Feb 27, 2011

IUCC Wednesday Ride

From IUCC:

In light of the fact that Collegiate racing has started, for those who would like to get some harder efforts in, the following ride is on this week:

Early Wednesday "Worlds" Training Ride
Wednesday, March 2nd
4:00pm at the Sample Gates
Plan on ~2 hours with some race-like efforts and pacelines, course TBD

Feb 26, 2011

They Might be Giants

A small but robust gruppo compacto of 10 met at the Bakehouse at 11am today for a Zone 2 ride. A few teams were represented in this ‘friendly’; participants included Fred, Tom, Jason and Liz from the new Scholars Inn Bakehouse program, veterans Wes from Speedway and Mark (dad of Nick) from Gray Goat. Chicago transplant Hannah from Pegasus was there and a guest from Indy came along, Chris. Also, local pros Guy East (Kelly Benefits) and Ryan Knapp (Panther) rolled out with us, sometimes pulling for miles into the wind, chatting casually side by side, as we sat in behind them two by two. We could only imagine what they were discussing; Belgian attacks and epic solo rides to victory, while we worried about the dishes or the laundry waiting for us at home.

It was 33 and overcast when we left and headed out of town. An earlier check of the weather indicated a high of 41 today with slight winds out of the south. We never got to experience that rise though as the cloud cover stayed with us as we headed south to the flashers on 58. At one point, near the county line it began to sleet a bit. Despite the cold temperatures, however, you can tell that there is something in the air and that the racing season is upon us. A few collegians are racing this weekend at Lindsay Wilson and we should be hearing results soon. Some are at ‘training camps’ far south of Bloomington. For those of us left behind, we know the importance of getting in the miles, or riding the rollers and sticking to our plans. Without this early preparation we know that lining up at the early season events of Louisville or Lexington or Hillsboro may end up being expensive training rides instead of possible podium finishes.

Tomorrow is supposed to be in the 60s. There’s a rumor that several riders are planning to visit from Indianapolis and elsewhere. I would recommend that you shave your legs and head on over to the Bakehouse for an 11 am ride-and get ready for a spirited ride!

seen on a ride today...

35miles and plenty to see in Bridgend and district...
Ducks and pond.
No parking?
My 'Elementary/ Primary' School
Mostly horseshit

Feb 23, 2011


I am sure a lot of people are wondering what is going to happen to BVN now that Geraint is gone. Do not fear! The blog will continue to keep everyone in the loop concerning cycling in Bloomington. Things are definitely going to change but hopefully not for the worse. There is no way myself or my fellow contributors can ever match Geraint in terms of wit or unbiased reporting of the cycling community but I promise to try my hardest.

Geraint will be sorely missed and I think we will all finally realize how much he meant to the community here now that he has flown on to do great things in Liverpool. However, he is still the end all be all administrator of this blog and his twitter feed will be up so we can all stay up to date and what he is up to across the Atlantic.

I would love feedback and how I am doing and as always feel free to comment!

We can never come close to replacing GP but I will try my best to keep this blog running true to form.

Feb 22, 2011

Back home again (but not in Indiana)..

Tenuous link to Bloomington but the 2011 Little 5 bike did make a trip around my home town. For all you Americans this is what we saw...
The bridge that gives Bridgend its name
A Bridgend high street (Adare street for those that know)
Church now a pub...
Just like my old home...kinda
Proper chips
Church and adjacent Castle that I attended as a youth
Ysgol Gyfun Bryntirion- my 'high' school
View of Pen-y-fai, the village where my parents live
The ride back to Pen-y-fai from the school

Local Church
Local pub, The Pheasant!
And relax with the 'Comic' (Cycling Weekly) even though the pint was >$6
At home with the 2011 Schwinn!

Feb 21, 2011

Final Thoughts...

Sadly your usual BVN will not be able to pontificate about Little 500 in April so as the season kicks off it's worth assessing where the teams are. Not a great deal of things have changed since the early lines last September but this is always good for some debate so....

Little 500 odds

Mens race April 16th 2011.
Cutters 2/1 fav (3/2 in september). Eric Young remains undoubtedly the class of the field but the race day experience of Schroeder will be missed. Depasse looks like a Young clone and the battle between him, Walsh, Harbison and Lusk for the remaining places will keep things internally competitive through the spring. Knowing more about preparation the team puts in, it is no wonder they are gunning for 5 in a row.
DTD- 5/1 (10/1)- Seem like a cohesive unit with new quality supplementing veteran quality. Coudright looks lean and could ride more laps than in previous years. After two years in contention they are developing a team that knows how to compete.
PDT- 5/1 (7/1)- Have at least 5 riders who are going strong which represents good internal competition. West is way stronger than last year and Sharp will find his form through the spring. Their attitude in finishing second in 2010 shows they won't be satisfied with any less than the W.
Gray Goat 6/1 (7/1)- Seem to be taking the next step in their preparation by utilizing the benefits of the moto and are hungry to reach the podium. Holthouse and Kiel seem to be riding well on the road and have the track experience to be significant players.
Sigma Chi 6/1 (13/2)- Morrow and Fish are a dangerous double act and they have a group of rookies that are clearly in pretty good shape. With the Dean at the helm then they shouldn't make the error of last year and he knows how the ride and win this race.
Beta 7/1 (11/2)- Anonymous through the winter and rumors of Green's dedication might hurt their challenge but have the talent to compete for the win.
Hoosier Climber 8/1 (14/1)- Clambered into being serious players with the acquisition of Smallman who seems to have brought good road form onto the track. As a former IU Varsity athlete he has the competitive-drive to succeed.
FiJI- 8/1 (8/1)- I got nothing, wouldn't recognize any of their riders if I bumped into them on the street.
CRU cycling 9/1 (-)- A great fall series has put this growing program on the map. Seemingly very organized with a good hunger to succeed. Might surprise some people on race day.
BKB 12/1 (12/1)- Very quiet recently but may come strong to the track after a good winter training camp.
Phi Psi 14/1 (12/1)- Once again somewhat of a mystery team and will suffer having just one rider with race day experience. Top 5 would be a great result.
The field 20/1- Difficult to see anyone else challenging for the win...prove me wrong!

Womens Little 500- April 15th 2011

Teter 3/2 fav (2/1)- With CvK, Gowdy, Laurie and competition for the final place this team is set for both 2011 and the future. Since 2004 has built a pedigree only rivaled by the Cutters. Expect big things from CvK in her final race.
DG 4/1 (6/1)- Coach Half has the girls pointed in the correct direction and by all account have rookies that are amongst the best. Kent will be one of the top ITTers but can she win the big race for the team?
Pi Phi 6/1 (8/1)- Brown is motivated and has much more support than last year. As in 2010 she will be the individual to watch and is as talented as anyone else on the track.
Wing It 7/1 (9/1)- The program seems to be developing nicely with good results in the Fall series. Unlike the Hewitt year they have strength throughout and with the resources at their disposal should come out of the winter in good form.
Theta 8/1 (12/1)/ Dickman and Metherd have got their rookies in good shape for the start of track practice. The rookie MnO winner Chelminiak looks well adapted for the track. Will be in contention for the top 5.
Army 8/1 (6/1)- Have a fun group of riders and have been putting out solid results at the Marian indoor TTs. In the 4th year as a contending team so need to make the take the next step onto the podium....good luck required....
AGD 9/1 (5/1)- Balchan might prove to be the fastest rider on the track but will she have the support she needs to compete for the win? Perhaps an alliance with Pi Phi could benefit both teams...
Kappa 10/1 (10/1)- The Fiji of the girls. Aside from RC member Sauter, BVN has no clue of their form aside from knowing they had, as ever, a good winter training trip.
The field 20/1- Overall a lesser number of teams that can compete for the win than in the Mens race but it is still always a fun time!

Feb 19, 2011

Getting rid...

Am looking to get rid of some stuff tomorrow..
58cm Lemond Chambery frame- pretty beat up but is in ridable shape so still useful as a 'beta' frame. $75 obo.
56cm Fuji Provence frame. Ridden maybe 10 times (too small for me) so is in mint condition. $150 obo.
I also have some wheels to give away (free). They are pretty much all out of true and not great quality but if anyone wants to take them to get trued or for just the hub come and get them tomorrow afternoon after 3pm at 630 Hillside Drive.

Feb 17, 2011

Bloomington Sponsors lining up....

Sustainable Cycling, the mostly Cat3 team out of Columbus IN, has raided a quality Bloomington business to be their title sponsor in 2011. It is none other than Upland Brewery, who have already been involved with the touring side of biking, that are stepping up their involvement on the racing side of things. The team was historically been made up of Purdue students and affiliates but this year will have some Bloomington representation as Chris West and Michael Schroeder are 'signed-up' for 2011. It'll be fun to see them compete and yet ultimately have their doors blown off by Team Scholars Inn Bakehouse. Press Release here.

Feb 16, 2011


This is pretty cool, made by a (ex-) team-mate of Ryan Knapp and does feature some Panther gear as dudes cruise around Girona. Get over there and ride!

Feb 15, 2011

Track is Open...

...and at least on the Women's side it seems very popular! Lotsa rookies riding in the dark!

Feb 14, 2011

Great Weekend!

This past weekend encapsulated all that is great about Bloomington: lovely spring weather, fantastic routes, a huge active bike community, some fun bars and of course, lots of pretty girls.
GP and the Teter girls (photo- Miles Johnson)
Over 50 riders showed up at the Samples Gates for the Devils Backbone ride which I will take a testament to my ideals of inclusivity. There were boys and girls, Little 5ers and grizzled veterans, Pros and rookies! Thanks to teams Teter, Cutters, Gray Goat and PDT who can out en masse- it was a fantastic site to look back and see a 25 person double line snaking out of town. We were blessed with the best weather day in months, relatively light traffic and weirdly no flats for the entire ride! The stars were clearly aligned! The ride proceeded pretty steadily but at a good pace that just required a little pushing for a few on the causeway hill. A long and ultimately foolish leadout to the Lawrence County sign by Sherer and Cox meant at least I won one thing on the day. At Flashers/Heltonville a group of maybe 15 turned for home whilst others proceeded to roads less travelled. A couple of hills and slightly higher pace put a few of us in trouble but we were mostly together as we received the Devil Backbone history lesson from Tom Cox! It was on the next series of rollers toward Leesville where the wheels started to come off. I had the beginnings of cramp but it was Aaron Knapp, on his longest ride in years, who had a full-scale blow up as he tried and failed to get out of the saddle! Kaboom!
Y'know i could call my bro....
A refueling at Leesville was a bonanza for the local store and the pace was a little more subdued for a few miles out of town. On arrival back to sr446 the large group stopped for a brief bathroom break whilst a trailing group of Knapp, Cox, Sherer, Chartier et al kept rolling through to keep Aarons legs moving. However this precipitated a chase from those that stopped where all but two of us made the group. I was burning matches rapidly in the effort but came nowhere near the group, which was a little disappointing. To get dropped is an accepted part of riding but not being in the group to have the chance to get dropped is another entirely. However it was not a surprising turn of events and apparently the ‘top guys’ on this social ride were Rose, West, Rodkey…..
At the less sharp end of things I failed to lift myself out of the saddle and had a nice 5minute sit at the side of the road as my cramps subsided! Eventually we got rolling and the three invalids, Knapp, Hess and I were kindly paced home by Palmer, Pilling, Chartier, Cox and Sherer. All in all a great ride and special credit to CvK and Mindi who rode with the boys all day. This was clearly hunger-inducing work for CvK who took advantage of the free breadsticks on offer at College Mall!
An early healthier refuelling option
A quick wash and nap before the important part of the day where it was great to see so many bikers out enjoying themselves at Nicks. Thanks (I think) to Drummy for taking photos and congrats to him for stealing answers from the scientists to win the GP-quiz! Thanks to all who came out to make it a great night!
The PRO table
The weather was even better on Sunday and I was pleased to be A, alive and B, be able to help out with the IUCC Womens training race. I doubt anywhere in the world has such a healthy female riding population and there were at least 20riders who came out to compete on two mini-races on 446. After some aggressive racing CvK and Lauren from Teter were 1st and 2nd in the fast downhill sprint (after an awesome leadout ;) while Mindi won the second race to the top of the causeway. Teter were of course riding strongly, as were the Theta rookies, Amy and Kristin have done a great job motivating them into shape! Overall a great sign for IUCC, now Sinead Miller and Kaitlin Antonneau await….
Thanks to all who participated in the weekend, it truly was a great time and made me even sadder to be leaving town!

Feb 11, 2011

Job at BGI

From Bob Holahan-

BGI is looking to hire salespeople and/or mechanics.


We are looking for cyclists who need a job and want to work in a bike shop, retail bike shop experience not necessary, but must be an active cyclist and enjoy interacting with people.

Feb 10, 2011

The I'm not dead yet ride (not a memorial).

To celebrate the fact my ill-informed opinions will be getting out of town I'd hope to get a group together to tackle the Devil Backbone ride on Saturday. A lack of trainer and road time for me will mean the pace will be slow and steady BUT do consider it is still an 80mile ride so plan accordingly. The weather looks set fair but we'll be out there a long time. We'll head out 446 so please come on out for a shorter out and back if that is more appropriate for you. Meet at 11am at the SAMPLE GATES.

Feb 8, 2011

Best non-L5 riders 2002-present...

A long list of contenders for this most coveted of titles! Lots of guys have either gone on from L5 to good road/track/cycloX/MTB careers or just been inspired by living in Bloomington and Little 500 community. This list includes road/ track achievements both during and after their time in Bloomington (even if during their time here they weren’t that special).

Notable omissions
Erik Hamilton (11th), Issac Neff, Kevin Vanes, Keith Leonard, Rob Rhamy, Chris Vargo

10. Craig Leukens
Kept racing after a HoF Little 500 career and was National Collegiate Road Champ when at Yale. Had most success riding for the TargetTraining team out of the Northeast. Could have been an even bigger talent on the road if not held a little back by the Cat 2 rule that meant he couldn’t upgrade early.

9. Josh Weir
Controversial when riding Little 500 for TMT, but a top quality track racer who had ambitious of representing the US at the Olympics. Hasn’t been in the results for the past few years but those who ever raced with him always described him as a ‘beast’.
8. Jean-Luc Serriere
Mainly raced as a mountain biker and can win DINO races seemingly at will. An incredible talent and I probably missed his strongest days. Super classy on the bike, looked like the real deal and had the engine to ride with anyone.

7. Michael Kehrberg

Cat 1 as an 18yo but quit racing by 25! One of the strongest Midwest guys who went national when riding for the Subway Pro team. Got to ride San Francisco GP and finish Philly. Didn’t feel like suffering for a living with no financial reward so quit whilst he was ahead. As an IU freshman rode again from the group on my first 446 wednesday worlds with teammate Keith Leonard, prompting me to wonder ‘who the hell is that kid’?
6. Ryan Knapp
Solid roadman for Team Panther who can always to relied upon to snare a top 8 position to keep the money men happy! Excelled as a crosser who now has national acclaim riding for Bikereg.com and following a stint suffering in the Belgium mud. Has the right attitude with realistic goals but the Bloomington Crit is the BIG ambition for the 2011 road season.
5. Bennett VDG
Bloomington local who had a stellar Collegiate career at Cumberland, IU and Marian where he was track omnium champ as a senior. Rode a year for the Kenda Pro team and was a top lead out man. Decided to give it up for similar reasons to Kehrberg, knowing that it would be a hard job to succeed in.
4. Eric Young
Bloomington BMOC as the star of the Cutter Little 500 team. Smashed in on the rod and track in the latter half of 2010 and secured a pro contract with the Bissell team. A fearless sprinter who worked out how to stay upright to take big wins at Elk Grove and big results at Gateway Cup and Superweek. A pro contract is the next step and we’re all intrigued to see how far he can go! Most parochial Little 500 riders have no idea what it takes it finish third in a 60mile Superweek Crit and will find out to their cost in April.
3. Mike Sherer
After a solid Little 500 career kept it rolling to slowly improve in 2 seasons of road racing before having a great 2010 for Verizon Wireless. A podium at the NRC Tour de Grove, a top 5 overall at ToAD and a 4th in an 80mile superweek circuit all secured a ride for the Kelly Benefits Strategies PRO team in 2011. With a little more ordered training Sherer should take another step up but will have less opportunity to sprint for himself than will Eric Young.
2. Guy East
Recent Bloomington transplant who has been a monster track racer all through the 2000s highlighted with a win in the U23 Euro 6day circuit in 2009. On the road has hung with Big Tex on Trek-Livestrong and also for Kelly Benefits where he mostly rode as a team player without ever extending himself. Made a good life of racing international stage races and taking in the local culture. Shame he’s never truly thrown it down at WW! Taking a sabbatical in 2011 but will remain the prettiest guy on a bike in the area. Check out this video of Guy from IndyTV

1. Rashaan Bahati

A national celebrity as a previous US crit champ and winner of numerous big crits. Lived in Bloomington briefly as part of the Major Taylor group whilst an undergrad at IU. Rashaan preceded Eric Young by 8 years as Collegiate track points race winner and finished third in the Collegiate crit champs (first in the bunch kick) in the year when IU should have won the national title (with Kehrberg and Wangerin). No one looks classier on the bike and importantly was one of People magazines 50 most eligible bachelors in 2004. Founded his own racing team last year that unfortunately went to the wall after half a year but remains the man to beat in crits as is never afraid to put his bike where it probably ought not be! A dream would be to see Bahati pull onto Kirkwood with Young and Sherer in the wheel on the final lap of the Bloomington crit…..

Feb 3, 2011

Start training harder IU As....

You'll be racing against this guy soon enough...

Feb 2, 2011

L5 in the news

IDS articles on Alpha Xi Delta and CRU Cycling.

Rookie week starts next week...the most wonderful time of the year is back!

Feb 1, 2011

Cyclocross Season

For all you cyclocross hater out there...the major events of the 2011 season have been published! It never ends.....(highlighted Midwestern races)
2011-12 U.S. UCI Cyclocross Calendar
* Nittany Lion Cross 9.10.11 Breinigsville, PA C2
* CrossVegas 9.14.11 Las Vegas, NV C1
* StarCrossed 9.17.11 Redmond, WA C2
* Charm City Cross 9.17.11 Baltimore, MD C2
* Rad Racing GP 9.18.11 Issaquah, WA C2
* Catamount Grand Prix 9.18.11 Williston, VT C2
* Charm City Cross 9.18.11 Baltimore, MD C2
* Gateway Cross Cup 9.21.11 St. Louis, MO C2
* USGP of Cyclocross Planet Bike Cup 9.24.11 Sun Prairie, WI C1
* The Nor Easter Cyclo-cross at Loon Mountain 9.24.11 Lincoln, NH C2
* Rohrbach’s Ellison Park Cyclocross 9.25.11 Rochester, NY C2
* USGP of Cyclocross Planet Bike Cup 9.25.11 Sun Prairie, WI C2
* Gran Prix of Gloucester 1 10.1.11 Gloucester, MA C1
* Gran Prix of Gloucester 2 10.2.11 Gloucester, MA C2
* USGP of Cyclocross Fort Collins Cup 10.8.11 Fort Collins, CO C1
* Providence Cyclo-cross 10.8.11 Providence, RI C1
* Providence Cyclo-cross 10.9.11 Providence, RI C2
* USGP of Cyclocross Fort Collins Cup 10.9.11 Fort Collins, CO C2
* Granogue Cross 10.15.11 Wilmington, DE C2
* Spooky Cross 10.15.11 Irvine, CA C2
* Granogue Cross 10.16.11 Wilmington, DE C2
* Spooky Cross 10.16.11 Irvine, CA C2
* Downeast Cyclo-cross Day 2 10.23.11 New Gloucester, ME C2
* Beacon Cross 10.29.11 Bridgeton, NJ C2
* Colorado Cross Classic 10.29.11 Boulder, CO C2
* Victory Circle Graphix Boulder Cup 10.30.11 Boulder, CO C1
* HPCX 10.30.11 Jamesburg, NJ C2
* Darkhorse Cyclo-Stampede 11.4.11 Covington, KY C2
* Java Johnny’s – Lionhearts International 11.5.11 Middletown,C2
* The Cycle-Smart International 1 11.5.11 Northampton, MA C2
* Harbin Park International 11.6.11 Cincinnati, OH C1
* The Cycle-Smart International 2 11.6.11 Northampton, MA C2
* USGP of Cyclocross Derby City Cup 11.12.11 Louisville, KY C1
* USGP of Cyclocross Derby City Cup 11.13.11 Louisville, KY C2

* North Carolina Grand Prix – Race 1 11.19.11 Hendersonville, NC C2
* North Carolina Grand Prix – Race 2 11.20.11 Hendersonville, NC C2
* Jingle Cross Rock – Rock 1 11.25.11 Iowa City, IA C2
* Jingle Cross Rock – Rock 2 11.26.11 Iowa City, IA C2
* Jingle Cross Rock – Rock 3 11.27.11 Iowa City, IA C1
* Baystate Cyclo-cross 11.27.11 Sterling, MA C2
* NBX GP 1 12.3.11 Warwick, RI C2
* Cyclocross LA 12.3.11 Los Angeles, CA C2
* NBX GP 2 12.4.11 Warwick ,RI C2
* Cyclocross LA 12.4.11 Los Angeles, CA C2
* USGP of Cyclocross Portland Cup 12.10.11 Portland, OR C1
* Kingsport Cyclo-cross Cup 12.10.11 Kingsport, TN C2
* USGP of Cyclocross Portland Cup 12.11.11 Portland, OR C2
* Chicago Cyclocross Cup New Year’s Resolution 12.31.11 Bloomingdale, IL C2
* Chicago Cyclocross Cup New Year’s Resolution 1.1.12 Bloomingdale, IL C2
* American National Championships 1.6-8.12 Madison, WI


This is blog-abuse but it's my blog so....
I'm looking for a home for my two cats. They have distinct personalities to suit any household and have all their shots etc. No worries on financial concerns as we can also sort that out. Let me know if you are interested... they are both VERY cute!