Nov 20, 2012

As cyclocross builds up to Louisville 2013, a reminder as to why those of us at the bottom end do it: not only for the chicks but also for the laughs! Consider our 'all category' races in the UK where 150 riders rock up at the carnage!

Thanks to jason for the heads-up.

Nov 15, 2012

Team Panther/ SIB

Scholars Inn Bakehouse in Agreement with Panther Expedited for Elite Cycling Program

A formal collaboration between the Scholars Inn Bakehouse cycling team and Team Panther presented by Competitive Cyclist is in process. The exact nature of the program, the details, kits and naming is still in discussion but the leadership has agreed in principle regarding the value of the merger and the benefits to each team and the cycling community.

Joining forces with the successful Panther program, in its 5th year allows the current Scholars Inn Bakehouse program to be a true feeder team for this elite squad. Currently, the Scholars Inn Bakehouse program will remain relatively unchanged. The program will continue to be one of the Midwest’s premier cycling programs for USA Cycling Categories 2 through 5 as well as the development team for the Elite program. Riders in the beginning categories will be part of one of the region’s top programs and upper category racers will have the opportunity to be called up and compete with the elite riders at specified events. Overall, this creates a complete competitive cycling platform for the new Scholars Inn program. Scholars Inn Cycling will continue to welcome all local racers who want to be part of the program.

 Pre-season Elite team roster for 2013:
  Kirk Albers, 43 Columbus, OH
 Jonathan Atwell, 31 Bloomington, IN
 Andrew Clarke, 42 Medina, OH
 Johnathan Freter, 20 Columbus, OH
 Ryan Knapp, 28 Bloomington, IN
 Paul Martin, 40 North Royalton, OH
 Jeff Pendlebury, 25 Fredericksburg, OH
 Andrew Seitz, 26 Pittsburgh, PA
 Rob Thompson, 30 Lakewood, OH
 Martin Vecchio, 27 Detroit, MI

 Others may be added to this or ‘called up’ to compete with the Elite squad at key events.
 Kirk Albers, Andy Clarke, Ryan Knapp, Andy Seitz and Paul Martin are returning from the 2012 Panther team. The elite program is very pleased to add Jonathan Atwell from the United Healthcare of GA/706 Project Team and the Scholars Inn Bakehouse team, Johnathan Freter and Jeff Pendlebury from the Cleveland Clinic/RGF Team, Rob Thompson from Team Spin and Martin Vecchio from Lathrup Industries/Giant.

  For more information on Panther, visit
For more information on the Scholars Inn Bakehouse team visit

Look for an update and more details in the near future on these websites. In the interim, please direct questions to Tom Saccone at or call 812-320-6355.

Nov 8, 2012

IUCC kit

Good deal, first who gets there gets it:

Atwell Link

Nov 3, 2012

stirring the pot...

From @jason_fowler and legit:

 '‎4hrs with the Cutters today. 40 degrees, thunderstorms, sleet, pouring rain. Brutal conditions. Didn't see anyone else out on the road'

 Sounds like Little 500 2013 is already won. Book it!