Sep 3, 2009

Little 500 2010- the picks are in!

The increase in vehicular danger on the roads the appearance of small groups of riders on Old37 means only one thing- the students are back in Bloomington. Little 500 might not be in the immediate thought of all those potential riders but the truth of it is that these as the temps gets cooler it’s important to set a base of fitness going into the chill winter months. The Fall Cycling series is an interesting diversion and guide to how each teams summers progressed. Mostly all is somewhat shrouded in mystery until quals rolls around next March. However that will not stop BVN laying the early odds for the big race! Based on race observations, fleeting glimpses of sun-dappled jerseys and underscored with gossip and hearsay we predict that they will act as the definitive race prediction….maybe! Lets get it on!

Mens Little 500- April 24th 2010

Cutters 5/1. Meticulous planners with the best rider on the track, they ARE the team to beat. Feldman’s sneakers will be difficult to fill but they always find a way!
Black Key Bulls 6/1. Rumored acquisition of ex-Sammie Quay will mean a reloading and not a rebuild. If Shei and Bailey can focus on L5 they have the talent to blow the race apart.
Gray Goat 7/1. The Keilers are coming back for a final crack at it and with Trogdon a year stronger they are definite contenders. A lack of Little 500 focus could be their undoing.
FIJI 8/1. Anonymous over the summer but Ellis has huge potential if he isn’t diverted by frat life. A powerful program that is desperate for success.
Phi Delt 8/1. The third year with the same six riders who need to avoid wrecks and ride smarter. The strongest training squad in the race need to push each other harder to gain success.
DU 12/1. DRR is back and will want another crack at Eric Young when it really matters. A team that continues to slowly build and this could be their year.
DTD 15/1. Neibler and Maves are huge losses but the program has picked up some new speed and will benefit from a second year under the Bishop Umbrella
Phi Psi-15/1. Mercer and Brown will be an impression 1-2 punch and with a little back up could spring a surprise.
Sigma Chi 15/1. Impressive ride to stay with the leaders in 2009 even after being in the ‘Cutters wreck’. This team should be building a decent program.
Sigma Pi 20/1. Lead lap in 2009 so have some momentum. BVN knows absolutely nothing about them!
DSP 20/1. Continue to build their program and after being on the lead lap last year they could find the top ten this year
Acacia 20/1. Always around the top 10 but really need to kick their program in the ass and move on up.
Collins BG 28/1. Not sure who’s coming back but if it’s 3 riders then they could make some noise this year with another year of experience.
The Field 30/1. A down year for ATO and TMT and strong individual riders unsupported on other teams means no one else will be in contention to win.

Womens Little 500, April 23rd 2010

Teter 6/1. Van Kooten is looking to be the BWOC and they will have no weak links. Moeller is a big loss but her important leadership is still in town.
Theta 6/1. Axley has been racing strongly through the summer and the program has a new coach in Erik Hamilton. A Cutters mentality could be the difference between placing and winning.
Kappa Delta 6/1. The third year of the Balbach-Cerone tandem. If they can keep interested doing most of their riding indoors then they will be a fearsome team. Some subtlety in their riding style would greatly help.
Delta Gamma 8/1. Two of the top 10 ITTers are back a year stronger with Haft having some success racing on the road over the summer. The key might be if Rutherford can step up to be a good number 3.
Pi Phi 12/1. Aligning themselves with the Cutters is a smart move and coach Land could be significant addition. However there’ll be no lying in the weeds in 2010 and Caroline will need a team like 2008 and not 2009 to win.
KKG 12/1. Will show up to quals with a quality team after being anonymous through the winter. Never count out Kappa.
Army 15/.- Almost a complete mystery but their program has been building over the past few years.
DSP 15/1. A bonafide contending program but do they have a race winner on the squad?
AGD 15/1. Always have a strong group of girls who push each other to race day success but victory might be a step too far.
Gamma Phi 15/1. Continuing Arnesen improvement will surely motivate her team-mates and a rise to the top five is possible.
Wing-It 20/1. The loss of Hewitt is incalculable but Schwoegler and Fredrickson’s support of this young team will mean they will be more than the sum of their parts.
Zeta 23/1. An expert coach has brought them to the cusp of the top ten and could spring a surprise if last years 3rd and 4th riders can step it up.
The Field 25/1. There’s always a surprise team but no-one to truly challenge

The likelihood is that this is all a bunch of crap so please leave your comments below!


Anonymous said...

Phi Delts with Ali Camara will be unbeatable this year

Anonymous said...

yeah is there any truth to this rumor?

Anonymous said...

rumor may have more meaning behind it than it seems.

eaturveggies said...

Nice shout-out to Quay! Love it!