Jul 30, 2010

Indy Crit- August 21st

From Jennifer Cvar-
Greetings Racers, Race Teams and Team Captains,

This year marks the inaugural year of a new race in Indianapolis, IN called the Indy Crit. Staged in the heart of Downtown Indianapolis, the Indy Crit features a 5 turn race course and features some of the most highly recognized landmarks of our city. Rarely is there an opportunity like this to race on the city streets of downtown Indianapolis!
The Indy Crit will feature a completely closed .7 mile course, varying in width from four to six lanes, almost half of which is newly paved! The course will lead you onto the bricks of Market Street with a quarter loop around Monument Circle, the very soul of our city. And better yet, 100% of the event proceeds will go to benefit Freewheelin' Community Bikes!
We would like to invite you and your team to compete in this new and exciting race, held under USA Cycling permit. The Indy Crit will have a prize purse of over $4,000 and offers 6 different categories in which to race. Please share this link to our race flier with your friends and teammates:
http://www.indycrit.com/IndyCritFlier-8-21-10.pdf You can also pre-register at Truesport.com.


Argubaly the best of the Verizon U25 videos. This time the Superweek Milwaukee Lakeshore RR where Mike Sherer took an excellent 4th place. Isn't Layla a cutey!!

Superweek: Day 13 - Lakefront Road Race from Verizon Wireless u25 Cycling on Vimeo.

Also check out the video from the Evanston GP which at the moment is unembedable (if that's a word).

Jul 29, 2010


The big road race in the Midwest this weekend is the Tour of Elk Grove up in the Chicago suburb of the same name. A few Bloomingtonites will be heading up there so look out for those results. Slightly closer to home is the PArkview Cycling Festival in Fort Wayne on saturday for which pre-registration ends this evening. These guys look to be putting on a great little event but if you've done the TT and RR champs then a third weekend in Fort Wayne may be too much to take!

Sunday seeing duelling criteriums in Indianapolis and some rather amusing trash talking by the two promotors. However at the time of writing the offensive prose has been removed from Truesport but suffice to say neither organizer was complimentary about the others event.
The Zionsville GP is a local favorite that tackles the brick main street whilst the Lawrence Crit on the east side of the city is a new race organized by Rapid Running. As I won't be racing I won't give an opinion of either event but in $ terms there'll be more cash on offer at Lawrence IF people show up to race whilst there is a weak payout at Zionsville that is at least guaranteed.

WW, take the lake

A small group rolled south of town for the ‘Take the Lake’ WW on a cooler than anticipated day. The pace was mostly steady all the way along Fairfax and Strain Ridge with pretty even pulls from all riders. The nervousness as we approached the dam was obvious and it was Aaron Pilling who led it up the steep ramp pulling a small group away over the top. However the pressure wasn’t kept on, allowing most riders to return to the group before the drop down ‘the Alps’. Truce was mostly called up the climb out of the valley but that was when things got a lot harder. Gary Palmer surged ahead causing those of us at the back to badly scramble and a couple guys were taken OTB. Things settled for a moment but once into the trees Erik Hamilton went to the front to set a steady ‘tempo’ and smashed the group to pieces. When the dust cleared Hamilton and Eric Young were off and away whilst the chase group of Palmer, Lewis, Quay, Beck, Naegeli, Parry, LG guy and Pilling struggled to get organized. Chapel Hill road makes it difficult to get a group rolling through with much cohesion so it was only as the group approached SR446 that the chase was truly on. The pace was kept high along the mostly downhill stretch of SR446 and on the causeway we could see the lead Erik/cs ahead knowing that we had ZERO chance of catching them on the hill. The causeway didn’t see an attack but rather Palmer and LG dude cruised away from the remainder of us. Chasing over the top Naegeli, Pilling and I took a good pulls before Lewis sprinted over the top to put Pilling and I OTB. After cursing up a storm Aaron and I got back up to Lewis and Quay but Palmer and Naegeli were gone. Kaleb took 3rd in his final WW as all groups rolled in within a couple minutes of each other. A great workout for those of us Cat3s AND we got to observe WWW in action! Next week- Low Gap- bring the heavy wheels!

Jul 28, 2010

WW- Take the Lake

Looks like we have a brief reprieve from the thrice-weekly 446 loop and will be tackling the Take the Lake route. It was well received a few weeks ago and will certainly be a big challenge with todays expected temperatures. Ride easy in a social manner south of town to Fairfax from where the 'route' begins. 6pm at the Gates. WWW may be headed out the same way but the decision will be made at the Gates.

Forest TT- 7/27/10

Bloomington is awesome! Where else in a little Midwestern town do you get over 40 riders out on a muggy evening to race 10 hard miles? Even better than that was that half the riders were female! First WWW and now the Forest Ladies TT!
However none of this could overshadow Ryan Shanahan who set a new course record with a fiery 20.38!! The seven-second beating of the old record can be chalked up to some great form and a few extra aero pieces! It’ll take a real special effort to beat that considering that only two guys have gone under 21.00 (Issac Neff being the other rider with 20.59). There is also a growing trend for TTTs with three difference teams tackling the course sharing the pain with a buddy! Kaleb Naegeli is leaving town next week so it was good to see him finally taking things seriously on a TT bike and setting a PR- his good nature will be missed around town. The mysterious ‘Raymond’ rode with toe-straps but set a remarkable 25.57 whilst Amy Dickman rode her inaugural TT and set a promising time. However the final word must as ever go to the Cutters. Kevin Depasse is a new recruit for 2011 and comes in rocking a 24.28 with no aero equipment…..you have been warned! Thanks to Kristen Metherd for timing on the busiest day we’ve seen out at MMSF.

Name, Time
Ryan Shanahan 20.38
Jordan Bailey 22.05
Jonathan Atwell 22.47
Ren-jay Shei 22.52
Chris Beck 22.53
Kaleb Naegeli 23.38
Team Double Cox 24.05
Markus Naegeli 24.08
Bob Costello 24.17
Kevin Depasse 24.28
Chris West 24.32
Mike Kaufman 24.33
Jake Tudorica 24.41
Ryan Preske 24.47
Sarah Sanders 25.03
RJ Half 25.11
Raymond 25.57
John Murray 26.07
Team WWWW 26.20
Carey Wagoner 26.21
Kirk Weesner 26.24
Stephen Quay 26.29
Tatiana Kolovou 26.44
Team No Cox 27.05
Amy Dickman 27.34
Nick Panozoo 27.44
Melinda Balchan 28.10
Rachel Fullmer 28.28
Kent Berglund 28.34
Jeff Yoder 28.43
Chelsea Merta 29.15
Mandy Brothers 29.46
Ashley P 29.47
Emily Palmer 30.27
Claire Troutman 30.50
Abigail Legg 31.09

Jul 27, 2010

Volunteers needed for Mass Ave Crit

When the State Crit Champs were lost from Bloomington I was worried they'd go to the souless mid morning event that was the Mass Ave Crit. Well they are being held in Indy at Mass Ave but it's an afternoon/ evening gig linked in with the local watering hole (the Rathskeller) so it should be a blast (maybe 75% the fun of Bloomington). As with all races they are looking for Volunteers and for helping out you'll get a Tshirt and some food (and maybe you can negoiate a beer). It's on the 14th August.
The official request-
'I am still looking for more volunteers for the Mass Ave Criterium. We are recruiting 140 this year because of the additional races. I have attached our flyer about volunteering. Please send to anyone you think would be interested. Reminder: all volunteers will receive a t-shirt and food provided by Pita Pit!

Sarah Myer
NUVO Promotions and Marketing Manager'
(p) 317-808-4615
(f) 317-254-2405
(e) smyer@nuvo.net

It's going to be a very fun day so please get involved.
AH alerted me to this funniest pic I've seen in a while-
Who's this Fred?

Picture from NYtimes article here- http://thelede.blogs.nytimes.com/2010/07/21/refusing-to-quit-the-tour-de-france/

IN State RR Champs

The results pigeon hasn't made it back from Fort Wayne yet but...

8am is early to start any bike race and especially for Cat1/2s who are used to lounging around in bed getting fanned and fed grapes before racing. Therefore less than 10 of these Elite riders showed up for the Indiana State Champ RR in Woodburn and were forced to race with the Cat3 for a joint $ race but with separate medals to be won. The race course was flat with a capital ‘F’ but the rain was falling which added the supposed Belgian-feel to the race. However there was little of a classic edge to the action as it took the character of a usual Cat3 race. For most of the event the trend was ‘attack, chase, catch, stop’ and repeat. However a couple of riders did slip away with about 20miles still to race and amazingly did not come back to the bunch. This is mostly due to the fact that teamwork was all but non-existent and that Naveen John (Sustainable Cycling- who had a teammate up the road) was single-handedly able to disrupt and frankly perplex any attempted chasers. All Naveen’s work was well worth it as his teammate eventually took the V. In a chaotic, ugly and messy bunch sprint it was race favorite Aaron Hubbell who emerged to win both the sprint and the Cat1/2 state title. However Aaron has been honest enough to admit that a ‘’ State Champ’ title shouldn’t count if 2guys from a higher/lower category beat you’. All in all it was a pretty damp frustrating day for most involved.
Aaron Hubbell takes the win with plenty to spare

It was also a small group that settled the overall Masters race with Bloomingtonite Chris Kroll working himself into the ground in order to stay away from the bunch and eventually win the sprint. That’s a big win for Chris who has been on good form recently, all apparently on less riding than in any other year! A small Womens group stuck together to the end of their race and in a final sprint it was an Alderfer Bergen lady who won ahead of Tortuga’s Chelsea Merta.
Kroll takes the title back to Bloomington- both photos by Kaleb Naegeli
Sadly there were a few nasty crashes in both Masters and Cat4/5 races so BVN hopes everyone recovers well. The next State Champs is up on August 14th in what will be an awesome evening of crit racing at Mass Ave.

Jul 26, 2010

HMBA Century- July 31st

A group will be leaving town EARLY on saturday AM to ride the HMBA Century that runs from Franklin to Bloomington and back. However we will be doing it in reverse, leaving the Sample Gates at 6am prompt, riding steady (18-20mph) to Franklin and then following the route back to Bloomington to finish at Revolution Bike and Bean. We ride to Franklin by the flattest/ fastest route so will not be taking in all the hills (SR45-Lick Creek- Morgantown-Franklin). It's a challenging fun ride and there is something very satisfying about riding 100mile before noon! Let me know if you're coming so we can wait for you (geraintparry75@gmail.com )


Some good performances from Bloomington riders at the Versailles DINO race this past sunday. Emily Benson (DRT) won the Womens Cat1 race whilst her teammate Andy Messer was second in the Mens main event. Nice work.

Giro Donne

This is painfully patriotic and it's very kitchy but it flags up the little known achievements of the US Womens race team that includes Sinead Miller, who is a MarianU student. Impressive work.

Forest TT

Forest 10mile TT Tuesday evening at 7pm in MMSF. Starts Forest Road at old37. Ride out from BGI at 6pm at fast pace.

Bucryus International- Superweek

This is old bit and written for another website but probably worth sharing- All Photos by the excellent Caitlin Coar

Round 12 of Superweek rolled into South Milwaukee for the first time the 42 year history of the event and it was Jonathan Cantwell (FlyV) who kept the foreign invasion in full effect as he rode again with the win. Only James Stemper (Kenda p/d Geargrinder) last Saturday at Schlitz Park and Cole House (BMC) at Whitnall Park have taken US victories during the superweek but sadly for the decent local crowd Cantwells win was never in doubt as he kicked hard away from his breakaway companions.
A thankfully cooler than usual day greeted a field of around 80 riders in the Bucyrus South Milwaukee Pro/1/2 race yet throughout the early exchanges nothing could get away from an attentive field. After six of the 20 allotted laps in these classically oh-so-long Superweek circuit races/crits a group of 10 riders slipped away and immediately built a solid gap on the relaxing field. Chris Uberti (Team Panther) and Eric Young (NUVO) then bridged across to the break that included Stefan Rothe, Heath Blackgrove (Hotel San Jose), Eric Hamilton (NUVO), Logan Loader (Lucemie Espoir Quimper), Lisban Quintero (CRCA Foundation), Brian McVey (Recycling p/b Ascension), Cantwell and the requisite dual visiting Germans Sebastian Frey (Team Beier) and Bastian Faltin (Stevens Racing). The break rolled together well and extended their lead to an insurmountable minute advantage with 8 laps to ride even though the peloton rode aggressively with splinter groups attempting to gain an upper hand throughout. During the penultimate lap and knowing he wouldn’t be winning any final sprint Blackgrove attacked went solo in search of victory. Sadly for the Kiwi it wasn’t to be and the group rolled through intact to take the bell. Hamilton put in a speculative attack on the first of two short climbs that made this circuit a challenging test. That too came to naught and Cantwell judged the long finishing straight to perfection, handily beating Loader and a fast finishing Young.

Despite being twice a winner in the past 3 days Cantwell expressed his relief on the podium at having secured another victory. Race announcer Eddy Van Guyse was very excited to introduce Eric Young in third position given their mutual affiliation with the famous Cutters dynasty of Little 500 bike racers at Indiana University. Over the past few days Aureloin Passeron (Garneau Club Chaussure) has clearly lost a little impetus but his early form allowed him to maintain the yellow jersey of overall leader and even slightly extend his advantage over Rene Birkenfeld (Stevens Racing).

Jul 22, 2010

IN State RR Champs

After dominating the IN State TT champs last weekend, it's time for Bloomington residents to make another trek up to Northern IN to take down the RR crown. Race on on a pan flat course that could be made hard by the wind. Register before the 23rd for the discount.

Jul 20, 2010

Cutters at Superweek

Here at Superweek Eric's Hamilton and Young took their next step in their evolution as bike racers as both made the big break of 12 riders together. Young sprinted for 3rd behind Johnathan Cantwell and Logan Loader. Hamilton finished in the top ten after attacking the crap out of the break on the final lap.

Surprise Move....

In a surprise move, IUSF have given ex-Cutter Clayton Feldman the opportunity to use his final year of eligibility for Little 500! However in order the spread the talent pool they have insisted that he ride for a different team. The recruitment has began...

WW and WWW.

6pm at the Gates. WW is the Buskirk-Fry Road-Circuit. Not sure what the ladies will be doing. As usual try and take it easy up the first hill on old37.

Whitnall Park- Superweek

Superweek rolled into Whitnall Park Milwaukee for the first of three consecutive road races but given it was a Monday afternoon the turnout was generally pretty disappointing. Your author rolled out with another 30 or so Cat3s and was feeling Ok until I got the double whammy of a double flat that determined that my race was over. The Pro/1/2 Womens race had a disappointing turnout of less than 20 riders but it appeared to be an aggressive race throughout.
Uberti in the break
The Pro/1/2 Men’s race rolled out with a healthy sized field of over 70 riders and the usual 100k distance ahead of them. The race was decided in the first 10miles when a powerful group of 12 riders rolled off the front as rain slicked up the roads. A second group for another 12 riders kept the distance to less than a minute for half the race but eventually had to drop back to the hard chasing field. The lead group worked well for the most part with Chris Uberti (Team Panther) keeping the pressure on with an attack with 10laps to go. The presence of Cole House (BMC), Karl Menzies (UHC), John Minturn (AXA), Heath Blackgrove (Hotel San Jose), Jim Stemper (Kenda) and Matt Rice (Bahati Foundation) gave the break some serious wattage and it was only in the last few laps when the cat and mouse started that Chad Hartley (Kenda) and Gavriel Epstein (CRCA Foundation) were able to jump across to the front on the final lap. In a very tight sprint it was House that took the win by inches from Menzies allowing the prediction he made at the registration table to come to fruition. An impressive ride from the youngster who shows continued progress toward a European P-R-O career and will be a man to watch in the coming week.

Jul 16, 2010

TT, crit, dirt, rain

Plenty going on his weekend as we all deal with Bloomington-crit withdrawal.

If you fancy riding 150miles across the state as >10.7mph then RAIN is the event for you. Organized by the Bloomington Bike Club with mid-summer classic sees racers and tourists and far too occasional riders attempting to nagivate across the state.

The DRT consulting MTB race advertised for last week (by BVN) is actually this weekend out at BCSP.

It's the Indiana STate TT Champs in New Haven on Sunday. Locals Shanahan and Hamilton will be battling for the title whilst Rodkey is one of the favorites for the Cat3 crown. 40k, no waiting.

The Crit season moves to Ohio for a couple of good money races in Troy and Miamisburg. The cash brings out some good fields so get over there. NUVO has dominanted on home soil in recent weeks but it remains to be seen whether they can step it up across the border!

And throughout the next week 'Superweek' continues in the Chicagoland/ Milwaukee area. Plenty of expensive yet exciting racing to be had up there with a big crit in Evanston on Sunday and then three circuit races on monday-wednesday before 4 crits to finish. BVN will be headed up to do some racing so look out for some reports from the front-lines of 'weekend warrior vs aspiring P-R-O racing'- the Cat3s!

Jul 15, 2010

WWW recap

Mens WW- I flatted and the group of Knapp, Young, Golas and Hamilto rolled off the front to contest the finish. Not sure the two incidents are related.

Kent Berglund submitted a report for what sounds like a fun inaugural WWW-

What a fantastic ride...To all the ladies who kicked my ass, I salute you: Pam, Randi, Katie, Mandy, Liz,and a couple of names that escape me. For someone attempting to get back in shape, North shore is a bete noir. I would have never made it without the kindness of the ladies, as well as the good fortune of having T-Cox driving the auto-bus. At one point in my minds eye I thought that I might have the privilege (approx 4 pm) but found that I was gassed by the cruelty of Northshore. There was a reason I had blown that road off for many a year.

In any event the action started on the first hill on Robinson with an attack by Pam on a hill that Randi hates (she related later that she had planned to go at the top of the hill if no one had started the festivities earlier)and the battle was duly joined. There had been some previous discussion about a change in course (ala the reverse forest loop) but as we passed that opportunity (I was personally in favor, as North Shore was in my mind a hill to far) I was on Pam's wheel, she being tĂȘte de la course, when she signified that we were gonna assault that demon.

Personally speaking, I blew up at least 14 times on North Shore and have nothing but mad props for the ladies who were soft pedaling ahead trying to keep the group together on that treacherous road. My last significant effort was the lead out to the trevlac hill, at which point I suggested that we would meet somewhere on south shore ( wishful thinking in the extreme...I blew up several times while Tom was driving the auto-bus, including an embarrasing dismount shortly after the southshore hill got steep.

I had to walk up the remainder of the hill, and have promised that the two nice tortuga fellows that inquired about my situation would never say a word.

Finding the ladies that kicked my ass rolling backwards through Dolan to re-group made my day in ways that I can't explain. At one point, Pam says something about how this might have been the nicest ride ever, Randi, chimes in about how nice it was to be able to attack, which would not necessarily occur during a garden variety WNW.

I agree with them both. I might have enjoyed the best ride of my life today.

Extra special thanks for Tom Cox. The auto-bus saved Those of us in the remainder.

As far as results are concerned, Pam beat Randi in the sprint, though she was willing to asterisk the victory as Randi and Liz waited for them at the top of South Shore ( feel free to correct! ).

In any event I am pleased to have witnessed a certain portion of the race and have little difficulty in having my ass handed to me by such a fine assortment of ladies.

/tip of the hat

Jul 14, 2010


From Randi Cox- For you runners or friends of runners out there I wanted to flag up the Race2Recovery which is an event happening in Brownsburg IN this coming Saturday. It benefits the Bret Neylon Paralysis Foundation. For those that don't know, Bret was a racing cyclist who was paralyzed in a terrible crash at a race in Ohio a few years ago. He is confined to a wheelchair but returned to be the track and field coach at Brownsburg High School and is an example to many regarding what is possible with support and willpower. Check out the details here and please pass them on to anyone who may be interested.

If I ride...

A friend of BVNs has ridden for a couple of days in succession and has got all emotional about biking. However this vid has a good message!

WW- forest/NS/SS

It's gonna be a hot one out there today but I'm sure you're tough enough! Wednesday Worlds meet at Sample Gates at 6pm. Route is Forest-North Shore- South Shore with the finish on Robinson Rd. Lets take it easy/ neutral up the first climb on old37 but after that it's every man for himself and I can write that without sexism given the genesis of WWW (see below).

Jul 13, 2010

Forest TT- 07/13/10

Another great turnout at the forest this evening including a very encouraging number of ladies. Ryan Shanahan set the 2010 top time and got within 7sec of the record with a rapid 20.52, showing he's right on track for State TT glory this coming weekend. Fred Rose and Chris Beck PRed whilst Erik Hamilton lifted the leg a little and rolled in at 21.56, oh to be able to do that!

Name, Time
  • Ryan Shanahan, 20.52
  • Fred Rose, 21.29
  • Erik Hamilton, 21.56
  • Adam Rodkey, 23.01
  • Brett Stewart, 23.14
  • Chris Beck, 23.38
  • Chris West, 24.28
  • Jake Tudorica, 24.49
  • Ren-jay Shei, 24.54
  • RJ Half, 25.00
  • Tom Cox, 25.00
  • Paul Levy, 25.19
  • Team Big Drumm Cox, 25.47
  • Dan Carson, 26.07
  • Geraint Parry, 26.18
  • Jason Urbanski, 26.54
  • Tatiana Kolovou, 27.01
  • Louisa Raisbeck, 27.52
  • Rachel Fulmer, 28.14
  • Kent Berglund, 28.30
  • Chelsea Sanders, 28.38
  • Nick Panozzer, 28.42
  • Claire Troutman, 29.25
  • Ashley Pilipiszyn, 29.48
  • Emily Palmer, 30.15


Bloomington Crit Pro/1/2 from rinnie boi on Vimeo.

Womens Wednesday Worlds

First there was wednesday worlds, then there was cross-worlds now there's Womens Wednesday Worlds (WWW). Randi Cox and Pam Loebig will be leading a group out of town for anyone who wishes to do a ladies-only ride, where the route may or may not follow the 'regular worlds'. Meet at the usual time of 6pm at the Sample Gates. Should be good training for the increasing number of ladies that have been showing up forn the ride.

Forest TT this evening!

7pm in Morgan Monroe State Forest Rd. 10mile out and back course. Riders every 30sec. A group rolls out of the rear of BGI at 6pm. Use this as an vital form and position tweaker ahead of the IN State TT champs on Sunday.

Jul 12, 2010

Other results

Bachelor Cyclocross

Lawrence Village at the Fort Criterium Race- NUVO again!

NUVOnation in Bloomington

It was all NUVO all the time in the Bloomington crit (results) as the Indy based team brought the full team and dominated all aspects of the Pro/1/2/3 race. The race started aggressively with Erik Hamilton taking the first two primes and after 10minutes the race was essentially decided as a powerful group of five rolled off the front. NUVO were represented by the Bloomington Eric/ks Young and Hamilton whilst Steve Broglio (Verizon Masters), Jason Fowler (Zipp) and Kevin Vanes (unattached) made up the remainder of the break and they worked together well with Hamilton taking some monster pulls to ensure its ultimate success. Eric Young took the mid race $75 prime before the break lapped the field. Two other NUVOians jumped away from a docile field (Jonathan Jacob and Weston Luzzader) to take 6th and 7th places. In the finale NUVO sat on the front for the final 5 laps with current state crit champ Aaron Hubbell leading out of final corner to allow Eric Young to win both the field sprint and therefore the race. Steve Broglio put up a fantastic fight to finish 2nd with Jason Fowler in third. Ryan Knapp and Mike Sherer battling like crazy all race to try and pull back the break and were scantly rewarded with 8th and 9th. Arguably the best moments of the day were a head-to-head sprint for a $20 prime between Young and Sherer and also the latter securing the much-coveted Kilroys gift card.
NUVO start to set up the sprint
The developing sprint. Knapp (L), Hubbell (C), Young (R), Sherer (yellow helmet far R)
Winner- photo by Chelsea Merta
A very encouraging field of 28 women took to the line resulting in an aggressive and entertaining race. The field was whittled down through constant accelerations due to many primes on offer that were mostly won by Ashley James (Team Kenda). No breakaways were successful so it came down to a large sprint between approx 12 riders. Sydney Hatten (Nebo Ridge) led the majority of the last few laps and yet it took a major effort from Bri Kovac (Alderfer Bergen) to overcome her by half a bike length on the line. Marilyn Hartman (Texas Roadhouse) and Pam Loebig (Alderfer Bergen) rounded out the top 4.
Hatten leading Kovac and Loebig- photo by Chelsea Merta
In the other races the well-drilled Papa Johns squad took gave Curtis Tolson an armchair ride to the final corner from where he finished off the Masters race with some ease over a ZIPP duo of Mike Sherman and Brian Gavette.
One of the highlights of the day was the first lap Kilroys prime sprint between Baxter Burnworth (Alderfer Bergen) and Zach Lusk (Dogfish) in the Cat3/4 race. Naveen John and his Sustainable Cycling team-mates took control of this race with John leading for the last 4 laps enablingly team-mates Cody Hardley and Blake Voges to claim the top two positions.
Naveen John dominated the Cat3/4 race
There were a LOT (65) Cat3/4s- photo by Chelsea Merta
An impressive 50+ riders started the Cat4/5 race and it was an aggressive race that rapidly culled the field. Ultimately Greg Fraze took the inevitable bunch sprint over IU Phi Psi Miles Johnson.
All Photos unless stated by Brian Drummy

Jul 8, 2010

Other racing..

There are other races out there on Sunday this coming weekend...

The DRT-Consulting MTB series continues with a point-to-point race in BCSP.

There is a Monrovia 40km TT

A crit in Indianapolis promoted by Planet Adventure although looking at the pre-reg list I'd say with so many other options people aren't so motivated to race for $0 in the lower categories. Now of course none of us race for the money but even I like to know that if there's a big wreck and I happen roll across the line in 1st there might be a little $ for it!

Register for Bloomington Crit NOW!

On-line registration ends tomorrow morning at 10am so get registered TODAY. Your late fee doesn't go toward prizes and Team Tortuga doesn't benefit from it so it's all wasted money if you don't sign up early.
The champagne is approaching ice, the weather is set fair and it will be a fantastic day of racing in our cozy little town!

Jul 7, 2010

Nashville 90 Saturday

Anyone wanting to get out for a pre-crit nashville 90 with the BBC read on-
-This Saturday is the Nashville 90, a favorite of the club, and it looks like the weather is going to cooperate. No rain in the forecast and highs in the mid-80's. Allan Edmonds advises that the bridge on 45 between Beanblossom and Helmsburg is still under construction, so anyone who wants to extend the ride by going over Bear Wallow and coming into Beanblossom from the east should be aware of that. He said they were able to get through the bridge on Monday because there was no work in progress, but who knows what will be happening Saturday. I'll bring maps but feel free to print your own. See you at 8 Saturday at Bryan Park Pool Parking Lot!

WW recap

Not much to report from the roads of the 446 circuit this evening. A solid average of 26.5mph but no super hard attacks as Erik Hamilton was taking it easy and P-R-O Guy East sat at the back observing like some local biking deity! Chris Kroll gave himself a hard time as he tapers into the Bloomington Crit and Fred Rose was, as ever, ever present at the front. With a lap to go Hamilton sat on the front and reacted to any attempt at an attack, turned it on after the final turn and led out Eric Young for the win! Only time will tell if it is a portent for the upcoming Bloomington Crit.
Eric Young winning a smaller race last weekend (from Caitlin Coar)

Jul 6, 2010

Bloomington CX race?

It's kinda sunk under the radar but there is a cyclocross race being organized by Rapid-Running on Friday night at Bachelor Middle School in Bloomington. There is not a very healthy turnout at pre-registration but I have heard a few people saying they are planning on racing. I guess people might be waiting for others to sign up but is anyone out there planning on racing?

Wednesday Worlds- 446 circuit

What better warm-up for the Bloomington Crit than tackling the 446 circuit! 6pm at the Sample gates, 6.30p out at the circuit.

Collegiate Track Champs

Collegiate Track Champs takes place in Indianapolis this year between Sept 23rd-25th. It would be great to have a strong representation from IU and as it is so close to home it would be kinda embarrassing if there wasn't! A few people have started racing on the track at Major Taylor and even if you have never ridden the opportunity still exists to take the final track clinic of the year in July. Details can be found here. It's worth doing as it can come down to to a numbers game and often more riders can better your institutions chance! If you have any questions about track racing then contact me or even better Eric Young (egy@indiana.edu) or Chris West (westc@indiana.edu) as those guys will be racing.

Jul 5, 2010

Superweek Registration

The two week festival of cycling that is Superweek (PDF FLyer)kicks off on friday in Chicago and then travels up into WI for many of the later races. Although no-one in their right mind would choose Superweek over the Bloomington Crit the later races might hold some appeal for the Indiana racer. Even though Superweek ends on July 25th the early registration deadline for even those races ends tomorrow, July 6th. The races are pretty expensive anyway (RRs are $40+ yet the Cat 3 payout is worse than Bloomington Crit) but after tomorrow it goes up by another $6. Therefore if you know you're gonna race I'd get in and enter now to save a little $.

Bton Crit Payouts

We made the decision to go deep in the payouts at the Bloomington Crit this year so as to give plenty of people the change to win some cash.

Womens/ Masters-
$350/7- 110-70-55-40-30-25-20

Mens 3/4-
$600/10- 140-90-80-70-60-50-40-30-20-20

$1450/15- 380-230-140-110-100-90-80-70-60-50-40-30-30-20-20

Plenty of prime's sprinkled throughout the races merchandise and $.


We're looking for volunteers to help out with corner marshalling. Two shifts between 4-6.30 and then 6.30-9p. Free T-shirts for all helpers and you can do it alone or with a friend. Please let me know if you can help make the race as great as it always is. geraint.parry75@gmail.com

Jul 4, 2010

Last day for Cheap Sign-up

Last day is July 5th for cheaper sign up for Bloomington crit. $30 at the moment but $35 after and then $40 on the day of race. Register here NOW!

Jul 1, 2010

Holiday Racing

It's somewhat unusual for there to be so much racing over the 'holiday weekend' but there's action to be had on road and dirt.

Saturday 3rd- Marion Classic. Not an NRC and a limited number of race options but still a decent payout
Sunday 4th- Firecracker 50. Interesting new race using part of the O'Reilly speedway.

All weekend- DINO racing at Muscatatuck Park, Short track and long course

TdF Velogames

I have set up a BVN mini-league on Velogames for the Tour day France. The details are-
League Name: BVN
League Code: 01132545

Got to Velogames.com to sign up. It's free and fun. Inexplicably I didn't win the Giro game so will be back and gunning for Erik Hamilton this time around.