Jan 26, 2011

Top Female Road Racers 2002- present

Easily the hardest list to put together. Most of these riders are now away from Bloomington but this list reflects their quality both during and after their time in town. Sorry ladies that I don’t have much to write!
10. Randi Cox
The major motivational force for Women’s cycling in Bloomington. Doesn’t race these days but has been keeping upstart Little 5ers in their place for most of the past decade! Took THE big win by taking the Bloomington Crit in 2004!
Randi TTing at the Tree City SR
9. Sydney Hatten
Kept it rolling after a solid Little 500 career and now is racing strongly throughout the Midwest for Team Nebo Ridge. Almost caused a huge shock by coming within a wheel of snatching the 2010 Bloomington Crit from dominant Alderfer Bergen.
8. Nicole Vincent
Took a few years off after Little 500 and collegiate successes but now back racing as a Cat1 in North Carolina as part of the Performance Bicycle team. Her big strength is her finishing speed.
Nicole critting at Sunny-king
7. Pam Loebig
From Little 500 contender to IU rider on road and track to an accomplished Cat2 on road, track and cross. Often present at the big Midwest races throughout the summer and got a big NRC top 10 last summer at Tour de Grove in Missouri. Expect more from Pam once she has time for spring training!
6. Louise Turner
British invader who started racing in the final years of her PhD studies. Took to racing like a duck to water where she put in some great performances both for IU and in the big Midwest races for Alderfer Bergen.
Louise in her early career on MT
5. Abby Cooper
Kept well below the radar when at IU rising up through the categories to be the only Women that has taken advantage of the Cat2 Little 500 rule. After graduation she headed west to race where she turned PRO for a few years before now living in Germany as Global Women’s Product Developer for Giant.
Abby whilst on Team PROMAN
4. Tracie Morris
An AGD Little 500 rider in the 1990s, Tracie continued to race in the early years of the 2000s as a Cat1 and always a tough wheel to follow. Founder of the Morris trucking team that has helped so many racers through the years in Bloomington.
3. Bri Kovac
Winner of an NRC Crit in Louisville in 2008 and a constant presence throughout the Midwest scene. Leader and driving force of the new Racing for Riley (nee Alderfer Bergen) team. The perfect example of a Little 500 graduate going on to bigger and better things.
Bri, Sydney and Pam, Bloomington 2010
2. Heather Woodhouse
Rode and raced for IU as a graduate student after winning Collegiate road champs in 1999 for Purdue. A waver-thin climber who could TT with the best of them. Headed out to Arizona after her time in Bloomington.
Heather, Bloomington 2003?
1. Jenn Wangerin
National Criterium Collegiate champion for IU in 2004 and a part of the Olympic track training center. Excelled in every form of cycling she attempted!
Jenn, riding for Jamba Juice, before the Quads cities crit


Mike Sherer said...

Don't Forget Pam and Bri are both Collegiate National Champions on the track.

Anonymous said...

Where's Bri?!


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Where is Karen Dunne?! By far the most accomplished women to ever grace the roads of Bloomington. Multiple national championships; Tour de France FĂ©minin stage winner; Pam America gold medalist....

Geraint Parry said...

2002-present. I can't comment on what I didn't see.

Anonymous said...

So when are the men going to get posted?

10) Baxter Burnworth
9) Tommy Meersman
8) Chris Beck
7) Matt Ewing
6) Russell van der Genugten
5) Kirk Weesner
4) Adam Mahomed
3) John Vinicky
2) Adam Shields
1) Jason Sonneborn

Tom said...

Jenn won 11 Collegiate National Championship Jersey's and was a VeloNews Collegiate Athlete of the year.

Anonymous said...

I may be forgetting someone who can go into the 4-7 group, but here's my take on the top-10 male ROAD racers (non L5) of GP's era:

10. Jason Sonneborn
9. Rob Rhamy
8. Mike Kehrberg
7: Erik Hamilton
6: Ryan Knapp
5: Todd Cornelius
4: Bennet VDG
3. Mike Sherer
2. Eric Young
1. Guy East (only a part-time Bloomy resident)

This is based on actual results and not "potential," which is why Ewing, Russ or others does not make my list - and explains why Kehrberg is not ranked that highly even though he was PRO. Ben Sharp and Todd Hancock preceded GP's era and are therefore out. I'm also only including people who actually lived in Bloomington or went to school there (Guy _barely_ qualifies), hence none of the 317-racers.


Anonymous said...

Save this for when the list actually comes out. Give the ladies some respect.

Geraint Parry said...

9.41am- Exactly!
2.21pm- this list is kinda interesting as although none of those guys would make the 'list', most of them aren't terrible. Difficult to think whenever it's mocking or just misguided? What's for sure is that Jenn would smash everyone of them!
8.21am- Sonne is sweet but for different reasons and wouldn't make that 'list'.

Anonymous said...


Thats what i thought too! Was he joking or not? The 2nd anonymous list was better but still not great. What about Bahati?

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Just road racers? Quite a few good xc & cx racers on men & women's side. Randi is included on the xc list.