Sep 30, 2009


Some people won't have seen this picture that was posted on Pez from the Worlds. The best cyclists in the world all suffering like dogs on the last lap trying to chase down Cadel Evans. Cunego's nose is even bleeding! As Greg Lemond said 'it never gets easier you just go faster'!
Photo from

Fall Cycling Series

The first opportunity for students to lock horns on their Little 5 bikes comes up next week with with the Fall Cycling Series. It's L5 bikes all the way this year and the action will all take place on campus so if you're not racing then come on out to support your friends!

Oct 5th- 4-6pm Street Sprint on Upper Jordan Ave.
Third year for this popular event when riders battle it out over a 200 meter course in bracket style action that funnels down to an exciting final heat! Defending champs- Ali Camara and Jackie Moeller

Oct 11th- A day at the Armstrong Stadium.
11am- Cyclocross on Little 5 bikes around the track, over haybales and up and down stairs. The first lap of the Mens event is one of the funniest things you'll ever see as riders approach the first haybale and realize they don't know how to get off the bike! Crunch!!

3-6pm- Individual Time Trials. None of your 4 lap wimpy spring ITTs here. There'll be 4 riders on the track for an epic 10 laps (2.5miles) that could see people lapped and lapped some more!

Download the registration form here


Cross Worlds- 5.30p at Samples Gates. Likely a return to the excellent course up at the tailgate fields. This is definitely cross weather! Also check out the dreadfully colored leaders jersey!

Road Worlds- 5.30pm Sample Gates. Approx 6pm at 446 circuit. 6 laps including the first 'paceline practice' lap. Final 'official' worlds of the year and there will be a $10 Bikesmiths gift certificate for the most aggressive (but safe) rider!

Sep 28, 2009

The Next Level

The USGP race on Saturday in Madison WI was only the second C1 ranked cyclocross event in the WORLD this season and it was packed with the big talent from the US and a few luminaries from across the pond. Ryan Knapp and Mike Sherer both had awesome races to get into the top 18 places and take their riding to the next level! I wouldn't be surprised to see both these guys take top 5 places in the big UCI3 weekend of racing in Cincinnati in a couple of weekends!

Stolen Bike

From James Woomert-
I would be very appreciative if you would be willing to post about my stolen bike. It is a white 2007 little 5 bike with no decals on it but a thin, black "Bloomington Indiana" decal on the rear chainstay. The bike has a Mongoose crank, grey and red San Marco saddle, black bar tape with red tape on the end, and easton handlebar caps. It was stolen from east campus this weekend. I love this bike and really want/need it back. Any info about its whereabouts would be greatly appreciated!
Please contact James:

Sep 27, 2009

Worlds, Sunday

It might not take place on a Wednesday but the Sunday World over in Switzerland was pretty imporessive if you didn't see it be sure to check out the final 2 laps on Universal Sports as it was a true battle of the best riders on the planet. Evans took his chance well, Spartacus Cancellara gave it everything he had and the Spaniards made an error by having their worst guy up the road. Cadel Evans made the worst victory salute of all time!

Sep 26, 2009

WW recap

The Cat3/4/5 Wednesday Worlds is flourishing in September. This past week a mixed group of approx 25 riders rolled out with a TT bike and a neophyte in T and sneakers amongst the participants! However you’ve got to be in it to win it so congrats to everyone who came out as I am sure that many riders nervously choose to avoid the ride. The pace was in the mid 20s along Anderson road and the majority of the riders stuck together and kept it mostly safe.
There was a clear sense of nervousness as Beanblossom hill approached and rightly so as the group shattered on the big hill. DaveRR lead to the base of the climb before Kaleb Naegeli took over the pace on the steep early ramp. However the true hammer came from Adam Mercer and Matt Neibler who cruised away from the rest of the group. They didn’t persist with their attack which enabled a heavy-breathing quintet including DaveRR, Naegeli, Chris Hill and Greg Vortz to bridge up and keep the pace high to prevent any of the chasing riders joining back up.
Hindustan was to make a further selection and so it was that Mercer, Neibler and DRR moved ahead, working well together and staying out front in the lead up to the final sprint. DRR lead it out but it was Neibler for the second week in a row who took the win!
Next week is the final ‘official’ Wednesday worlds of the year out at the 446 circuit. To mark such a special occasion there will be a $10 BikeSmiths gift certificate to the most aggressive rider as judged completely subjectively by BVN! Lets all pull through, keep it safe and have a great ride!

Sep 25, 2009

Collegiate Track Champs Success!

Eric Young secured a bronze medal in the National Track Champs this evening over in Trexlertown PA. Great ride Eric! And to all those other IU students- Good luck on that last lap next April!

No racing

So there's really no racing in the immediate area this weekend. Collegiate Track champs in PA, USGP CX in WI and thats about it! Good luck to all those local riders who are competing.
No racing so GO RIDE!! It's gonna be cold soon! If you want a long steady ride meet up with the BBC at 9am at Bryan Park Pool parking lot. They're riding the 80+miles Bloomfield Covered Bridge ride- it's a good 'un!

Sep 22, 2009


Road Worlds- 5.30pm at the Sample Gates. Forest loop. I'm thinking we'll go out to Anderson Road, UP Beanblossom, through the forest to Old 37 and then finish on the bridge just before Robinson Road. I'm not sure if there's the daylight or the motviation to do more than one lap! The paceline practice worked well last week so hopefully thinks will be a little more controlled on Anderson road!

Cross Worlds- 5.30pm at the Gates. A message from Erik Hamilton- 'We are moving tomorrow's worlds to the Twin Lakes sports complex. This is where the Oct 18th OVCX race will be and we want to try and break in the course. We will still meet at the gates at 5:30 and will try and wait to start the racing so that everyone has a chance to get out there. See everyone tomorrow!! Let me know if you need directions or anything'

Sep 21, 2009

Race Recap

OVCX #1! Sherer killed it with top wins on saturday and sunday! The top dog at Cross Worlds can also boss it away from Bloomington! It was a happy Loebig/Sherer household this weekend as Pam also took a couple of wins in the Womens 3/4 races. There were also strong results from Issac Neff, Adam Rodkey, Don Galligher, Andy Messer and Fred Rose. Look for all those names to feature in the results from now until December!

Ryan Knapp headed East to pick up some all important UCI points and came away from PA and Baltimore with 18 of those beauties! These become important once the first world rankings are published on Oct 5th. Points won in the US are just the same as those won in the CX hot bed of Belgium (on Sunday Ryan won the same number of points as Radomir Simunek!) and they determine the starting grid at UCI races which can be very very important!

USA Cycling Track champs are next weekend in Trexlertown PA and there was a final warmup event at Mayor Taylor Velodrome this past weekend. It was basically a Marian University benefit event but Eric Young tried to hold back the tide and did pretty good! He's off to PA next week to try and win a medal or two! My question? Where are the rest of the IU riders?

Sep 18, 2009

Wend Rides

From Ryan Kiel-
Friday we will do the weekly social ride at 3:30PM. However, this Friday we
will be meeting at Sample Gates instead of Revolution. This is a more
central and well known location. The ride will be slower paced, we will be
regrouping after climbs, and the route will have a split so that you can go
on a shorter or a longer distance.

In addition to the Friday afternoon social ride, IUCC will also be hosting a
longer distance and slightly faster pace Sunday ride. The ride will leave
from Sample Gates at noon. I know it is football season so the club officers
where trying to find a time that worked well around those schedules.
Hopefully we can all still sleep in on Sunday Morning and make it back in
time for the days games.

Sep 17, 2009

Gravel Grovelling

Fall is on the way and many riders thoughts turn to getting off the road and onto the gravel. The area around Bloomington and in Indiana generally has a ton of great gravel-road riding. There are a few events on the schedule to help show people the excellent routes that are out there-

Sept 19th-20th- Huntington Challenge. Two day race/ ride over many gravel roads in Northern Indiana. Register online before 9pm this evening.

October 17th- The True Hilly Hundred. 100mile ride organized by Jake Rytlewski that takes in many gravel roads in Morgan, Monroe and Brown counties. Free!

November 27th- The Gravel Grovel. 100km race mostly on gravel roads through Hoosier National Forest starting in Nashville IN. The day after Thanksgiving- Register here.

Sep 16, 2009

Battle of Boltinghouse

Thursday evening (9/17) is the unofficial Battle of Boltinghouse. A timed event where the challenge is to ride up notorious Boltinghouse hill as many times as possible within an hour. The record from years past is a seemingly impressive 13 times! This appears to be a rather underground event but I have good information that the hour of pain will start at 6.15pm out at the hill. An ideal compliment to Tuesdays Monroe County HC!

Steady Saturday Sentury

From Stephen Quay-
I’m trying to plan a big group century for this Saturday. I have a bit of a group together so far but more riders are always welcome! We’re going to meet at Sample Gates at 10:00am and the plan is to do the Nashville 90 (before road construction starts). The weather is supposed to be excellent. We’re gonna run a moderate pace and just have some fun. .

MC HC Photos

A full list of rider pictures from the final 'wall of pain' can be found here-
Thanks to Carl Field for bringing out this camera.
Results are in a previous post.
Ryan Shanahan, Fastest Overall and Best Over-30.

Randi Cox, Best Female

Matt Neibler, Best Frat

WW- 9/16/09

Cross Worlds- 5.30pm at the Gates, 'race' starts at approx 6pm at the tailgate fields (17th and Indiana). Apparently there's been a very high attrition rate so those CX buttercups need to
suck it up!

Road Worlds- 5.30pm Gates, 6pm 446 Circuit. 5/6laps. I was thinking we could take the first lap as a pace-line riding training exercise as after the last couple of weeks of WW it's clear to me that many people are unfamiliar with proper pace-line technique. This would be the ideal opportunity to teach riders to 'correct' way to go about this important aspect of group riding.

Sep 15, 2009

MC HC 09 Results!

Another edition of the Monroe County Hill Climb is in the books and the times just keep falling. A record number of participants rode Pinegrove hill on a balmy late summer day that was conducive to rapid times. Almost half the field dipped under 6minutes showing that a slightly earlier date has people closer to their summer top condition.
Remarkably the course record was beaten by three riders each of which rocked a TT rig with skinsuit! Clearly the downhill and false flat portions of the course are not to be forgotten! So it was Adam Rodkey in 3rd with 5m23s, defending champ Ren-jay Shei in 2nd with 5m16s and Ryan Shanahan who roared to victory with a remarkable 5m14s! Could the 5minute mark really be under threat next year??
Ryan also won the Over 30 division whilst Matt Neibler won the Frat division and was 5th overall with a rapid 5m31 (that would have won the inaugural event in 2007). Randi Cox was able to successfully defend the Womens title!
Overall Results
Name, Time
  1. Ryan Shanahan- 5m14s
  2. Ren-Jay Shei- 5m16s
  3. Adam Rodkey- 5m23
Womens Championship
  1. Randi Cox- 6m54s
  2. Pam Loebig- 7m08s
  3. Kathleen Grigg- 7m11s
Fraternity Division
  1. Matt Neibler- 5m31s
  2. Pat O'Hara- 5m42s
  3. Will McDermott- 5m47s
Over-30 Division
  1. Ryan Shanahan- 5m14s
  2. Adam Rodkey- 5m23s
  3. Andy Messer- 5m40s
Thanks to everyone who came out to ride. Look out for some photos from Carl Field coming soon. Finally big thanks to Brian Drummy without whom the event couldn't have happened and who ably filled in for Sarah Schaack.

Full Results
  1. Ryan Shanahan- 5m14
  2. Ren-jay Shei- 5m16
  3. Adam Rodkey- 5m23
  4. Mike Sherer- 5m29
  5. Matt Neibler- 5m31
  6. Jonathan Atwell- 5m34
  7. Andy Messer- 5m40
  8. Pat O'Hara- 5m42
  9. Will McDermott- 5m47
  10. Jordan Bailey- 5m50
  11. Tomasz Golas- 5m53
  12. Ryan Meneghin- 5m54
  13. RJ Stuart- 5m54
  14. Chris Beck- 5m57
  15. Stephen Quay- 5m59
  16. Tom Cox- 6m03
  17. Brant Powell- 6m05
  18. Trey Richardson- 6m09
  19. Kaleb Naegeli- 6m10
  20. Ryan Preske- 6m12
  21. Brent Nowinski- 6m14
  22. Mike Waymire- 6m18
  23. Chris West- 6m19
  24. Jan Byers-Gamber- 6m22
  25. Chris Arvin- 6m28
  26. Greg Vortz- 6m30
  27. Nichel Navkal- 6m33
  28. Chris Bonham- 6m37
  29. Jake Rowland- 6m39
  30. Randi Cox- 6m54
  31. Tim Mickleborough- 6m54
  32. Pam Loebig- 7m08
  33. Kathleen Grigg- 7m11
  34. Joel Mickleborough- 7m17
Apologizes to any name spelling mistakes, let me know and I'll amend.

Monroe County HC TODAY!

The Trophies are in and the event is this evening. Sign in at the top of the Pinegrove climb (see location in previous post) anytime between 6- 6.30pm. First rider will start from the bottom of the hill at approx 6.30pm. Riders will start every 30s or minute depending on number of participants. Course Record is 5m25s (RJ Shei) and trophies for 1st Male, 1st Female, 1st Over 30 and 1st current Frat-boy! Come on out it'll be a (painful) blast

Sep 14, 2009


Cyclocross season 'proper' starts this Saturday in Ohio as the Ohio Valley Cyclocross series kicks off. The OVCX has grown almost exponentially over the past few years and is now seeing 100s of riders each weekend at venues around the area. CX is a little more laid back than road racing so if you're a Cat1-3 who wants to give it a try then rock on up on any old bike and race in the Cat4s. It's not as easy as it might seem!

The bonus this year is that there is a Bloomington OVCX race in '09. Ryan Knapp and Andy Messer (sorry if I missed anyone) are organizing an event on October 18th at the Twin Lakes complex out of West 2nd street. Look out for much more to come on this event as we get closer! It should be a blast!

Sep 11, 2009

Monroe County HC- 9/15/09

Next Tuesday 9/15/09 is the 3rd annual Monroe County Hill Climb Champs out on Pinegrove Road. Start time is 6.30pm. Sign up anytime after 6pm, roll down the hill and Time Trial back up at 30 second intervals starting at 6.30p.

Trophies for-
1st Male
1st Female
1st Over 30
1st Frat.

Sep 10, 2009

Nashville 90 Problems

Those Little 500 teams putting in the big miles through the winter will be hindered by some sucky roads as there'll be road work out on IN-135 between Freetown and the Brown County line.

> 'Ind. 135 is set to get needed maintenance starting Monday. The stretch of highway in Jackson County from U.S. 50 to the Brown County line will get chip seal and fog seal treatments, stated an Indiana Department of Transportation news release.

> The 13-mile project will result in lane restrictions. The work is
expected to take a couple of weeks, and will be done on weekdays during
daylight hours. Flaggers will control traffic during the process'

Of course when I say Little 500 'Teams' putting in the big miles I just mean the Cutters because no-one else rides in the winter right?

Sep 8, 2009

Best bike ever?

Spotted on the streets of St Louis during the ToM!

Reports that Mark Cavendish could win even on this machine are unconfirmed!


Meet at 5.30pm at the Sample Gates-

Cross Worlds- Tailgate fields- 'race' starts at around 6.15p

Road Worlds- Buskirk-Paragon Loop. Due to shitty state of Bottom Road we'll loop over to Paragon Road via Old 37- Chambers- across SR37- Dittemore- Buskirk- regular Paragon loop. We rode it earlier in the year and the big hill on Buskirk didn't split things up more than the hill into the forest usually does. It's a good route but please don't race across Sr37!!

Sep 4, 2009

Friday ride

From new IUCC president Ryan Kiel-
Hey everyone, this Friday there will be a social road ride leaving from
Revolution bike shop at 3:30PM. It will probably be about 30 miles. We will
stay together/regroup when necessary. If you are new need directions the
address is on Revolutions website, However, it is just on
east 10th st. and you should not have much of a problem.

Sep 3, 2009

Little 500 2010- the picks are in!

The increase in vehicular danger on the roads the appearance of small groups of riders on Old37 means only one thing- the students are back in Bloomington. Little 500 might not be in the immediate thought of all those potential riders but the truth of it is that these as the temps gets cooler it’s important to set a base of fitness going into the chill winter months. The Fall Cycling series is an interesting diversion and guide to how each teams summers progressed. Mostly all is somewhat shrouded in mystery until quals rolls around next March. However that will not stop BVN laying the early odds for the big race! Based on race observations, fleeting glimpses of sun-dappled jerseys and underscored with gossip and hearsay we predict that they will act as the definitive race prediction….maybe! Lets get it on!

Mens Little 500- April 24th 2010

Cutters 5/1. Meticulous planners with the best rider on the track, they ARE the team to beat. Feldman’s sneakers will be difficult to fill but they always find a way!
Black Key Bulls 6/1. Rumored acquisition of ex-Sammie Quay will mean a reloading and not a rebuild. If Shei and Bailey can focus on L5 they have the talent to blow the race apart.
Gray Goat 7/1. The Keilers are coming back for a final crack at it and with Trogdon a year stronger they are definite contenders. A lack of Little 500 focus could be their undoing.
FIJI 8/1. Anonymous over the summer but Ellis has huge potential if he isn’t diverted by frat life. A powerful program that is desperate for success.
Phi Delt 8/1. The third year with the same six riders who need to avoid wrecks and ride smarter. The strongest training squad in the race need to push each other harder to gain success.
DU 12/1. DRR is back and will want another crack at Eric Young when it really matters. A team that continues to slowly build and this could be their year.
DTD 15/1. Neibler and Maves are huge losses but the program has picked up some new speed and will benefit from a second year under the Bishop Umbrella
Phi Psi-15/1. Mercer and Brown will be an impression 1-2 punch and with a little back up could spring a surprise.
Sigma Chi 15/1. Impressive ride to stay with the leaders in 2009 even after being in the ‘Cutters wreck’. This team should be building a decent program.
Sigma Pi 20/1. Lead lap in 2009 so have some momentum. BVN knows absolutely nothing about them!
DSP 20/1. Continue to build their program and after being on the lead lap last year they could find the top ten this year
Acacia 20/1. Always around the top 10 but really need to kick their program in the ass and move on up.
Collins BG 28/1. Not sure who’s coming back but if it’s 3 riders then they could make some noise this year with another year of experience.
The Field 30/1. A down year for ATO and TMT and strong individual riders unsupported on other teams means no one else will be in contention to win.

Womens Little 500, April 23rd 2010

Teter 6/1. Van Kooten is looking to be the BWOC and they will have no weak links. Moeller is a big loss but her important leadership is still in town.
Theta 6/1. Axley has been racing strongly through the summer and the program has a new coach in Erik Hamilton. A Cutters mentality could be the difference between placing and winning.
Kappa Delta 6/1. The third year of the Balbach-Cerone tandem. If they can keep interested doing most of their riding indoors then they will be a fearsome team. Some subtlety in their riding style would greatly help.
Delta Gamma 8/1. Two of the top 10 ITTers are back a year stronger with Haft having some success racing on the road over the summer. The key might be if Rutherford can step up to be a good number 3.
Pi Phi 12/1. Aligning themselves with the Cutters is a smart move and coach Land could be significant addition. However there’ll be no lying in the weeds in 2010 and Caroline will need a team like 2008 and not 2009 to win.
KKG 12/1. Will show up to quals with a quality team after being anonymous through the winter. Never count out Kappa.
Army 15/.- Almost a complete mystery but their program has been building over the past few years.
DSP 15/1. A bonafide contending program but do they have a race winner on the squad?
AGD 15/1. Always have a strong group of girls who push each other to race day success but victory might be a step too far.
Gamma Phi 15/1. Continuing Arnesen improvement will surely motivate her team-mates and a rise to the top five is possible.
Wing-It 20/1. The loss of Hewitt is incalculable but Schwoegler and Fredrickson’s support of this young team will mean they will be more than the sum of their parts.
Zeta 23/1. An expert coach has brought them to the cusp of the top ten and could spring a surprise if last years 3rd and 4th riders can step it up.
The Field 25/1. There’s always a surprise team but no-one to truly challenge

The likelihood is that this is all a bunch of crap so please leave your comments below!

Final Weekend Racing

The Indiana road racing season pretty much finishes up this weekend with the Twilight Crit in Richmond IN on saturday evening. It might be the last change to bang some bars until next spring so get out there and race it up!
Further afield the Gateway Cup takes places in St Louis with four days of racing across labor day weekend. This is a fantastic race series with big crowds and big fields. This year the monday morning races act as a prelude to the first stage of the Tour of Missouri which will be a great spectacle.
The Long Street Tour takes place in Columbus OH on Saturday and features the largest Cat3/4 prize purse in recent memory. $2500 on the line for these riders and I suspect the racing will get a little crazy in the last few laps!

Sep 2, 2009

Monroe County HC- 9/15/09

This is the first notice for the 3rd annual Monroe County Hill Climb out on Pinegrove road. We'll move it to a weeknight as the weekends these days are too full of cyclocross! We'll start at 6.30pm on Tuesday 9/15/09. Sign in at the top of the hill, roll down the hill and smash it back up TT-style. Trophies for 1st overall, 1st female, 1st frat, 1st Over 30!
Mike Sherer won the inaugural event at 2007 whilst RJ smashed the course record in 2008.

2008 riders

Sep 1, 2009

Forest TT 9/1/09

The final forest TT of the year was run off in cool conditions and an '09 high number of riders came out to race. Ryan Shanahan and Greg Strock once again set top times although significantly slower than on warmer summer nights. Technology was shown to pay a big role in these TTs as on his new TT bike Ren-jay improved 1m24 on his last time out! Those people on the summer slow-burn to fitness were riding strong with Scott Catanzaro, James Mckenzie and Sarah Sanders all setting fastest times whilst PJ Wilkinson took 2mins off his only previous time. All told about 70 riders have TT'ed this year which is testament to the popularity of cycling in Bloomington. When the dust selected it was Adam Fryska who had the greatest improvement on the year and will be feasting at LP courtesy of Sarah. Thanks to Mandy and Brian for timing duties and to all the people who helped out throughout the year.

Name, Time
  1. Ryan Shanahan, 21.15
  2. Greg Strock, 21.30
  3. Russell Reed, 22.29
  4. Ren-jay Shei, 22.39
  5. Tomas Golas, 23.13
  6. Jason Romain, 23.30
  7. Adam Fryska, 23.33
  8. Adam Rodkey, 23.39
  9. Scott Catanzaro, 23.48
  10. Jonathan Atwell, 24.02
  11. Brandon Money, 24.40
  12. Kaleb Naegeli, 25.00
  13. James McKenzie, 25.05
  14. Sarah Sanders, 25.19
  15. RJ Stuart, 25.42
  16. Geraint Parry, 25.48
  17. Kirk Weesner, 26.59
  18. Joel Mickleborough, 27.12
  19. Dave Tanner, 27.33
  20. PJ Wilkinson, 28.06
  21. Kristen Holmes, 28.48
  22. Angela Breeden, 28.56

Wednesday Worlds

5.30pm at the Sample Gates

- Cross Worlds. A good turnout last week of maybe 15 riders and a quality bit of training.

- Road Worlds. Last weeks small group had a great workout as a more even ability level meant that everyone contributed to the pace-line throughout. Expect more of the same on the September Cat3/4 worlds! This week Forest-North Shore- South Shore. Start at the top of the cow farm hill on old37, finish on Robinson road.