Feb 14, 2013

Coach Tom Morris

From Adam Fish:

Subj: Order a Custom Tri Kit to Support Tom Morris!

 Triathletes- As many of you know, one of IU’s strength coaches and our good friend – Tom Morris – was seriously injured in a mountain biking accident following last year’s Little 500. Tom was riding through Wapahani Park when his front wheel hit an object, throwing him over his handle bars and causing him to break his C6 spinal cord. With his amazing spirit, Tom has blown away doctors expectations and has garnered support from the entire IU community.

 Since the time of his injury, several student groups have come together to raise money. In Sigma Chi, we set up an online fundraiser which raised over $3500 for rehab expenses http://www.sigmachicycling.com/Philanthropy.html. To keep the momentum going, a group of triathletes are getting together to race the St. George Ironman 70.3 on May 4th and compete under the name “Tom’s Team.” For the race and upcoming tri season, we've created custom kits and are giving the IU community an opportunity to get in on the order.

 To view/ order a kit, click https://www.lgpickpayride.com/tom and create an account. The team store is supported by Louis Garneau (LG) who makes some of the best tri stuff in the world. Because each order is full custom, there is a 6-8 week lead time between payment and shipping. Kit sizing runs industry standard, and we're actually getting a great value since we're benefiting from bulk pricing - $154 all in. The purpose of the order is to raise enthusiasm for the cause and any extra funds will go to supporting Tom.

 It's rare for individuals with comparable injuries to walk again, let alone ride a bike. Tom's goal is to ride a bike. Tom is making amazing strides every day, and it would be awesome to see some kits around the Bloomington tri-scene this summer.
 The store closes in 3 days, so order now! Thanks, -Adam


Anonymous said...

Not a triathlete but might buy a straight-up cycling jersey ...

Anonymous said...

Wish this was posted on a more public forum or the store was open longer than 3 days. Would have loved to purchase one of these.