May 27, 2012

May 25, 2012

Tri-race series

From Matt Neibler: The town of Speedway, Italian-based racing company Dallara, and promotions firm IndyCar Experience on June 1 will sponsor the first Tri West Speedway Criterium bicycle race on a 0.9-mile closed course in downtown Speedway.
 The event will also include a family fun festival, a bicycle-decorating contest for children, and a cycling obstacle course. Sponsored by the Speedway Trails Association, the children’s and community events will begin at 5:30 p.m. near the start/finish line at Gilman and Main streets. Speedway officials jumped at the chance to be part of the event as a way to draw visitors to the newly revamped downtown, said Barbara Lawrence, Speedway town manager. “We think this is going to be an amazing event, and we’re encouraging people from Speedway to come out and be a part of it,” Lawrence said. The Speedway race will be part of a three-day race series, including competitions on the following two days at Eagle Creek State Park. The total purse for the three-day event will be $9,200, according to officials for locally based race promoter Planet Adventure.

May 22, 2012

MMSF TT #1 Results 05.22.2012

We had a decent turnout tonight at the first MMSF TT of the year.  Fred Rose took top honors on the day with a time of 21.48.  Fastest Merckx time was turned in by Chris West in 24.39 and the top female was Janelle Renschler with a blazing 25.03!  Paul Smith took on the challenge with a Little 500 bike - this is the first I've seen anyone do it, but I may have missed a previous L5 attempt.  Anyway, congrats to all who participated, and see you in two weeks!  Full results below.

Full Results:

Place Name Time MPH Category
1 Fred Rose 21.48 27.52 TT
2 Ren-Jay Shei 23.59 25.02 TT
3 Lyle Feigenbaum 24.26 24.56 TT
4 Chris West 24.39 24.34 Merckx
5 Janelle Renschler 25.03 23.95 TT
6 Brenden Wise 25.19 23.70 Merckx
7 Aaron Stanley 25.43 23.33 Merckx
8 Tom Chorny 26.00 23.08 Merckx
9 Steven Hess 26.30 22.64 Merckx
10 Sarah Sanders 26.42 22.47 TT
11 Paul Smith 27.33 21.78 L5 Bike
11 Sarah Fredrickson 27.33 21.78 Merckx
13 Lindsay Bruick 28.15 21.24 TT
14 Tatiana Kolovou 28.25 21.11 TT
15 Nicole and Erika 30.01 19.99 Merckx
- Chelsea Sanders NT - TT

Morgan Monroe State Forest Time Trial #1 Today!!

Come one, come all! Join us tonight (Tuesday, May 22nd) at 7:00pm in the Morgan-Monroe State Forest for the first time trial of the season! See what you can do on this 10-mile out-and-back course featuring several rolling hills and a blazing fast finish!  First rider goes off at 7:00pm with subsequent riders going off at 30-second intervals.  Come set a benchmark for the season and you'll have a goal to beat for the rest of the year!  If you're riding out and want some company, a small group usually rolls out from behind BGI shortly after 6:00pm.  And if you're looking for's the current leader-board of the top 3 performers (read: performers, not top 3 overall times - those would all belong to Mr. Shanahan):

  1. Ryan Shanahan 20:31  (29.24 mph), June 28th, 2011*
  2. Greg Strock 20:57  (28.64 mph), June 14th, 2011
  3. Isaac Neff 20:59  (28.59 mph), April 28th, 2009
* Course Record

May 21, 2012

Bike Island!

Having cookies when you cross the road is a great idea! I do worry that each person crossing looks as though they are going to topple into traffic as they stop half-way!

Tuesday Night Time Trials (Morgan-Monroe State Forest)

It's here again!! The bi-weekly Morgan-Monroe State Forest 10-mile Time Trial is beginning for the season tomorrow night! (Tuesday, May 22nd)  As usual the start time will be 7:00pm at the intersection of Main Forest Road and Old SR 37.  The 10-mile course is a straight out-and-back (the turnaround is marked by a giant Smiley face, just before Catholic Cemetary Rd.) through Morgan-Monroe State Forest.  If I am not mistaken, the current course record is still held by none other than Mr. Ryan Shanahan, in a time of 20:31.

Perhaps J.Atwell will surprise us with this aero outfit again?? Photo courtesy of Tom Saccone
Schedule for the season is as follows (every other Tuesday):

#1 May 22nd
#2 June 5th
#3 June 19th
#4 July 3rd
#5 July 17th
#6 July 31st
#7August 14th
#8 August 28th
#9 September 11th

A small group usually rides out at a brisk pace from the Bicycle Garage, Inc. on Kirkwood just after 6pm.  Again, first rider will go off at 7:00pm with subsequent riders going off at 30-second intervals.  We hope to see you out there!!

May 19, 2012

Wanted: Little 500 Coach

From Jeremy Levin (

I'm starting a Little 500 team for this coming year, and I'm looking for a coach. I rode for Emanon Cycling for two years and absolutely loved that experience. I am starting a team through Hillel, IU's on campus Jewish organisation as it has been a goal for a number of years. Next year though, I'm more determined than I have been to make this work.

I have people interested in riding for next year, and if that doesn't work, a possible back-up merger with another team hoping to start up, for Camp Kesem. If you anyone in the Bloomington area is interested, please contact me!

Thomas Morris

From Grant Small:
Sometime on Thursday afternoon, Tom Morris (Athletics Coach for IU and Strength Coach for Sigma Chi) went out on a ride by himself and at some point fell.
No one currently knows if he was hit by a car or if he fell for other reasons. He was found unconscious on the side of the road by a passerby sometime that afternoon and was rushed to Bloomington hospital. It was determined he had a broken neck, so he was flown by helicopter to Methodist hospital in Indianapolis. He had surgery to stabilize his spine early Friday morning. Please think of Tom in your prayers today.
 The Little 500 means so much to him and I just cannot think of another individual that shows the true spirit of the race than Tom.
Lastly and importantly if anyone knows anything about the incident please contact local authorities who are actively working the case.

May 14, 2012

Fat and Skinny

This weekend is the Fat and Skinny Tire Festival in Winona Lake IN. This is a great weekend of riding and racing for all. There are mountain bike races, road races and a bike tour. The weekend kicks off Friday afternoon/evening with a critcal mass ride from Winona Lake to downtown Warsaw. The ride ends at Mad Anthony's brew house ( There is a kickoff party and a bmx show Friday night. Saturday is the road race, mountain bike XC race, bike tour and festival. Sunday is the crit and new to this year mountain bike short track. All in all a great weekend for being active on your bike. Here is the link to the registration page on Truesport: Here is the link to the website: See you at the Winona! Thanks, Racing for Riley p/b Alderfere Bergen

May 4, 2012

Eric Young contd...

He may not live in Bloomington anymore but it's worth celebrating Eric Young's continuing achievements. So great to see a pre-L5 non-rider be so successful. Not only an article in the other big cycling website but wins in the final stage of Joe Martin SR and then in Tour of the Gila stage 2. The latter is a big step-up as isn't some 'easy' crit but a legit 100mile RR with climbs. Lots of praise from his Bissell team-mates who clearly feel he is worth working for:
  @benjm1 'Eric Young fought like a champ up some big climbs today, then finished it off with a Win at Stage 2! Nice one!'
 @frankpipp Great team effort today @BissellCycling but the Hoosier really took it to another level when he went at about 500m to go. stage 2
Podium Insight interview after the Gila stage Picture from PodiumInsight
 What odds a top 5 or even a stage-win at the AToC? I'd say 4/1 for a top5 on any stage, that AToC is the big-league!

May 1, 2012

Summer Track Racing

Just thought I'd pass the info/flyers on to you guys for the riders you know and think may have an interest in training and racing at MTV this summer (details: They will have $1000 to race for each Fast Friday, so we hope it will be an exciting season with lots of opportunity. Julie Kukolla Lake Sullivan Sports Co