May 31, 2011

WW # 12 Take the Lake- Harrell and Fairfax

6:00pm at the Sample Gates. WW #12 Take the Lake! Heading out on Harrell and Fairfax.
Approximate course.

MMSF TT #3 results

Here's how it played out tonight in the Forest. 28 riders took the 10 mile test. Some new entrants and some PRs. Well done to all on this hot (89 degree) night. Many thanks to Tatiana for assisting with the timing.


Total Time



Fred Rose




Scott Catanzaro




Scott Jerdan




Alex Jerdan




Paul Levy




Tomasz Golas




Bob Costello




Aaron Pilling




Jake Tudorica




Joshua Kush




John Wischmeier




Ashton Wishmeier




Lyle Feigenbaum




Will Sorg




Scott Todd




Sarah Sanders




Carey Wagoner




Austin Nielsen




David Larrison




Sue Aquila




Shane Slaven




Emma Caughlin




Emily Palmer




John Kinder




Katie Reed




Melissa Moeller




Jesse Wagoner




April Wheeler



May 30, 2011


Reminder: tomorrow (Tuesday, May 31st) there will be another time trial at Morgan-Monroe State Forest. 10 mile out-and-back course beginning and ending at the entrance to the Forest (where Old 37 meets Main Forest Road). First rider off at 1900 (a.k.a. 7pm), there is typically a group that leaves from behind BGI shortly after 1800 (a.k.a. 6pm) for a brisk ride out there. The weather looks like it'll be much better than the last one, so come on out and see what you've got!

May 26, 2011

Nashville 90

General 90, all welcome.. From Wes Harris
Meeting at Bakehouse at 9:00 Nashville 90 on Monday the 30th.

May 25, 2011

Wednesday Worlds 446 Circuit Tonight!

Join us for tonight's Wednesday Worlds #11 training race on the 446 circuit. We may 'up the ante' to 8 laps! Leave a comment if you would like to weigh-in. Meet at 6:00 pm at the Sample Gates.

May 23, 2011


Is Bloomington getting blase about the PROs washing around town these days? Difficult for me to judge...but Mike Sherer and Eric Young did some pretty good work over on the East Coast last weekend at the Wilmington GP. Three top tens (including in a 100+mile RR....not just Critters obviously) with 7th and 8th in a NRC overall omnium is something we haven't seen from Bloomington residents in a long while. It's fun to read about the ex-roomies taking it to the next level on the US stage.

May 18, 2011

WW # 10 Training Race Report: Low Gap/Mahalasville

27 starters tonight on an unseasonably cold early evening with rain threatening. Several women were in attendance as well, including; Lauren Gowdy, Emma Caughlin, Liz Cobb, Rachel Metherd and Melissa Moeller. The fireworks began as advertised at the start of Anderson with several attacks then ultimately settled down to a well established paceline to the cemetery hill at the Low Gap entrance. There were a few more attacks on the foothills of Low Gap leading up to the featured climb, most notably by Shanahan, Hamilton, Shei, Rose, Atwell and Kroll. Once the group got to the climb proper about midway on Low Gap (one we would see again on the return trip) the pace was elevated with all comers searching for the right gear and 16 made the final selection to the Mahalasville loop. In addition to those already mentioned, Nixon, West, Saccone, Depasse, Golasz, Smallman, Preske, Walsh, Catanzaro, Kaleb and Bailey were among them. The speed was fast and there were more attacks on the way to the rollers on Mahalasville. We were steady and the speed was high-averaging above 25mph on Downey Rd as we approached Low Gap with the Tulip climb waiting for us again. The veneer of the group was worn desperately thin as Hamilton pushed hard over the top and 9 made the lead group with 4 trying to get organized; Rose, Saccone, Depasse, Walsh. The speed was frenetic as the leaders played their cards down the remainder of Low Gap. The single file line was stretched again up the Anderson cemetery hill and Shei ultimately got caught out after a hard effort. Atwell and Shanahan took turns working the group over and Atwell attempted a flyer as the finish quickly approached and Hamilton sensed the imminent danger. With Atwell cutting hard up the left hand side of the road and Hamilton taking the right, the drag race was on with the field looking for wheels! In the final analysis Hamilton prevailed by less than a wheel for a well deserved win! Atwell 2nd, Smallman 3rd. Average speed: 25 mph.

WW # 10 Tonight!

Meet at 6 pm at the Sample Gates for an Anderson, Low Gap, Mahalasville circuit.
See the schedule and course map below. The 28 mile course begins in earnest on Anderson!

May 17, 2011

MMSF TT #2 5/17/2011

The second edition of the Forest TT took place tonight under less-than-ideal conditions. With unseasonably low temperatures and some mist in the air, 21 riders rose to the challenge of the 10-mile course just north of Bloomington. The winner on the day was no surprise - course record holder Ryan Shanahan clocked a 22.01 to take first by over 30 seconds. Hannah Caproon bested the other women with a time of 28.54. Unfortunately TT/Merckx was not recorded, so I cannot speak to our Merckx winners, but my guess is Paul Levy had the best Merckx time with a 25.05. Great job to everyone who came out, next one is in two weeks!

Full results below:
Place Name Time MPH
1 Ryan Shanahan 22.01 27.25
2 Jonathan Atwell 22.38 26.51
3 Ren-Jay Shei 22.58 26.12
4 Adam Rodkey 23.19 25.73
5 Jason Romain 23.37 25.41
6 Scott Jerden 23.51 25.16
7 Alex Jerden 25.01 23.98
8 Paul Levy 25.05 23.92
9 Tim Nixon 25.08 23.87
10 Will Sorg 25.18 23.72
11 Scott Catanzaro 25.32 23.50
12 Ashton Wischmeier 26.03 23.03
13 Lyle Feigenbaum 26.16 22.84
14 Carey Wagoner 26.48 22.39
15 Scott Todd 27.13 22.05
16 Chris Bunham 27.52 21.53
17 Austin Nielson 27.55 21.49
18 Hannah Caproon 28.54 20.76
19 Emily Palmer 29.08 20.59
20 David Larrison 29.09 20.58
21 Melissa Moeller 31.27 19.08

May 16, 2011

MMSF TT #2 Tuesday Night!

Forest Time Trial Tomorrow

The course begins and ends at the entrance to Morgan-Monroe State Forest (the intersection of SR Old 37 and the main Forest Road) and is 10 miles in length (5 miles out and back). The time trial will be held every other Tuesday. The first rider will go off at 7:00pm, a group will be leaving from the Bicycle Garage at 6:15pm.

Dates are:

May 17th
May 31st
June 14th
June 28th
July 12th
July 26th
August 9th
August 23rd
September 6th

Call the Bicycle Garage at 339-3457 if you have any questions.

May 14, 2011

Tour de Grove

The registered rider numbers for the fantastic Fat and Skinny Tire Fest are a little down because of the bigtime Tour de Grove occuring in St Louis. The highlight of 3 days of racing is the NRC/USACrits event on saturday afternoon that features a 15K pricelist.
Plenty of local interest in the main events with Eric Young, Ryan Knapp, Erik Hamilton and Mike Sherer all featuring. Clayton Feldman, Caroline Brown and Mindi Balchan ride in the supporting events.
Friday nights event showcased the quality on show with Jonathan Cantwell winning and Eric kick-starting his PRO career with a 5th place behind 4 big hitters. Cantwell was the victor in Eric's coming out party at Superweek last year so we'll see how close Eric can get to him this weekend. The twitterverse indicates it was a dangerous crit with a neutralized portion due to the need for an ambulance on the course! The quotes-
@ericgalenyoung 'Weird crit to start #tourdegrove it is cool to race with experienced guys like cantwell that know exactly what to do and when to do it'
@mikesherer 'Sketchy crit tonight.'
@ryan_knapp 'First real race of the year here in STL. Was lacking a bit mentally, but the legs weren't as bad as I thought they might me.'

Be safe out there all!

May 13, 2011

Winona this weekend

Many local racers are heading up to Winona in the Fort Wayne, Warsaw area of northern Indiana to participate in the road race on Saturday and the criterium on Sunday. The road course is a fast 9 mile loop with a few good rises and looks to be a competitive event. Distances are between 35 and 62 miles.

See the official start list here.

In the Cat 3 road race Tim Davis (Mob Squad), Chris West (Sustainable), Rob Smallman and RJ Stuart (Scholars Inn Bakehouse) will be vying for the W! In the Masters 40+ Gary Palmer (Scholars Inn Bakehouse) will be taking on Texas Roadhouse, Scarlet Fire, Alderfer Bergen and DRT riders. In the Category 4 race, Reid Flood, Nick Sapp and Jacob Sinex (Scholars Inn Bakehouse) are racing. Locals in the Women's events include Rachel Fullmer, Cat 123, Emily Palmer and Aileen Ottenweller in the Cat 4 event (Scholars Inn Bakehouse). The cat 12 men's event includes locals or IU students/former students Scott Catanzaro, Graham Dewart, and Fred Rose (Scholars Inn Bakehouse) and Tom Cox (Aldefer Bergen).

Good Luck to all!
Tom Saccone

May 11, 2011

WW#9- Buskirk/Paragon training race report

Nearly 40 rolled out of the Sample Gates tonight in near 90 degree weather to take on the challenge of the Buskirk-Paragon course. The road was riddled with pot holes and claimed several water bottles as well as nerves along the way. The field was comprised of many of the best local and regional racers; Eric Young (Bissell), Erik Hamilton, Ryan Knapp (Panther), Ren-Jay Shei, Fred Rose, Ryan Shanahan, Scott Catanzaro, Aaron Pilling, Rob Smallman (Scholars Inn Bakehouse), Isaiah Newkirk (Herring), Tom Cox (Aldefer-Bergen) and others. A few women were in attendance also; Emily Palmer, Liz Cobb (Scholars Inn), Randi Cox (Morris) and a couple of others I wasn't able to identify. As expected the speed was high once out of the neutral section through the Chambers turn, We crossed 37 for the first time with most of the riders in attendance to Dittemore. As anticipated, the Buskirk climb separated the wheat from the chaff however and a select group of about 18 escaped and a second group came together with 6 riders including Smallman, Levy (Hoosier Climber), West (Sustainable). The lead group included, Hamilton, Young, Shei, Rose, Shanahan, Golaz (DRT), Knapp, Catanzaro, Pilling and others. There were several brutal attacks in the punch-up through the forest and along the run in on Anderson. Shanahan attempted a solo, but was checked by Hamilton who led the train with Young on his wheel, then Shei, then Rose. Young reprised his Little 500 win with the victory, Rose was second at 2 bike lengths, Golaz 3rd, Shei fourth.

WW #9- Paragon-Buskirk Loop - Out Old 37

Starts 6:00 pm at the Sample Gates!
Course here:

May 9, 2011

IU editorial....

Didn't want to comment below so in response to-
Anonymous said...within the past decade IU used to frequently podium in the team overall at Nationals.. what has happened lately and why doesn't IU have as strong of a team anymore?

Frequently podium is a little overstated. In the past decade they came close on the road with Bahati, Kehrberg and Wangerin, none of which were encumbered with Little 500 training and were/are all fantastic riders. IU has had track success with a strong overall team a few years back and of course a stellar individual in 2010.
With a couple possible exceptions (if eligible, Caroline Brown and Jonathan Atwell could have ridden one or more events to spread the load a little) this years team was the strongest available for IU and they performed well. It was a solid effort that hopefully will continue to help the program grow. It is no coincidence that 5 of the 8 riders also did track nationals as that experience built a good team-base that encouraged participation in Road nationals.
Remember Hannah and Melinda drove 8hrs to St Louis the day after L5 in order to qualify themselves for the experience that was Road nationals. Talk to any of the team and they will tell you how uniquely great is the overall experience of riding for IU on the National stage.
It is different but just as fulfilling as Little500 and success in both need not be mutually exclusive (although it can make it more difficult). Next years Collegiate nationals are in Indy (track) and Madison (road- I think) again so those riders competing over the summer need to aim for those events. IU cycling club is in a good place financially so is well set for the year(s) to come. Get to the Velodrome, ride Track nationals, get the excitement for representing IU and make it to Road nationals* in the spring of 2012. IU may be losing some strong riders but there is enough talent riding on the cinders every year to make IU a perennial nationally top 10 team.
*- or get serious about Cyclocross and MTB and represent IU in those events.

May 7, 2011

Balchan and Metherd in top 50 at Women's D1 College Nationals!

The IU girls getting ready to TTT sat AM (Eric Young took the pic)

Read the results here.

Marian places two in Top 10.

USA Cycling story here.

May 6, 2011

Hamilton 34th in Joe Martin Pro-1 110 mile Road Race!

Read the results here:

Collegiate Road Race Results

Here's the USA Cycling Collegiate Men's Division 1 and 2 road race results:

Collegiate Nationals

Several locals are racing for a national champion's jersey this weekend in Madison, Wisconsin! Check out the schedule here. Updates at USACycling.

From USA Cycling:
The USA Cycling Collegiate Road National Championships will be in Madison, Wisc., for the second consecutive year this weekend. Nearly 500 student-athletes representing almost 100 colleges and universities from across the country will compete to win one of 18 national titles, May 6-8.

The road race will take place around Madison's beautiful Blue Mound State Park. The USA Cycling Collegiate Road National Championships, hosted by the Wisconsin University Badgers in partnership with Team Sports, Inc., will see hundreds of men and women from Division I and Division II institutions compete for individual national championships in three categories: criterium, road race and individual omnium. The collegiate squads will also fight for team titles in both the team time trial event and the prestigious overall team omnium classification, which combines results from all three races, both male and female. After sweeping the team time trial, Marian University secured the Division I omnium last year, and will head to Madison looking to defend the trophy. Whitman College used a victory in the Division II women’s team time trial and a third-place result in the men’s event to secure the Division II omnium national title for the second consecutive year.

Competition will begin Friday, May 6 with the road race beginning at 8:30 a.m., at Blue Mound State Park. The Men’s Division I Road Race starts the weekend’s events at 8:30 a.m., followed by the Men’s Division II contest 10 minutes later. The Women’s Divisions I and II races begin at 1 and 1:10 p.m., respectively.

The team time trials take center stage on Saturday, beginning at 9 a.m. with the Women’s Division II race. A highlight of the weekend’s racing, Sunday’s criterium competition, will take place in University Research Park, just west of the University’s campus. Each race is slated to begin 75 minutes after the previous beginning starting at 8 a.m. with the Women’s Division II race, Women’s Division II race scheduled for 9:15 a.m., Men’s Division II contest at 10:30 a.m. and the Men’s Division I race slated for noon.

Joe Martin Stage Race- Fayetteville, Arkansas

Follow local racer Erik Hamilton and his Panther teamates at the Joe Martin stage race here. Fayetteville, Arkansas May 5-8th.

The Joe Martin Stage Race is part of the National Race Calendar (NRC) which is the pro and elite amateur cycling tour of USA Cycling. USA Cycling is the national governing body of cycling operating under the United States Olympic Committee.

More than $50,000 in cash and over $10,000 in merchandise will be given away over the four-day, four event Pro/Elite category and two-day, three-stage amateur category races.

Over 700 athletes from 19 countries and more than 47 states will be attending this year's race.

Race website here.

May 4, 2011

Training Race Report WW#8- 446 Loop

It was unseasonably cold but a group exceeding 40 riders made it to the first turn at the 446 loop training circuit tonight. It was fast and we were in good company with local pros Mike Sherer (Kelly Benefits), Ryan Knapp (Panther-testing his knee), and Eric Young (Bissell). The first half was a testament to their power and speed in a way that showed most of the field that the constant accelerations and attacks and counters indicate the depth of a rider and their currency as a pro. These wells runs deep, indeed. An initial break with Shanahan (Scholars Inn), fresh off a double W at Carmel this weekend proved that it wasn't a fluke. Ultimately, Shanahan, Young, Sherer and Atwell (Scholars Inn) escaped midway and the field was unable to bridge despite excellent efforts by Tom Cox (Aldefer), Chris Kroll (CFW), Ren-Jay Shei and Fred Rose (Scholars Inn) and Chris West (Sustainable Cycling). With 2 two to go (after Sherer won the coveted Bakehouse Granola prime and Eric elected to leave the leaders) the group began to come back to the chasers through the constant attacks of Shanahan and Atwell, trying to shake Sherer off the scent, but it was not to be. Sherer went on to win in front of a small crowd that had assembled at the finish to see the final effort. Saccone (Scholars Inn) led Pilling out to the 200 mark but the train assembled behind was well established and had many teams represented. I didn't see the field finish, but Cox and Kroll appeared to be side by side at the line. Corrections and eye witness accounts welcome!

On a side note, and not an unimportant one, we had a crash tonight. One of the young riders in the group went down on 446 at the entrance to the climb. It appeared to be a single bike event as we saw when we came around again with one to go. Thankfully, a small chase group connected with the rider and a couple in the back of the main field turned around, giving up their training to help someone in need-for that we are grateful. But it points to a larger issue, one of the inevitabilities of bike racing. This is a demanding sport that requires cat-like reflexes and split-second decisions, and a good measure of luck. The specter of crashing follows us at every corner, in every sprint, at each crossroad. This crash was no one's fault- it was just a dark and perfectly timed event where speed and desperation were in the crosshairs as the group came together after a series of splits- a lottery where no one wins. But we all must learn from these events too. Not overlapping wheels, not following too closely, having the fitness to stay solidly on a wheel. Even when all of these happen, we still can crash, but our odds are greatly improved. Bike racers are not known for their cautious approach to the sport, but racing a bicycle demands our complete attention. We wish you a speedy recovery.

May 3, 2011

Wednesday Worlds #8 446 Loop

The 8th Wednesday Worlds of 2011 will feature the 446 Loop tomorrow. Meet at 6:00 pm at the Sample Gates. 6 laps are on tap with a half-way prime of Scholars Inn Bakehouse Granola to the first male and female across the line. Top male and female finishers receive a gift certificate to the Scholars Inn Bakehouse. Look for several collegiate racers in the ranks tomorrow as this will be a great speed tuneup for the collegiate national championships!

MMSF TT #1 5/3/2011

This evening was the first time trial at Morgan-Monroe State Forest. The event was surprisingly well attended with 28 riders competing (four of them rode as a team, so only 25 places in the results) on the 10-mile course. The weather was favorable with some sun and mild temperatures in the 50s and little wind. The course record (and Merckx record) was very safe, with the fastest time on the day still over a minute and a half slower. The fastest time was clocked by Ren-Jay Shei in 22.16 while Mike Sherer had the fastest Merckx time with 23.28. On the women's side the four-woman team of Rachel Fullmer, Hannah Calvert, Melinda Balchan, and Kristen Metherd had the fastest run with a 27.00 and Emily Palmer had the fastest individual time with a 28.26. Great job to everyone in attendance!

Full Results below:
Place Name Time
1 Ren-Jay Shei 22.16
2 Jonathan Atwell 22.17
3 Brett Stewart 22.23
4 Kevin Depasse 23.20
5 Mike Sherer 23.28 *Merckx 25.57
6 Chris West 23.58
7 Tomasz Golas 24.38 *Merckx 24.36
8 Tom Cox 25.24 *Merckx 23.62
9 Jake Tudorica 25.27 *Merckx 23.58
10 Bob Costello 25.42
11 Aaron Pilling 25.44 *Merckx 23.32
12 Theron Binder 26.02 *Merckx 23.05
13 Ben Johnson 26.59 *Merckx 22.24
14 TTT "Da Girlz" 27.00 *Merckx 22.22
15 Robert Brooks 27.06 *Merckx 22.14
16 Hans Ibold 27.29 *Merckx 21.83
17 Carey Wagoner 27.30 *Merckx 21.82
18 David Shirley 27.59 *Merckx 21.44
19 Lyle Feigenbaum 28.16 *Merckx 21.23
20 Emily Palmer 28.26 *Merckx 21.10
21 Sue Aquila 28.27
22 Brian Drummy 28.31 *Merckx 21.04
23 Sarah Fredrickson 29.04 *Merckx 20.64
24 Lyndi Hollis 31.07 *Merckx 19.28
25 Keenan May 33.00 *Merckx 18.18

May 2, 2011

TKO Carmel Criterium Pictures

Check out the pictures from John Bennett at Smugmug Velo Images:

Shutterwideopen Images here from the Lawrence crit on Friday.

Check out all TKO results for the 3 day weekend (Lawrence, Carmel, Broad Ripple) here.

Forest Time Trial Begins Tomorrow

The course begins and ends at the entrance to Morgan-Monroe State Forest (specifically the intersection of SR Old 37 and Main Forest Road) and is 10 miles in length (5 miles out and back). The time trial will be held every other Tuesday starting Tuesday May, 3rd. The first rider will go off at 7:00pm, a group will be leaving from the Bicycle Garage at 6:15pm.

Dates are:

May 3rd
May 17th
May 31st
June 14th
June 28th
July 12th
July 26th
August 9th
August 23rd
September 6th

Call the shop at 339-3457 if you have any questions.

Current Course Record: 20:38 by Ryan Shanahan

TKO Race Report

I posted a race report (full disclosure: biased towards the Scholars Inn Bakehouse) on We are still waiting for full results and I will post those soon. Several local and Bloomington-based riders rode well against the best racers in the midwest. Ryan Shanahan pulled off a rare back-to-back double-solo victory in the Men's 3/4 race and then the Masters 3/4/5 event immediately after at the Carmel venue, and RJ Stuart's 2nd place at the Broadripple 3/4! Here's a video of the 2nd lap of the Cat 123 event in Carmel, the second race in the 3 day series.