Feb 22, 2011

Back home again (but not in Indiana)..

Tenuous link to Bloomington but the 2011 Little 5 bike did make a trip around my home town. For all you Americans this is what we saw...
The bridge that gives Bridgend its name
A Bridgend high street (Adare street for those that know)
Church now a pub...
Just like my old home...kinda
Proper chips
Church and adjacent Castle that I attended as a youth
Ysgol Gyfun Bryntirion- my 'high' school
View of Pen-y-fai, the village where my parents live
The ride back to Pen-y-fai from the school

Local Church
Local pub, The Pheasant!
And relax with the 'Comic' (Cycling Weekly) even though the pint was >$6
At home with the 2011 Schwinn!


Schaack said...

GP!!!!! Love it! The L5 bike is like a BBC bagel making its pictoral debut with the many hotspots in Wales... keep in mind, you'll have to post a phonetic pronunciation guide with any future welsch names (your high school is called what!?!?) in the captions.... Hope they quit charging you the tourist price on beer soon! Gotta get rid of the hoosier accent you picked up!

Frederick said...

Sweet pictures! Thanks for sharing. Just remember which side of the road to ride on.

Anonymous said...

Hey, that's not one of the missing BKB bikes is it?

david shirley said...

Excellent! Thanks for the visuals!

Anonymous said...

Awesome, thanks for posting.

When do you start your job in Liverpool?


Lindsey said...

This is hilarious. Totally like the BBC bagel, Schaack!

Did you actually ride around to all those places?? I don't understand how you got up those hillier-than-Bloomington hills on the 46x18....it's kind of like boltinghouse everywhere there. Also, did you off-road it on the shortcut path to the pheasant? I'm impressed.

Lindsey said...

Also, Geraint, remember what happened when you went on one of your first rides in Bloomington--approaching 37? Remember which way to look first before crossing the road!!!

Wes said...

Thanks for the local pics. I think it tops Bloomington easy!

Anonymous said...

Nice! Man, you're gonna' be missed. Take care


Stephen said...

Great post Geraint and awesome pictures. They make we want to head back to the UK. We're gonna miss you when we come to visit for L5 this year.