Feb 19, 2011

Getting rid...

Am looking to get rid of some stuff tomorrow..
58cm Lemond Chambery frame- pretty beat up but is in ridable shape so still useful as a 'beta' frame. $75 obo.
56cm Fuji Provence frame. Ridden maybe 10 times (too small for me) so is in mint condition. $150 obo.
I also have some wheels to give away (free). They are pretty much all out of true and not great quality but if anyone wants to take them to get trued or for just the hub come and get them tomorrow afternoon after 3pm at 630 Hillside Drive.


Anonymous said...

You still have those wheels?

-James Coudright

Anonymous said...

Wheels gone.

Fiji still available $100obo.


Anonymous said...

how do we contact you?

Anonymous said...

This Blog has turned to complete crap! I can't wait for BVN II to open up!