Sep 1, 2009

Forest TT 9/1/09

The final forest TT of the year was run off in cool conditions and an '09 high number of riders came out to race. Ryan Shanahan and Greg Strock once again set top times although significantly slower than on warmer summer nights. Technology was shown to pay a big role in these TTs as on his new TT bike Ren-jay improved 1m24 on his last time out! Those people on the summer slow-burn to fitness were riding strong with Scott Catanzaro, James Mckenzie and Sarah Sanders all setting fastest times whilst PJ Wilkinson took 2mins off his only previous time. All told about 70 riders have TT'ed this year which is testament to the popularity of cycling in Bloomington. When the dust selected it was Adam Fryska who had the greatest improvement on the year and will be feasting at LP courtesy of Sarah. Thanks to Mandy and Brian for timing duties and to all the people who helped out throughout the year.

Name, Time
  1. Ryan Shanahan, 21.15
  2. Greg Strock, 21.30
  3. Russell Reed, 22.29
  4. Ren-jay Shei, 22.39
  5. Tomas Golas, 23.13
  6. Jason Romain, 23.30
  7. Adam Fryska, 23.33
  8. Adam Rodkey, 23.39
  9. Scott Catanzaro, 23.48
  10. Jonathan Atwell, 24.02
  11. Brandon Money, 24.40
  12. Kaleb Naegeli, 25.00
  13. James McKenzie, 25.05
  14. Sarah Sanders, 25.19
  15. RJ Stuart, 25.42
  16. Geraint Parry, 25.48
  17. Kirk Weesner, 26.59
  18. Joel Mickleborough, 27.12
  19. Dave Tanner, 27.33
  20. PJ Wilkinson, 28.06
  21. Kristen Holmes, 28.48
  22. Angela Breeden, 28.56


Anonymous said...

Thank to Sarah and company for putting these TT's on this summer. It's been a really fun event.

RJ said...

I second that, it's been a great thing to have going on and I'm sure I speak for everyone when I say we really appreciate you putting in the effort to run it.


Angela said...

Yes, thanks! Last night was my 2nd time out. Thanks for the volunteering and for the words of encouragement.