May 11, 2011

WW#9- Buskirk/Paragon training race report

Nearly 40 rolled out of the Sample Gates tonight in near 90 degree weather to take on the challenge of the Buskirk-Paragon course. The road was riddled with pot holes and claimed several water bottles as well as nerves along the way. The field was comprised of many of the best local and regional racers; Eric Young (Bissell), Erik Hamilton, Ryan Knapp (Panther), Ren-Jay Shei, Fred Rose, Ryan Shanahan, Scott Catanzaro, Aaron Pilling, Rob Smallman (Scholars Inn Bakehouse), Isaiah Newkirk (Herring), Tom Cox (Aldefer-Bergen) and others. A few women were in attendance also; Emily Palmer, Liz Cobb (Scholars Inn), Randi Cox (Morris) and a couple of others I wasn't able to identify. As expected the speed was high once out of the neutral section through the Chambers turn, We crossed 37 for the first time with most of the riders in attendance to Dittemore. As anticipated, the Buskirk climb separated the wheat from the chaff however and a select group of about 18 escaped and a second group came together with 6 riders including Smallman, Levy (Hoosier Climber), West (Sustainable). The lead group included, Hamilton, Young, Shei, Rose, Shanahan, Golaz (DRT), Knapp, Catanzaro, Pilling and others. There were several brutal attacks in the punch-up through the forest and along the run in on Anderson. Shanahan attempted a solo, but was checked by Hamilton who led the train with Young on his wheel, then Shei, then Rose. Young reprised his Little 500 win with the victory, Rose was second at 2 bike lengths, Golaz 3rd, Shei fourth.


Frederick said...

Oh I'd have to say I was more than 2
bike lengths back. (I think Eric was sipping a machiato as I approached him after the line.)


Tom Saccone said...

Apologies! My interpretation from the wrap up discussion! Nice work all around! Tom Saccone

Anonymous said...

I know that my name is so difficult for you guys like english for me :)hehehe.

My name is Tomasz Golas
I like martini too


Tom Saccone said...

Ha! Sorry Tomasz! My O2 is still too low to be coherent! Well done. Tom Saccone