Feb 27, 2009

Monroe County CycloCross Championships

The underground cross series concludes with the (unofficial) Monroe County Championships. Meet at Soma at 10am to ride out to the course.

Weekend Road Rides

Noon at Soma on Saturday and Sunday. Three steady hours of riding, nothing too crazy. If that's interesting to you then please come along.

Friday Ride

From Issac Neff-
Just a reminder, there will be a ride leaving tomorrow at 3pm from Revolution Bike and
Bean on 10th Street.

Feb 26, 2009

Bloomington Criterium

The tentative date for the 2009 Bloomington Criterium is July 18th. City permission is pending but hopefully as in years past this will not be a problem. The 2008 version was a big success so hopefully we'll see more of the same this year.

Collegiate Racing

The Midwest Collegiate cycling Conference kicks off at the weekend down in deepest darkest Kentucky at Murray State University where they will host a Saturday RR and a Sunday Criterium.

A large squad of IU riders are traveling down with high hopes of a successful start to the season. The Mens A field will include IU riders Issac Neff , Ren-Jay Shei and Graham Gifford, all of whom had big results in last years collegiate season. Expect more of the same this year if their recent hard-core training rides are any indication.

In the Womens As expect Julie Panzica, Jackie Moeller and Louise Turner to be battling for the victory, the latter having spent a weekend racing in the Valley of the Sun SR in Arizona a couple of weekends ago.

Results will be here when they filter back by whatever forms of communication are available in southern KY.

Wednesday Worlds

Daylight Saving time kicks in on March 8th.

Therefore Wednesday Worlds will be BACK on March 11th. Look out for a full schedule to come but plan on being at the gates at 5.30pm on March 11th for a few laps of the 446 circuit.

Lets RACE!!

Track is Open!

Rookie week is in the books and the track is now open for Veterans. A little over 4 weeks until quals on march 28th so this is when things start to get serious.

From the meagre evidence of Womens rookie Miss N' Out it seems as though Teter have retooled and are ready to compete once again as they placed two riders in the final six. Other teams represented included the Army women and the ever-present Theta rider!

It seems as though the IDS will be keeping with their coverage of the race so check out their Blogging Away section. As ever it'll be an interesting year!

Feb 25, 2009


Although this isn't strictly Bloomington Biking I wanted to share a couple of pictures from the final stage of the ToC this past sunday. Big time bike racing is fun to watch- yes you spent 7hr traveling and sitting in traffic but the exciting build-up and then the brief burst of action is well worth it ! Amazingly I think it's possible to enjoy the race without stripping down to a speedo and running up the road alongside the riders. Dudes, just cheer from the roadside and you might even know what's going on in the race. For an inside look check out neo-pro Phil Gaimon's blog as he really explains how it is to be new to the hoopla of big time bike racing- something we all wished we could have done or hope we still could do.

'Popo' setting the pace on Lake Wohlford Road

Lance driving the pace on Cole Grande Road with some speedo idiots alongside.

Pictures courtesy of Luzirina Calderon

Feb 20, 2009

Womens Practice Race

From Jenna Johnson

Sunday 12.30pm at The Samples Gates. 446 circuit. Great Practice for Murray State next weekend!

Friday Ride

From Ren-Jay
Well, we've been spoiled the last couple of weeks with the warm weather, but winter has 
returned!  For those of you seeking to brave the cold, look forward to congregating at 
Revolution Bike & Bean at 3:00pm for a spin.  Weather.com predicts 35 with some clouds 
and only 8mph of winds!  Look forward to seeing you all there.

Feb 17, 2009

Spring Racing

For those riders not in school there are a number of racing opportunities that are relatively close to Bloomington. The details of these race series are now being published and although the racing is starting later than usual and is of lower quantity than usual, the quality of the races appears to be maintained.

Most notably is the McDonalds Kentuckiana Spring Cycling Series whose website has recently gone live. The first race in the series is at Long Run Park close to Louisville on March 15th.

LinkDan Daly at the Indiana Race Series also has some April races in the popular venues of Ceraland Park in Columbus and Pioneer Park in Mooresville, both of which are within 45min drive of Bloomington. As I understand it there will be a cheaper entry fee for students in these races ($20)

Finally and a little further afield is the Torelli Spring Series whose races are in Ohio. The organizer (Tym Tyler) is also giving some financial incentives for people to go and race-
From Tym- '09 Torelli Spring Classic opens up on 02/28 with the Frosty Toes Classic. If you and your team /club mates come out with 4 riders the 5th ride is FREE. Also if you have been laid off in the last couple of months, come on out and race for FREE. If you are a Junior come on out and race for FREE. If you pre-reg the cost is $18 and $25 the day of the event. If the weather is bad and we cancel, we can do a full refund or a roll-over to another event.'

Track Open!

The Little 500 track is open and Rookie week is in full effect! Yes Little 500 season is upon us and those new to the track are getting their first experiences on those black cinders! Girls and Boys alternative their schedules each day. Early is 2.30p-4.45, Late 5p- 7.15. Girls- ELLE (Mon,Tue,Wed,Thu). Boys- LEEL. Friday alternate! Stop by and see how things are going!

Other dates of interest
Feb 26th- Track open for Vets
March 28th- Quals (the BEST day of the year)
April 1st- ITTs
April 4th- Miss n' Out
April 18th- Team Pursuit
April 24th- Womens Race
April 25th- Mens Race

The word from IUSF is that there are 32 registered Womens teams (congratulations to all those teams making the race) and 44 Mens teams (only 33 will qualify!).

As ever it should be a fun season!

Photo credit- Caitlin Coar

Feb 15, 2009

The Observer!

It was a true Echappe Royale that rolled out of Soma this crisp fresh morning. Twelve riders in all including maybe ten of the fastest 15 Bloomington residents, one out-of-towner and your author, a very average Cat 3. I felt like a journalist allowed to join the Pros in their pre-season camps with one major difference- there was no gentle rolling to facilitate conversation! Oh no it was very much ON from the gun. Onto Bottom Road and the Axe-Murderer decided it was time to hammer and with testosterone in abundance there was no backing down from the other riders. Over freshly unpaved Bottom-Roubaix everyone was chewing the stem and your author knew he wasn’t long for the group! Excluding a few dog, route and bathroom induced pauses there was constant tempo in the upper 20mph. After 90mins my time was up and with a wave I bid the group adieu. I hope the remainder of the ride was as ‘enjoyable’ as much as a hammer-fest can be!

For an unrealistic rider my experience might have been demoralizing but your author thinks not! The facts are such that: 1, I am an average Cat3 2, many of the other riders have nationwide racing ambitions and 3, 90mins at ‘race-pace’ is much better training than rolling around at a much (much) lower pace!

To add a personal indulgence to this tale, this time of year allows me to add some perspective to getting dropped on a ride. Eleven years ago to the day your author was lying in the ICU with two broken femurs, two broken arms and a shattered tibia (an estimated 20 pieces). Now that long-gone bike wreck is not the reason I am not rocking it with the fast boys and my comeback may not be of Armstrong quality (my performance detracting substances are beer and wine!) but it adds a certain sense of satisfaction to be just out there and riding!

So until next weekends hammer-fest and the racing season beyond!

Feb 13, 2009

IUCC Womens Rides

From Randi Cox-
We're planning to meet at the Sample Gates at 12:00 both Saturday & Sunday for some longer rides. We can always pick routes with shorter options, so come out even if you don't plan to ride long. While the forecast shows rain tomorrow morning, it looks like it should be cleared up before noon, so we would be okay.

Collegiate Racing Season!

The Collegiate road racing season is almost upon us . The Midwest Conference has a couple of new venues (Murray State, Notre Dame) which should encourage some exciting racing! Look for IU riders to feature prominently-
The Race Schedule is here and check out the Facebook page.
Its a shame that Regionals clash with Little 500- clearly a ploy by other Universities to ensure IU can't win it all! Tricky!

Weekend Riding

If anyone wishes to post a ride then please let me know and I'll post it on here. geraint.parry75@gmail.com

Saturday morning the weather looks to be inclement but I hear a Cat1/2 ride will leave Soma at eleven (depending on the weather). Expect 4hours of riding (or less if you wish to turn back). Sunday should see a group forming at 10am or 11am at Soma.

IUCC ride

From Ren-Jay
IUCC ride from Revolution Bike and Bean at 3pm. It may be a little chilly out but 2hrs steady riding in good company will make you feel better!

Feb 12, 2009

Thursday ride

From Matt Neibler-

4.15pm from the Wilcox House. Expect about 30miles.

Feb 11, 2009

Musing of a Bloomington Boy

Submitted by Ren-Jay

February in Bloomington generally harbors unpredictable weather, timed perfectly with the beginning of the infamous Rookie Week for Little 500. Generally, the weather is most uncooperative during the five days that the IU Student Foundation sets for the aforementioned Rookie Week. However, there are some very nice days interspersed with these snowy, windy, most miserable of days. This past weekend was a prime example, with temperatures soaring into the 50s and even cresting 60 as the week began, with mixed periods of sun and clouds and only slightly annoying winds. The best part: no rain!
As a long-time resident (relatively speaking anyway…), I’ve experienced a broad range of winters, from snowy, cold ones with seemingly no end, to those where temperatures rarely dipped below 25 degrees. This one has been somewhere in between, and has presented its own unique challenges to the cyclists of the Bloomington area. Now that it is warm, I see more and more riders out enjoying the pleasant weather, sometimes dressed as if it was the middle of summer! Many of these riders are preparing for the Little 500, honing their fitness and just entering the highest intensity phases of their training. Looking ahead, race day for those who are fortunate enough to be a part of Little 500 is only 10 or so weeks away. As Little 5ers and other area cyclists take to the roads, there will undoubtedly be more buzz around town, especially as the road season begins and the Little 500 Spring Series events go on. Invariably, there will be previously unknown riders who come out of the woodwork to challenge those stars who have already established themselves. This is the essence of every cycling season.
Last year’s Little 500 saw young riders such as Stephen Quay of the Sigma Alpha Mu team as well as Nick Sovinski of the Phi Delta Theta team show that even though they were underclassmen, they were not afraid in the least to challenge such stars as Isaac Neff (Black Key Bulls) and Sasha Land (Cutters). The accomplishments of these two young riders in the Spring Series left many wondering if they would rally their teams behind them and make a run for the victory on race day. Alas, it was not to be, as the Cutters took their second straight (and record 9th overall) victory on an overcast, windy day. A perennially strong team, the Cutters will certainly seek to defend their title. The real interesting part comes when people challenge them. As you might expect, the million dollar question is, who will?
This author is neither audacious, nor courageous enough to make predictions as to who will win or make the top 5 or top 10, but I will be brave enough to say this: riders such as Quay and Sovinski will always exist, they will always come back hungrier, and they should never be counted out. Young, talented, and very motivated riders will always animate the race, whether out of arrogance, inexperience, sheer boldness, or sometimes all three. Old, grizzled veterans will try to shoot them down and show that they are still the top dog. The annual battle between these two at the event known as the Little 500 has produced arguably some of the greatest performances ever seen in Bloomington, and will continue to do so as long as the event still exists. So, as a Bloomington native, Little 500 rider, and ardent cycling fan, I encourage you to attend, participate, volunteer, or otherwise get involved with the Little 500. And most importantly: expect great things from it.
-Ren-Jay Shei

Feb 10, 2009

Group Ride at 4.15p- Wilcox house

From Matt Neibler-

Co-ed group ride at 4.15pm from the Wilcox House. Expect 30miles at a leisurely pace. Get out and enjoy the weather!

Feb 9, 2009

Toward the Surface

This past Sunday the unseasonable warm weather meant the roads around Bloomington were busy with riders as road racing season fast approaches. This meant only a dedicated group of cyclo-crossers turned out for the latest in the Underground cross series. Three visitors from Columbus joined 5 locals to contest the 45min race and it was Groundhog Day as far as the results were concerned.
The early laps saw Adam Rodkey and the Polish wonder Tomas ride away from the field and after a tough battle it was our European MTBer who once again came out on top. As with the previous edition second placed Rodkey was followed in third and fourth by Mike Feske and organiser Jim Kirkham respectively.
There is one more remaining race on March 1st, no lesser an event than the (unofficial) Monroe County Champs! Hopefully the weather will be crappy so road riding is off the menu and riders will get their fill with 45mins of pain in the mud!

Feb 6, 2009

(Relatively) Warm Weekend

Temps in the 40s and 50s will undoubtedly see plenty of riders out and about this weekend.

Saturday- This author will be at Soma at 10am for 3-4hrs of riding. Please join.
Sunday- Underground Cyclocross Rd 4! Perfect weather for a sloppy sodden course! 10am at Soma to ride to the course.

Feb 5, 2009

IUCC Ride- Fri 6th

3pm from Revolution Bike and Bean. 1.5h- 2h at a social pace. The weather looks to be improving so get out and ride!

Feb 2, 2009

What SR446 can tell us?

So as predicted there were plenty of riders out on 446 yesterday, it being the one road on which you could do a decent length ride that had the least crappy conditions in the area. This allowed the gaining of some interesting information about those folks riding out of or back toward Bloomington.
Little500 is now less than 3 months away so what did we learn about the teams that hope to be in contention? Two riders from the BKBs rode about 55miles at a rapid rate and were looking strong throughout. The Cutters were out with a good group of riders although their ensemble was splintering on the long drag coming back south of the lake. A group of Sammies with maybe a Delt and a Pi Phi or two were spotted rolling at a leisurely pace toward the lake in the early afternoon whilst the PDTs rode out of town with some pace at about 2pm and were seen back on 3rd Street at around 4.45pm. Finally a full team of Teters got in a solid 45miles on the IUCC ride.
So basically if you weren’t seen on 446 you either were back home by noon or left town after 2.30pm or you got really wet and possible crashed on another route! Things will only get more interesting from here on out!