Feb 17, 2009

Track Open!

The Little 500 track is open and Rookie week is in full effect! Yes Little 500 season is upon us and those new to the track are getting their first experiences on those black cinders! Girls and Boys alternative their schedules each day. Early is 2.30p-4.45, Late 5p- 7.15. Girls- ELLE (Mon,Tue,Wed,Thu). Boys- LEEL. Friday alternate! Stop by and see how things are going!

Other dates of interest
Feb 26th- Track open for Vets
March 28th- Quals (the BEST day of the year)
April 1st- ITTs
April 4th- Miss n' Out
April 18th- Team Pursuit
April 24th- Womens Race
April 25th- Mens Race

The word from IUSF is that there are 32 registered Womens teams (congratulations to all those teams making the race) and 44 Mens teams (only 33 will qualify!).

As ever it should be a fun season!

Photo credit- Caitlin Coar

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Photo courtesy Caitlin Coar, Team Revolution