Oct 21, 2013

New Womens Little 500 Team

'Ski' women's cycling team from the IU Ski and Snowboard Club is looking for a coach. We have a group of dedicated rookie girls interested in competitive riding for this year's race. If you are interested, please email snowski@indiana.edu"

Aug 22, 2013

Fantasy Vuelta


Try try try again to beat this guy (thumbs pointed at me).

League Name: BVN Vuelta 2013 
League Code: 22195324 

Aug 13, 2013

MMSF TT 08.13.2013

We had a small turnout at the TT tonight despite the beautiful weather.  After claiming the course record last time around by 1 second, Jonathan Jacob smashed his own course record with a blistering 20:20.  Sarah Sanders was the lone rider in the women's division, but had a solid time of 24:58.  Meanwhile, my lack of riding this summer was evident with a lackluster 25:03 to bring up the rear.  Big "Thank You!" to Lindsey Bruick for timing and congratulations Jon for the course record!  Perhaps we'll see a sub-20 TT one of these days??  Full results below...

Full Results:

Place Name Category Time Average Speed
1 Jonathan Jacob TT 20:20 29.5*
2 Ryan Shanahan TT 21:35 27.8
3 Shave Slaven TT 23:36 25.4
4 Mark Powell Merckx 24:07 24.9
5 Blayne TT 24:38 24.4
6 Sarah Sanders TT 24:58 24.0
7 Ren-Jay Shei TT 25:03 24.0

*course record

Jun 24, 2013

VeloGames BVN TdF

Velogames Tour de France Game. You can try but I will win.

Name: BVN TdF 
League Code: 24192048

Jun 5, 2013

MMSF TT #3 June 4th 2013 Results

Another good turnout at the MMSF TT for the third one of the year.  21 riders partook with Adam Rodkey taking the win with a 22:25 - just one second off of his PR!  Top female was Sarah Sanders, with Tomasz Golas and Lindsay Koren taking the top men's/women's Merckx spots.  Thanks to Carl Field once again for timing - it is a thankless task and we are fortunate to have such great volunteers!  Full results below:

Full Results

Place Name Time MPH Category
1 Adam Rodkey 22.25 26.77 TT
2 Jonathan Atwell 22.27 26.73 TT
3 Spencer Brauchla 24.13 24.78 TT
4 Cameron Johns 24.14 24.76 TT
5 Shane Slaven 24.22 24.62 TT
6 Tomasz Golas 24.29 24.51 Merckx
7 Rob Lee 24.30 24.49 TT
8 Erik Paavola 24.31 24.47 Merckx
9 James Rosati 24.56 24.06 Merckx
10 Sarah Sanders 24.59 24.02 TT
11 Brendan Wise 25.11 23.83 Merckx
12 Toby Kemp 25.47 23.27 Merckx
13 Jeff Buchsbaum 26.01 23.06 TT
14 Dave Harstad 26.24 22.73 TT
15 Andy Luettgen 26.40 22.50 Merckx
16 Todd Davidson 28.18 21.20 Merckx
17 Daniel Perrino 28.24 21.13 Merckx
18 Lindsay Koren 28.55 20.75 Merckx
19 Jason Urbanski 29.19 20.47 Merckx
20 Brad Shannon 29.40 20.22 TT
21 Eduardo Vidaurri 30.48 19.48 Merckx

Collins Buccaneers, Little 500 Team seeking coach

The Collins Buccaneers are looking for a coach. The team raced in 2013, having qualified 21stand placed 29th. We are looking to improve and build upon our accomplishments. On the team are five returning riders, and a handful of rookies, we are a dedicated and enthusiastic group of undergraduate cyclists.

 David Noland, captain, dnoland@indiana.edu

May 13, 2013

TT Off-Week Group Ride

Hey All-

Since there is no official MMSF TT this week, I would like to get a group together for a group ride tomorrow for whoever is interested.  Plan is to meet at Sample Gates at 11:45am and ride out steady to the Forest, where we will split up into 3- or 4-man teams.  We'll do the 10-mile TT twice as teams, with a short easy spin in between, then we'll re-group at the finish and roll through the Forest and down Bean Blossom to Anderson to top it all off (sprint line on Anderson).  We'll re-group after the sprint and roll home easy together.

I'd like to make this a bi-weekly thing on the "off" Tuesdays between TT's (with varying workouts/routes of course) - I know the time isn't ideal this week (I have to be back for a workshop at 4pm, that's why it's early this week), but in the future we'll try to schedule in the late afternoon/evening to accommodate more schedules.

Anyone is welcome, and please pass on the word to anyone you think would be interested!  Also, if you'd like to come and can't make it at 11:45am, post in the comments and maybe you all can get an evening crew together to leave at 5 or 6pm!


Well, since there's no MMSF Individual Time Trial this week, we might as well work on some TTTing, right?!?!?! Check out this #ThrowbackIUCC

May 7, 2013

MMSF TT #1 Results 05.07.2013

We had a great turnout tonight for the first MMSF TT of the year.  No surprises on both the Men's and Women's side with Ryan Shanahan and Sarah Sanders taking the top spots with times of 21.46 and 25.30, respectively.  Top Merckx (not aero/TT equipment) time came from James Calvetti with a 24.55, closely followed by Jordan Bailey and Jimmy Rosati with times of 24.57 and 24.58, respectively.  On the Women's side Maddie Hayford took the top Merckx time with a 29.05.  Big thank you to our great timing team of  Carl Field and Tom Saccone!  Great job to everyone who came out and we hope to see you all again in two weeks!  Full results below:

Full Results:

Place Name Time MPH Category
1 Ryan Shanahan 21.46 27.57 TT
2 Ren-Jay Shei 24.06 24.90 TT
3 Cameron Johns 24.13 24.78 TT
4 Spencer Brauchla 24.33 24.44 TT
5 James Calvetti 24.55 24.08 Merckx
6 Jordan Bailey 24.57 24.05 Merckx
7 James Rosati 24.58 24.03 Merckx
8 Alex Jerden 25.11 23.83 Merckx
9 Aaron Prange 25.13 23.79 Merckx
10 Lyle Feigenbaum 25.15 23.76 TT
11 Jay Polsgrove 25.21 23.67 Merckx
12 Devin O'Leary 25.25 23.61 Merckx
13 Sarah Sanders 25.30 23.53 TT
14 Jacob Miller 25.33 23.48 Merckx
15 Brett Frommer 26.10 22.93 Merckx
16 Daniel Perrino 26.55 22.29 Merckx
17 Austin Venhuizen 27.14 22.03 Merckx
18 Zach Osterman 28.51 20.80 Merckx
19 Maddie Hayford 29.05 20.63 Merckx
20 Jeni Gillenwater 30.00 20.00 Merckx
21 Matt Chattier 31.11 19.24 Merckx
22 Adam Buck DNF - Merckx

MMSF TT #1 Tonight 05.07.2013

Come one, come all! Join us tonight (Tuesday, May 7th) at 7:00pm in the Morgan-Monroe State Forest for the first time trial of the season! See what you can do on this 10-mile out-and-back course featuring several rolling hills and a blazing fast finish!  First rider goes off at 7:00pm with subsequent riders going off at 30-second intervals.  Come set a benchmark for the season and you'll have a goal to beat for the rest of the year!  If you're riding out and want some company, a small group usually rolls out from behind BGI shortly after 6:00pm.  And if you're looking for motivation...here's the current leader-board of the top 3 performers (read: performers, not top 3 overall times - those would all belong to Mr. Shanahan):

  1. Ryan Shanahan 20:31  (29.24 mph), June 28th, 2011*
  2. Greg Strock 20:57  (28.64 mph), June 14th, 2011
  3. Isaac Neff 20:59  (28.59 mph), April 28th, 2009
* Course Record

Women's Course Record belongs to Sarah Sanders with a 24:48 (24.19 mph), July 17th, 2012

Apr 30, 2013

Velogames Giro

League Name: BVN Giro
League Code: 30194601

Enjoy suckers, i'll still smash you all! 

Mar 28, 2013

Pole Run

It's time for a little L5 content on this dead-blog.
 - Solid run from the Beta: I had Anderson at 31.5 on my patented i-phone timing system, not sure where that put him in the overall standings.
 - Would have been much faster if the second guy knew where the pedals were
- The third guy flew into the exchage box and had one of the longest follow-throughs in recent memory.
- The fourth rider crossed himself prior to the off and then had a wicked bike throw at the end! Beta for sure knows its drama!

Mar 14, 2013

Spring classics at velogames

Join up B-town. League ID: 15031130

Mar 5, 2013

Stop breathing, cyclists...

Oh America, you'd be so cute and silly if you didn't have all those nuclear weapons! (from Tom S)

 'You claim that it is environmentally friendly to ride a bike. But if I am not mistaken, a cyclists [sic] has an increased heart rate and respiration. That means that the act of riding a bike results in greater emissions of carbon dioxide from the rider. Since CO2 is deemed to be a greenhouse gas and a pollutant, bicyclists are actually polluting when they ride.'


Feb 15, 2013

TdF trending up...

The Tour de France is going to be so much better this year with Contador, Froome, Rodriguez, Evans, Schleck?, Nibali?, Wiggins...! It may be treason for me to say Wiggo won a yawner in 2012 but bring on the double ascent of Alpe D'huez! The Tour of Oman is kicking off the action!

Highlights Stage Four Slugfest

Feb 14, 2013

Coach Tom Morris

From Adam Fish:

Subj: Order a Custom Tri Kit to Support Tom Morris!

 Triathletes- As many of you know, one of IU’s strength coaches and our good friend – Tom Morris – was seriously injured in a mountain biking accident following last year’s Little 500. Tom was riding through Wapahani Park when his front wheel hit an object, throwing him over his handle bars and causing him to break his C6 spinal cord. With his amazing spirit, Tom has blown away doctors expectations and has garnered support from the entire IU community.

 Since the time of his injury, several student groups have come together to raise money. In Sigma Chi, we set up an online fundraiser which raised over $3500 for rehab expenses http://www.sigmachicycling.com/Philanthropy.html. To keep the momentum going, a group of triathletes are getting together to race the St. George Ironman 70.3 on May 4th and compete under the name “Tom’s Team.” For the race and upcoming tri season, we've created custom kits and are giving the IU community an opportunity to get in on the order.

 To view/ order a kit, click https://www.lgpickpayride.com/tom and create an account. The team store is supported by Louis Garneau (LG) who makes some of the best tri stuff in the world. Because each order is full custom, there is a 6-8 week lead time between payment and shipping. Kit sizing runs industry standard, and we're actually getting a great value since we're benefiting from bulk pricing - $154 all in. The purpose of the order is to raise enthusiasm for the cause and any extra funds will go to supporting Tom.

 It's rare for individuals with comparable injuries to walk again, let alone ride a bike. Tom's goal is to ride a bike. Tom is making amazing strides every day, and it would be awesome to see some kits around the Bloomington tri-scene this summer.
 The store closes in 3 days, so order now! Thanks, -Adam

Feb 7, 2013

Training Race

Hello, Ladies!

The first collegiate road racing weekend is just around the corner—the weekend of the 23rd—so it’s time to test the legs! We’ll do a practice race this Saturday at noon, meeting at the Sample Gates. 

Anyone interested in racing should come check it out—the more the merrier! If you’ve never raced before, this is your chance to see what it’s like. And if you are an experienced racer, here’s a chance to remind yourself what racing feels like. Regardless of your experience level, it’s an opportunity to get out there with your IU teammates for a great workout.

We’ll do a lap of the Forest (down Bean Blossom), which means familiar roads so no one gets lost, as this is not a no-drop ride...but we will all ride out together to the starting point. Attacking is welcome, as is teamwork…so come ready to race! And of course, if you have a longer ride scheduled that day, you can always add on afterward. Saturday’s forecast looks okay so far, but if we are surprised with bad conditions that day, we’ll reschedule for Sunday at noon.

 If you have any questions, feel free to email me at randikcox@gmail.com. And please pass this on to anyone who might be interested! Come on out!

Feb 4, 2013

Cycling Study

Dear Cyclists-

I am looking for highly trained cyclists to be a potential subject for my research project beginning fall 2012.  This study will investigate the consistency of performance and pacing strategy in repeated 4-km cycling time trials in trained competitive cyclists.  Potential subjects will be submitted to a maximal oxygen consumption test (V̇O2 max) to determine if they qualify for the study.  Please forward this message or my contact information to any athletes that you believe would be interested in participating.

Ren-Jay Shei, Kinesiology Masters student at Indiana University
Phone number: (812)855-4632 (ask for Ren-Jay)
Email: reshei@indiana.edu

Feb 3, 2013

Local Growers' Guild Ride

The Local Growers' Guild is currently planning and promoting the Guild's first annual spring benefit event, Bike to Barns, which will be held on Saturday, March 30, 2013 at 9:00 am. Bike to Barns invites cyclists of all ages and skill levels to bike to farms in Monroe, Owen, and Brown counties during this day-long event. Funds raised will support the Local Growers' Guild, a multi-level cooperative of farmers, retailers, and community members dedicated to strengthening the local food economy in southern Indiana through education, direct support, and market connections.

 Riders can choose from three different routes, a 5 mile “Urban Fruit Route” in the City of Bloomington, a 35 mile “Seed Route” through Brown County, and a 75 mile “Root Route” in Monroe and parts of Owen County. Participants will meet the growers, have a chance to ask questions about their sustainable farming practices, hang out with farm animals, and learn about local food sources that Southern Indiana has to offer. These routes will begin and end at Rogers/Binford Elementary Schools. Registration is $50 for adults and $15 for children (13 and under). With registration, all participants receive a free Bike to Barns event t-shirt and the option to purchase a bike jersey. Participants will raise pledges from family and friends as well. All participants will benefit from discounts at Nick's English Hut and Upland Brewing Company, and prizes will be awarded to top fundraisers. A celebration party will be held after completion of the ride, with refreshments and entertainment.

 Further details about registration and volunteer opportunities can be found on the LGG website and also the Facebook event page:

Jan 14, 2013

IUCC Call-Out Meeting Tonight 9pm!

For those few stalwarts who still visit this blog - the IU Cycling Club will be holding its Spring call-out meeting tonight at 9pm at the Wilcox House.  If you're interested in joining the club, racing, etc. you are strongly encouraged to attend tonight.  Information can be found below:

What: Call out meeting for IU road cyclists and racers
Where: Wilcox House
When: January 14th @ 9:00 PM
Why: Discuss Spring 2013: racing, travel, waivers, lodging, weekend rides, practice races, nationals, collect dues* collect clothing order money** etc.

*Dues will be 50$ for collegiate racers, 25$ for club members
If you are new to collegiate racing, check out this link for more info on what IUCC is all about! http://velonews.competitor.com/2010/03/news/collegiate-cycling-whats-it-all-about_109906

** We want to have the clothes in town by Lindsay Wilson. In order to do this, if you ordered clothes, please bring your money for those items along with your due fees to the call out meeting. If you would like to pay using a credit/debit card you can email me at Gdewart@indiana.edu 

There is still time to place an order for clothing though! See Link Below:

UPDATE: If driving to the IUCC meeting, please park in the BILL ARMSTRONG PARKING LOT, not the Wilcox driveway. Thanks!

Jan 8, 2013



This week you can try any spin class at the SRSC for free! Here is the schedule: http://www.iurecsports.org/fall_cyclefit. (I know the link says fall, but that is currently the link to the spring schedule.) Come try it out, and if you like it, you can sign up for an eight-week series of 60-minute Little 500 Power Training sessions or a seven-week series of 45-minute CycleFit sessions. (Registered sessions start next week.)

 Check it out!
Randi Cox