Jul 28, 2010

Forest TT- 7/27/10

Bloomington is awesome! Where else in a little Midwestern town do you get over 40 riders out on a muggy evening to race 10 hard miles? Even better than that was that half the riders were female! First WWW and now the Forest Ladies TT!
However none of this could overshadow Ryan Shanahan who set a new course record with a fiery 20.38!! The seven-second beating of the old record can be chalked up to some great form and a few extra aero pieces! It’ll take a real special effort to beat that considering that only two guys have gone under 21.00 (Issac Neff being the other rider with 20.59). There is also a growing trend for TTTs with three difference teams tackling the course sharing the pain with a buddy! Kaleb Naegeli is leaving town next week so it was good to see him finally taking things seriously on a TT bike and setting a PR- his good nature will be missed around town. The mysterious ‘Raymond’ rode with toe-straps but set a remarkable 25.57 whilst Amy Dickman rode her inaugural TT and set a promising time. However the final word must as ever go to the Cutters. Kevin Depasse is a new recruit for 2011 and comes in rocking a 24.28 with no aero equipment…..you have been warned! Thanks to Kristen Metherd for timing on the busiest day we’ve seen out at MMSF.

Name, Time
Ryan Shanahan 20.38
Jordan Bailey 22.05
Jonathan Atwell 22.47
Ren-jay Shei 22.52
Chris Beck 22.53
Kaleb Naegeli 23.38
Team Double Cox 24.05
Markus Naegeli 24.08
Bob Costello 24.17
Kevin Depasse 24.28
Chris West 24.32
Mike Kaufman 24.33
Jake Tudorica 24.41
Ryan Preske 24.47
Sarah Sanders 25.03
RJ Half 25.11
Raymond 25.57
John Murray 26.07
Team WWWW 26.20
Carey Wagoner 26.21
Kirk Weesner 26.24
Stephen Quay 26.29
Tatiana Kolovou 26.44
Team No Cox 27.05
Amy Dickman 27.34
Nick Panozoo 27.44
Melinda Balchan 28.10
Rachel Fullmer 28.28
Kent Berglund 28.34
Jeff Yoder 28.43
Chelsea Merta 29.15
Mandy Brothers 29.46
Ashley P 29.47
Emily Palmer 30.27
Claire Troutman 30.50
Abigail Legg 31.09


Jordan Bailey said...

Awesome job Ryan! You're a machine.

Anonymous said...

Dude i think you just beat Lance in his final Tour TT. Nice job!!


Colin Allen said...

and recorded for posterity, as usual, at http://colinallen.dnsalias.org/cgi-bin/mmtt.cgi