Jul 29, 2010


The big road race in the Midwest this weekend is the Tour of Elk Grove up in the Chicago suburb of the same name. A few Bloomingtonites will be heading up there so look out for those results. Slightly closer to home is the PArkview Cycling Festival in Fort Wayne on saturday for which pre-registration ends this evening. These guys look to be putting on a great little event but if you've done the TT and RR champs then a third weekend in Fort Wayne may be too much to take!

Sunday seeing duelling criteriums in Indianapolis and some rather amusing trash talking by the two promotors. However at the time of writing the offensive prose has been removed from Truesport but suffice to say neither organizer was complimentary about the others event.
The Zionsville GP is a local favorite that tackles the brick main street whilst the Lawrence Crit on the east side of the city is a new race organized by Rapid Running. As I won't be racing I won't give an opinion of either event but in $ terms there'll be more cash on offer at Lawrence IF people show up to race whilst there is a weak payout at Zionsville that is at least guaranteed.

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