Jan 31, 2011


Registration opens for this Midwest classic on Tuesday AM (race is April 2nd). Fills up fast, especially in lower/master categories. Pro/1/2 need not worry as they are too cool to register early.

Jan 30, 2011

Better weather, what we learnt..

Temps in the mid 30s meant there were more riders out on the road. Apparently there is an 'ice-storm' coming this week that send people back inside. So what did we learn this weekend....

1. The coming man is Rob Smallman. Second in the Marian indoor TT means this former IU track guy has put down an early marker for this years race. The Hoosier Climber dudes are training hard and are no longer under the radar.
2. Army women looking to stwp it up to the next level in 2011 and are riding strong and beating some good Marian girls in the indoor TTs! Intriguing one of their riders DNF the TT, I hope she didn't crash!
3. Cutters seen riding their Little 500 bikes. Shocking!! My advice to others teams...follow their example, do specific training on those bikes. It ain't rocket science!
4. Good bike riders are easily spotted by the ease of their spin, not many here in town but I rode with one today.
5. Late nights are not good for recovery.
6. Sigma Chi are the latest team with a new jersey and look pretty 'fly'.
7. It's enjoyable to ride with big mixed groups. Over 10 riders from the Bakehouse both days, come join us in future!

Jan 26, 2011

Top Female Road Racers 2002- present

Easily the hardest list to put together. Most of these riders are now away from Bloomington but this list reflects their quality both during and after their time in town. Sorry ladies that I don’t have much to write!
10. Randi Cox
The major motivational force for Women’s cycling in Bloomington. Doesn’t race these days but has been keeping upstart Little 5ers in their place for most of the past decade! Took THE big win by taking the Bloomington Crit in 2004!
Randi TTing at the Tree City SR
9. Sydney Hatten
Kept it rolling after a solid Little 500 career and now is racing strongly throughout the Midwest for Team Nebo Ridge. Almost caused a huge shock by coming within a wheel of snatching the 2010 Bloomington Crit from dominant Alderfer Bergen.
8. Nicole Vincent
Took a few years off after Little 500 and collegiate successes but now back racing as a Cat1 in North Carolina as part of the Performance Bicycle team. Her big strength is her finishing speed.
Nicole critting at Sunny-king
7. Pam Loebig
From Little 500 contender to IU rider on road and track to an accomplished Cat2 on road, track and cross. Often present at the big Midwest races throughout the summer and got a big NRC top 10 last summer at Tour de Grove in Missouri. Expect more from Pam once she has time for spring training!
6. Louise Turner
British invader who started racing in the final years of her PhD studies. Took to racing like a duck to water where she put in some great performances both for IU and in the big Midwest races for Alderfer Bergen.
Louise in her early career on MT
5. Abby Cooper
Kept well below the radar when at IU rising up through the categories to be the only Women that has taken advantage of the Cat2 Little 500 rule. After graduation she headed west to race where she turned PRO for a few years before now living in Germany as Global Women’s Product Developer for Giant.
Abby whilst on Team PROMAN
4. Tracie Morris
An AGD Little 500 rider in the 1990s, Tracie continued to race in the early years of the 2000s as a Cat1 and always a tough wheel to follow. Founder of the Morris trucking team that has helped so many racers through the years in Bloomington.
3. Bri Kovac
Winner of an NRC Crit in Louisville in 2008 and a constant presence throughout the Midwest scene. Leader and driving force of the new Racing for Riley (nee Alderfer Bergen) team. The perfect example of a Little 500 graduate going on to bigger and better things.
Bri, Sydney and Pam, Bloomington 2010
2. Heather Woodhouse
Rode and raced for IU as a graduate student after winning Collegiate road champs in 1999 for Purdue. A waver-thin climber who could TT with the best of them. Headed out to Arizona after her time in Bloomington.
Heather, Bloomington 2003?
1. Jenn Wangerin
National Criterium Collegiate champion for IU in 2004 and a part of the Olympic track training center. Excelled in every form of cycling she attempted!
Jenn, riding for Jamba Juice, before the Quads cities crit

Jan 21, 2011

Armstrong guilty!

Picked this up from 2JohnsPodcast- R-rated!

Stolen L5 Bikes

I got this in an group email-
Black Key Bulls had two new 2010 race Little 500 bikes stolen. There was also an extra wheel set taken. The bikes were recently built up, so should look pretty new.
Contact wischmeiera@gmail.com or reshei@indiana.edu with any info.

Jan 18, 2011

Top 10 Male L5 riders 2003-present..

..according to me. As I wind my time down in Bloomington I'll throw a few 'best of' lists from the time that I have lived in town (from mid 2002). Next up are the Male Little 500 riders. There is no precise metric for this list but a mix of success, teamwork, influence etc (and definitely not giving the 2003 race the same weighting). Comment at your leisure.
Notable omissions- Erik Hamilton (Cutters), David Caughlin (Cutters), Jason Fowler (Gafombi/ Cutters), Luke Isenbarger (Corleones)

10- Issac Neff (BKB)

Not a race winner but clearly the fastest rider on the track in 2008 where he won ITTs by the second largest margin of the decade. Unlucky in the race as was taken out early on by a lapped team. 4th in 2007 where he was involved in the infamous ‘Chartier-bump’ on the final lap. Brought BKB to Little 500 where they remain as an annual contender.
Highlight- 2008 series events
Lowlight- 2008 race

9- Chris Vargo (Cutters)
Best rider on the track in 2004 who took the win after the most controversial finish in race history. Supremely confident and as a Bloomingtonite is a Cutter for life. Who knows what might have happened if he had been allowed to ride in 2003…
Highlight- The backstretch of lap 201 in 2004
Lowlight- 2003 Little 500

8- Matt Davis (Phi Gamma Delta)
Always the bridesmaid yet never the bride! Never won an individual event or the main race but had multiple second places as he anchored the FIJI team between 2003- 2005 (including 2nd in ITTs for 3 consecutive years). Beaten in the final sprint by Leukens in 2005 race and interestingly holds the second fastest ITT of all time.
Highlight- Looking good at all times and smashing the Cutters in 2005 Team Pursuit
Lowlight- Meeting an inspired Leukens in the 2005 finale

7- Alex Bishop (Cutters)

Another Cutter discipline who muscled his way to victory as he anchored the Cutters to the first of their current four-race winning streak. Singularly determined to win and once he took the inside line on the final lap of the 2007 race there was only going to be one winner. Swept the series events in 2007 where it often seemed to be a Man amongst boys. Winner of MnO in 2006 where he upset strong favorite Arnesen by using his raw power to get the jump and maintain his advantage to the line.
Highlight- The dominanting sprint win in 2007
Lowlight- The 2006 race

6- John Grant (Beta/Gafombi)

Swept the 2003 L5 season including leading out and winning a 13up sprint for the 2003 race. It was the culmination of a solid L5 career that progressed from Beta to the independent ‘Gafombi’ with whom he won the ITT and race. If this list was from 2002 then surely would have been higher….
Highlight- Winning the 2003 sprint
Lowlight- ?

5- Clayton Feldman (Cutters)

One of the most polarizing L5 riders of the past decade but one fact speaks for itself. Three rings. Anchored the team in 2009 and 2010 where his ability to ride long sets was key in both those victories. No significant individual results but stepped on race day where arguably his greatest moment came in dragging his team back from a half lap down in 2009. It will be a shame if outside factors stop him getting into the HoF. Oft criticized that ‘he would have never won the race without Young’ but is the opposite not also true?
4- Sasha Land (Cutters)
Two-time race winner who finished his 5 year career by anchoring the winning Cutter team in 2008 even after a spring of injury. 9th in ITTs as a freshman but didn’t get to ride in the race, he won ITTs in 2007 and with Alex Bishop made one of the strongest race tandems of the decade. A complete Cutter discipline who was the true bridge between Caughlin/ Bishop to Young/Feldman.
Highlight- Soloing to victory in 2008
Lowlight- Not making the race team in 2004 although if he had then the above highlight wouldn’t have been possible

3- Craig Leukens (Dodds House)
The leader of the Dodds team between 2003-2005 and finished off his HoF L5 career by winning the race by holding off Matt Davis in the eventful 2005 race. As a freshman was 3rd in ITT yet never improved on that performance (3rd another 2 times) and perhaps more notably was the number one nice guy off of the track.
Highlight- The victory salute in 2005
Lowlight- The poor performance in 2004

2- Eric Young (Cutters)
Many commentators feel he is the fastest rider that has even ridden the cinders. Two sprint wins and has yet to be fully tested in the race due to the buffer afforded by Feldman’s riding. He totally embodies the Cutter ethos and it would be a brave man to bet against him getting 3-rings this spring. 3rd in ITTs as a freshman yet was satisfied not miss out on race selection. A lock for the HoF and will, in 2011, attempt to break the ITT record, gain a win in MnO and truly test himself to utterly crush the field in the main event!
Highlight- Winning the race twice in 2010
Lowlight- Not much…maybe crashing in Quals on the way to a sub 30sec lap (even though they still took pole!)

1- Hans Arnesen (Alpha Tau Omega)
Without doubt had the most varied relationship with Little 500. Part of the team that sprinted for the win in 2003 (8th), in 2004 was the only rider in L5 history to cross the line first but NOT win, crashing in the first corner of 2005 and finally in 2006 lapping the field solo in a crazy 10 lap stretch to finally take a long deserved victory. That final feat has been much maligned as it was achieved under the confusion of crashes and yellow flags but remains the greatest accomplishment of the decade. Arnesen06 vs Young11 would be a true battle for the ages!
Highlight- Lapping the field in 2006
Lowlight- The relegation to 2nd in 2004

Little 500 Call Out

Wednesday 8p (Women) and 9p (Men), Kelley 223, here's the FB page (and nice fresh new 2010 logo). It's go time again, you better all start training as I know Teter and the Cutters have been doing so for a couple of months!
read 2011

Midwest Collegiate Road Schedule

Good but mostly bad for IU. Aside from Michigan most races are within 3/4 hours. With Easter being the last weekend in April and Collegiate Nationals being the first weekend in May it means Regionals are earlier this year...and so is Little 500. A shortened schedule means many events coincide with Little 500 events. The weekend with no racing 18/19th is a bummer (although that is at the end of Spring break). Need to get points early and often, get training!
Feb 26/27 Lindsey Wilson

Mar 5/6 Ohio State

Mar 12/13 Mizzou Start IU Spring Break

Mar 26/27 Notre Dame Little 500 Quals

April 2 Marian Little 500 Miss N'Out

April 3 Purdue

April 9/10 Michigan/Michigan State Little 500 Team Pursuit

April 16/17 Lindenwood (Regionals) Little 500 Weekend

Jan 13, 2011

Indoor TT series starts Saturday 15th

Go smash yourself for fun! Sign up here.

Jan 12, 2011

Top 10 Women L5 riders 2003-present..

...according to me. As I wind my time down in Bloomington I'll throw a few 'best of' lists from the time that I have lived in town (from mid 2002). First up are the Female Little 500 riders. There is no precise metric for this list but a mix of success, teamwork, influence etc (and probably a little biased toward the present). Comment at your leisure.

Best Women's Little 500 Riders from 2003-2010
Notables omissions- Pam Loebig (Cycledelics), Meredith Horner (Kappa Kappa Gamma), Kelsey Cooper (Kappa Kappa Gamma), Corey Bitzer (Alpha Gamma Delta), Katie Thompson (Alpha Phi), Renee Luzadder (Delta Zeta)

10- Kristi Hewitt- Wing-it
Founded Team Wing-it as a freshman and developed with the team into the dominant rider of 2009. Without a race win as in 2009 as one of the favorites was just too isolated due to lack of depth compounded by injuries. A shock ITT winner in 2008 she backed it up by breaking the record in 2009.
Highlight- ITT record holder
Lowlight- Too much to do in 2009

9- Nicole Vincent- Kappa Alpha Theta
Won the 2-up sprint for the race in 2003 and was a solid contributor for Theta for the 3 years. Began her L5 career with independent team Landsharks in 2002 before transferring to the sorority juggernaut! Disappointed to lose to Teter in 2005 when her and Liz Milne made a formidable combination.
Highlight- Winning in 2003
Lowlight- Allowing Teter to sneak away in 2005

8- Jessica Lindemann
- Teter
Quiet and unassuming but a real talent on the bike, she took on the leadership of Teter in 2005 after the disappointment of the 2nd place finish in 2004. She made the decisive break and anchored the team to their first victory. Interestingly was a Landshark teammate of Nicole Vincent in 2002.
Highlight- Crossing the line in 2005
Lowlight- The half wheel defeat in 2004

One lap from victory (cyclingnews.com)
7- Lindsey Manck- Kappa Delta
Helped build KD into the race winning force they became in 2007. Broke away in the final 10 laps to put only the 3rd sorority name on the trophy. Formed a great partnership with Lauren Ziemba to finish 2nd in 2006, only thwarted from the double by Jess Sapp.
Highlight- Crossing the line solo in 2007.
Lowlight- ?

6- Caroline Brown- Pi Beta Phi
Brought Pi Phi to relevance and shocked the world with a ride for the ages to win the race in 2009. Riding in excess of 75laps, masterly hiding in the wheels until winning a 5-up sprint, her ride took plenty of unneeded flak when the truth of it was that she rode the race she had to. Defended the jersey in fine style in 2010 until crashing out. Gunning for another ring in 2011.
Highlight- Shocking the L5 world in 2009
Lowlight- Crashing out with a separated shoulder in 2010
One of my favorite pictures, all the emotions on show (IDS)
5- Liz Milne- Kappa Alpha Theta
Broke the Women's ITT record in 2005 with a surprising ride and was the strongest rider in the race that year but couldn’t take the win. However was part of the winning Theta team in 2003 and her diesel engine was a perfect complement to sprinter Vincent.
Highlight- Breaking the ITT record in 2005
Lowlight- The disappointment of the 2005 race

4- Sarah Rieke- Teter
Race leader of the Teter team from 2006-2008 after winning as freshman in 2005. Grew in strength throughout her L5 career leading an utterly dominant Teter version 2008 that had amazing strength in depth and great chemistry. Inexplicably they contrived to not win the race. HoF member
Highlight- Being at the head of the 2008 Teter team
Lowlight- 2008 Little 500, opportunities lost.

Rieke in 2007 (IDS)
3- Caitlin Van Kooten- Teter
Race winner in 2010 and dominated the series events in 2010 like no other ever had. The latest leader of the Teter dynasty and will be disappointed if she doesn't win in 2011.
Highlight- Crossing the line in 2010 after breaking away solo in the final 20 laps
Lowlight- Out of the Top 5 in 2009

CvK on track for victory (IDS)
2- Bri Kovac- Teter
Founder of the recent Teter dynasty and one of the most influential Women riders. Got stronger through her L5 career culminating with her being far-and-away the strongest rider in 2004. Maybe did a little too much on race day to come up half a wheel short in the controversial ‘hook’ finish! I remember bumping onto Bri on a ride in the spring of 2003 and being shocked as she attacked and beat me up the hill at the south end of Bottom Road. HoF member and even though she never won the race, her influence stretched beyond the track and inspired Women riders to push themselves to greater heights.
Highlight- Seeing all her hard work pay off as Teter won in 2005
Lowlight- Being unable to get ahead of Jess Sapp down the back stretch of the final lap in 2004
Dirty ITT in 2004 but still broke the record (cyclingnews.com)
1- Jessica Sapp- Kappa Kappa Gamma
If she was sprinting, she was winning. Period. Twice on the bike to win the race in 2004 and 2006, the latter over a spirited Lauren Ziemba (KD) and the former in the controversial sprint against Bri Kovac (Teter). The 2006 win was remarkable in that she motivated an unfancied, inexperienced team to step up and keep her in contention. Arguably Kappa had their strongest team in 2005 but misfortunes in the race cost her the chance at another win amidst the raw emotion of the 'Ashley Crouse' race. Her record of 1st, 1st, 3rd and 4th can sit with anyone in the history of the race. HoF member.
Highlight- An against the odds win in 2006
Lowlight- Missing the triple by finishing 3rd in 2005.

Jan 11, 2011


I just wanted to let everyone know that CycleFit sessions at the SRSC are free all this week. There are one to two 45-minute classes every day, plus I lead the 1-hour Little 500 Power Training class on Tuesday & Thursday evenings. Here’s the schedule: http://www.iurecsports.org/spring_cycle_schedule. It’s always a good workout, and of course it’s a great opportunity for Little 5ers to work on their spin. If you’re interested in taking a class after this week, you can register at Member Services. If you have any questions about my class, please feel free to email me at randikcox@gmail.com.

Randi Cox

Jan 10, 2011

African Result!

Check out this post from Colin Allen, racing his bike in Africa and bringing home the first podium finish of the year for Team Scholars Inn Bakehouse!

Sad News

Tom Schwoelger flagged up this sad news about the death of Peter Yates, the man who put Little 500 on the map.


Jan 9, 2011

Danger of too much Salsa

FYI- the following recalls have been announced by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission:
Salsa handlebar stems manufactured in Taiwan imported by Salsa Cycles, a subsidiary of Quality Bicycle Products, of Bloomington, Minn., because the handlebar stems can crack or break, posing a fall hazard to the rider.

For more information on these recalls, visit www.cpsc.gov. or call the commission’s recall hot line, 800-638-2772.

Jan 7, 2011

Brant Powell WWoC

Ren-jay suggested I put up this 'interesting' piece on BKB alum Brant Powell. I particularly like the comments at the 1m50s mark! So true...

Jan 4, 2011

House for rent!

I'm gonna abuse the 'power' of this blog to advertise the house I will be leaving and for which I need to find a new tenant. Email me if interested!
Details here

Jan 3, 2011

Garmin- Cervelo

New amalgamated super-team Garmin-Cervelo confirmed their full roster. My question is who of the 29 riders is gonna make the cut for the Tour de France? Also there might be 3 Brits on the team but does the jersey have to look so much like Team Sky?
Men: Jack Bobridge (Aus), Tom Danielson (USA), Julian Dean (NZl), Tyler Farrar (USA), Murilo Fischer (Bra), Roger Hammond (GBr), Heinrich Hausler (Aus), Ryder Hesjedal (Can), Thor Hushovd (Nor), Andreas Klier (Ger), Michel Kreder (Ned), Brett Lancaster (Aus), Christophe Le Mével (Fra), Daniel Lloyd (GBr), Martijn Maaskant (Ned), Dan Martin (Irl), Cameron Meyer (Aus), Travis Meyer (Aus), David Millar (GBr), Ramunas Navardauskas (Ltu), Tom Peterson (USA), Gabriel Rasch (Nor), Peter Stetina (USA), Andrew Talansky (USA), Christian Vande Velde (USA), Sep Vanmarcke (Bel), Johan Van Summeren (Bel), Matt Wilson (Aus), David Zabriskie (USA).

My pick for the nine riders for the Tour would be-

Tricky Choices coming up for John Vaughters!