap of the Forest (down Bean Blossom), though last year we did an out-and-back on 446 (due to ice on Bean Blossom). Either way, it will be familiar roads so no one gets lost, as this is not a no-drop ride...but we will all ride out together to the starting point. Attacking is welcome, as is teamwork…so come ready to race! And of course, if you have a longer ride scheduled that day, you could always add on afterward.

This weekend’s forecast looks decent, but if Saturday's weather is crazy for some reason, we’ll reschedule for Sunday at noon. Please email me randikcox@gmail.com with any questions.

Come on out!

Feb 14, 2012

Bike for sale

2010 cervelo s2 58 cm
Ultegra components
Fulcrum 7 wheels (not pictured but barely used and in good condition)
Anything else feel free to email me zacharyalusk@gmail.com

..so it begins...

Is that a black sandpit?

Feb 13, 2012

Watt a race!

First Blood to BKB and Teter as they win the Plug-in challenge! Not sure I understand the nature of the event from the IDS description but a win is a win!
IDS article

Feb 8, 2012

A Letter To the Union Board from a Member of the Rider's Council

Dear Union Board,

My name is Katie Reed, and I am a member of the Little 500 Rider's Council. This will be my third and final year riding in the Little 500 for Alpha Gamma Delta. I would like to openly protest the Union Board Concert, which takes place on Friday, April 20th with doors opening at 8 pm. Since you may not have been paying attention to recent events on your campus, the 25th Annual Women's Little 500 race will be taking place at Armstrong Stadium at 7 pm on Friday, April 20th.

With this being the 25th Anniversary of the Women's race, it is insulting to the alumnae who went through so much to make the women's race possible on our campus. The purpose of moving the race to the evening was to showcase and to involve more students and alumni in the event. Imagine how each woman who has trained at least one if not more than one year for this race will feel if the stands were empty due to the scheduling of this concert.

I hope that you will strongly consider the ramifications of this decision, and the precedence that it sets for future Little 500 races. "We are expecting a large turnout of students with high energy levels, alumni who grew up with this band, and other fans from around the state of Indiana," Shectman said in the IDS on Monday, February 7th.

We must remember, after all, the whole reason this concert will be taking place is because of a bike race.

Katie Reed

Feb 6, 2012

Free Testing/Study at HPER!!!

From the Exercise Physiology Department at HPER:


My name is JJ Duke and I am a doctoral candidate in the School of HPER, Department of Kinesiology. I am looking for highly trained runners, cyclists, and triathletes as potential subjects for my final research project. Please see the brief summary of my project below.

I am looking at how breathing strategies differ between running, upright cycling, and cycling in the ‘drop’ position. This project will have potential subjects come into the laboratory on three (3) occasions. During each visitation you will perform two main tests. The first will be basic lung function tests. These tests take place either seated or standing and take about 10-15 minutes max. They simply involve you inhaling and exhaling as quickly as possible a couple of times. The second test will be an exercise test to your maximum. On either the treadmill or bicycle the speed (or resistance) will be periodically increased until you are no longer able to continue. This sounds difficult, but in reality only the final 4-5 minutes are difficult. The entire exercise portion of the test will take less than 20 minutes with most lasting between 10 and 15 minutes. You will do this running on a treadmill, cycling in an upright posture, and cycling in the ‘drop’ position. Each visitation will last about an hour. The first exercise test (visitation) will be performed by either running or cycling; whichever exercise mode you feel you are most trained upon. There are some criteria that must be met in order to completely participate in the study. First, you must be highly trained. I have a fitness level that must be attained in order to be included. Second, you must be free of any cardiovascular or lung disease. Third, you must be a MALE. This particular study is only looking at these parameters in male athletes. Within a year our laboratory will be performing a similar study using only female athletes. During the first visitation subjects will fill out some basic medical information as well as a training history questionnaire.

What will you get out of participating:

Unfortunately due to budgetary issues I will not be able to pay subjects. However, you will receive:

1) Basic lung function information

2) Fitness level (VO2 max)

3) Maximum power output (on the bicycle only)

4) An estimate of your lactate (anaerobic) threshold

If you fit the above criteria please contact me directly at jwduke@indiana.edu to gather more information. Also, feel free to forward this information onto anyone that you think might be interested in participating. Thanks for your time!


JJ Duke

Doctoral Candidate

Department of Kinesiology

School of HPER

Indiana University