Jan 30, 2012

Mike Sherer

Nice interview with ex-bloomingtonite Mike Sherer. Work hard and you may get there and then keep on going even after having a rough injury-blasted year! Good luck in 2012 to Mike!
Picture from Podiuminsight.com

Jan 27, 2012

Beta media

Nice little vid here and on a team where at least two guys look like bike riders they may have a chance! Seated sprints needed though even though they don't look as cool!

Beta Cycling 2012 Winter Training Trip - "The Journey" from Beta Cycling on Vimeo.


Jan 23, 2012


In lieu of any Little 500 news and the end of the CX season it's time to post videos which everyone will have seen before.
'Is this a strava-segment'
'dude, don't tell me what happened at the Tour today'

and btw I would totally be a PRO is I didn't have to work....

Jan 17, 2012

bike handling..

I know most people will have seen this but for those that haven't...the best bike flick of 2011, no doubt...and yet not quite as famous as Cavendish!

Learn to dress

Advice from Colin Allen at Team Scholars Inn Bakehouse:

Riding between fields of snow can be magical if you dress right, but some of you might wondering how anyone can handle a ride at 25F. To help out, I offer my year-round guide for the lycra-perplexed. We go by temperature zone, and it’s all about layers. Layers and layers of layers.

Your zones may vary. Call me a wuss, but I’ve listed the temperatures that I use to determine my clothing choices. If you’re a heat engine you might want to recalibrate, but there has to be some point at which you really will need a good winter jacket, gloves, and bootees. I’ll adjust my zones 5 degrees cooler if it’s sunny. If it’s rainy, all bets are off. The coldest I think I have ever been on a bicycle was going down a French mountain pass at 40F in the rain.

Zone 1, 80+, one layer is all you need, and some places not even that. Just don’t get arrested.

Zone 2, 65F-79F, 2 layers up top: A light wicking layer under your jersey is a nice thing to wear. By the way, Miguel Indurain always wore tights when training in this zone and below. Wimp.

Zone 3, 50F-64F, 3 layers up top: An undershirt, a wind vest over your jersey, arm warmers (or a long sleeved jersey) and knee warmers.

Zone 4, 35F-49F, 4 layers. Up top, an undershirt, perhaps long-sleeved, two jerseys, one of them long sleeved, a light jacket or arm warmers and a windproof vest, perhaps even a full jacket if it’s going to stay below 40 for the whole ride. Shorts with full leg warmers on the legs, and thin shoe covers to keep the cold out. Full finger gloves (or thin wool gloves under regular cycling gloves gives a bit more flexibility). On my head, a lycra skull cap to keep ears warm.

Zone 5, 20F-34F, 5 layers top and toes. For me, feet are going to be the limiting factor when it gets below freezing. I wear wool socks, sometimes with regular socks underneath, and either neoprene booties, or a lycra shoe cover under a windproof fleeced bootie. Legs are protected by shorts and full tights — if it’s going to stay in the lower half of the range, then knee warmers under the tights are nice too. Up top, similar to zone 5 except a good winter jacket is a must — the team winter jackets are excellent. On the hands, ski gloves, or liner gloves under full finger cycling gloves. Under the helmet, a full lycra hood helps stop your jaw freezing so you can keep talking about how tough you and your buddies are, and how clever you are not to live in Minnesota! And you may want to follow Saccone’s rule: keep your ride under one mile per degree.

Zone 6, below 20F: 6 layers of clothing required. Find a friend in Minnesota for proper advice!

Jan 13, 2012

Biking at IU

For information....http://www.iubus.indiana.edu/parking_operations/alt_bicycling.aspx
Also follow for @IUBikes for updates

Jan 12, 2012

Ladies, please follow the 'rules'

I think the ladies of the Little 500 community might have been in trouble in Chicago in 1895! Quite funny!

Jan 11, 2012

Urban Cycle Studio

From Alison at Urban Cycle Studio (urbancyclestudio@gmail.com)
Hey, Little Fivers!

You're probably LOVING this weather. But, let's be realistic and assume the winter weather will arrive soon. We're hear for ya! Our Little 500 Training classes are designed specifically for the power training Little 500 riders need to perform come race day.

This series of classes is a fusion of strength and endurance movements catered to fit the unique needs of Little 500 athletes and other cyclists looking for a new experience. Each session is designed to mimic different parts of the race such as burning in and out, overcoming the single gear of the bike and catching the pack. Additionally, it includes movements to replicate other Little 5 events like Team Pursuit, Miss-N-Out and ITTs. You'll encounter an interval class mixed with flats, hills and sprints in these 75 minute sessions. Expect to keep a very fast pace! The goal of these classes is to build speed and power along with the endurance you'll need to finish strong in the race!

Jan 10, 2012

Picture and Contributors

This blog needs a new header picture so if you have any suggestions then please email me a picture that I might use.
As the 2012 Little 500 season (and road season) is rolling into view I'd be great to have some written contributions/opinion from people on the ground in Bloomington. Therefore if you are interested then let me know I'll give you a key to the BVN kingdom. Get your word out to over 2000 page views/week (only half of which come from me). I will also post 'articles' under my name if people wish to remain Anon with sensitive information!


From Randi Cox:

This week you can try any spin class at the SRSC for free! Here is the schedule: http://www.iurecsports.org/spring_cycle_schedule. Come try it out, and if you like it, you can sign up for an eight-week series of 60-minute Little 500 Power Training sessions or a seven-week series of 45-minute CycleFit sessions. (Registered sessions start next week.)

Check it out!

CX Nationals

A report from Liz Cobb:

1. Thermal Skinsuit –check
2. Extra-hot embrocation -check
3. Toe-spikes –check
4. Money for a well deserved post race beer –check.

These are just a few of the things on the list and packed to go with riders up to USA Cycling’s Cyclocross National Championships held this year in Madison, Wisconsin. Among all of the amazingly friendly Wisconsinites we spoke to one theme was prevalent; they were prepared and hoping for lots of snow. Well, what they could not give us in snow due to the unseasonably dry, warm winter up north, they paid back in kind with mud; and we got to enjoy a fine array of mud at that.

Among our local CX racers, Elizabeth Cobb representing BikeReg.com got to partake in what may be her most dismal bike race ever in Friday’s Womens 30-34 Masters race. With temps reaching low 50’s Thursday and high 40’s Friday along with freezing temps every night for several weeks, racers taking part in the earlier part of the five day affair were greeted with a several inches of greasy, sticky mud on top of permafrost. This translates into extremely bumpy course conditions with the added insult of sliding out whenever one tried to apply any power, as well as about five inches of mud packed around derailleurs and rear brakes. These circumstances made a bike it the pit an absolute necessity.

Saturday morning at 9 a.m. former Little 500 champion, coach and mechanic and current BikerReg.com rider Frederick Rose had to contend with entirely different course conditions. The muddy chaos created the afternoon before gave way to frozen, concrete-like ruts about six inches deep, which would grab riders’ front wheels and take them wherever the ruts pleased, usually into a few stakes. Then, as the sun begin to crest the soft Wisconsin hills, wherever light touch the ground that greasy film of mud appeared adding a dangerously slick component to an already difficult situation. There were masters flying through tape and over handle bars left and right. Fred ended up 14th among about 63 in the Masters 45-49 category, an admirable finish for a tough race both in terms of conditions and competition.

As Saturday progressed some of the muddy sections started to tighten up, some were removed by USAC officials entirely as they re-routed the course, and still other sections like the twisty-turny bits near the pit leading up to the sandpit remained a slippery, sticky mess. Andy Messer riding for DRT Consulting managed a very respectable 11th place in an extremely competitive 35-39 Masters field. Also representing DRT, Little 500 rider Ashton Wischmeier lined-up along with the future of American cycling. Ashton finished in the top Thirty of a very spirited U-23 race.
Andy Messer
Sunday brought the conclusion of Nats with what would be considered balmy temperatures in the mid 40’s. Former Little 500 Champion and current L5 coach, mechanic Sarah Fredrickson competed in her first national level Elite race flying the BikerReg.com colors. Sarah held mastery over the mud and managed to improve 10 positions before succumbing to the arcane 80% rule. Sarah started 74th among 81 racers on the grid; Cyclocross continues to be the stalwart for growth in American bike racing, particularly for women.
Sarah F
Also of note, Isaac Neff, former BKB rider transplanted to Madison finished 42nd in the Elite Mens race, among the absolute best in the country. This proved to be a very exciting race; if you can find the last three-to-five laps on the internet it’s worth a watch.

Overall, our impressions of Madison Wisconsin hosting CX Nats were good. Any one who has traveled to Badgerland knows what courteous folk the residents are. The course was plenty exciting and challenging for a national caliber venue, incorporating both difficult, technical spots demanding finesse, with sweeping descents where racers gained upwards of 28-30 MPH speeds. The beer was flowing liberally and there were plenty of brats and cheese curds to accommodate the thousands of spectators who came to watch this crazy, dirty discipline we love so much, cyclocross. Until next year Madison, we bid you farewell.

Jan 9, 2012

MWCCC Road Schedule

Spring 2012 Road Schedule:
February 25/26 Lindsey Wilson
March 3/4 Mizzou
March 17/18 Lindenwood (also part of NCCCC season)
March 24/25 Ohio State
March 31/April 1 Michigan/Michigan State
April 7 Marian (with Easter April 8)
April 14/15 Purdue
April 21/22 Notre Dame (Regionals)

As seems every year, regionals clashes with Little 5. Got to get those points early if any As wish to travel with IU (or solo) to Utah for Nationals! Any team who is Spring Breaking in South Dakota (or similar area) can maybe call in on Lindenwood on the way home!

Jan 3, 2012

ICX Finale

The regular season of cyclocross finally concluded in the Indiana region this weekend, as 2011 also came to a close. Now a new calendar year has begun, but the final weeks of the season remain as we get to see how the hardcore members of the Bloomington 'cross crew fair in the "playoffs".

Bloomington was once again well represented at the Indiana Cyclocross Cup series finale at Trader's Point on New Year's Eve. Top five placings included Lindsay Rodkey (4th, Cat 3/4 Open Women), Will Sorg (5th, Cat 4 Open Men), Ashton Wishmeier (4th, Cat 3 Open Men), Don Galligher (1st, Masters 35+) Sarah Fredrickson (3rd, Elite Women), Liz Cobb (4th, Elite Women), and Adam Rodkey (4th, Elite Men). Fred Rose also capped off his final race before the national and masters world championships with a win in the Elite Men's category.

Further abroad, Andy Messer traveled to the Chicago Cyclocross Cup New Year's Resolution races and took the Elite 30+ win both days, indicating that he is also in good form going into nationals and worlds.

The national championships take place this weekend in Madison, WI. Fred, Liz, and Andy will all be competing in their respective masters age categories, while Sarah will be contesting the elite women's race on Sunday. Good luck to all!

Masters Cyclocross Worlds!

Big event coming to Louisville in the next couple weeks. Masters World CX champs which will feature some local talent (there is no national qualification..). It'll be weird to see a World Champs featuring so much Midwest talent but thats the way it works so have at it! It's just a prelude to the full World Champs in 2013 at the same locale.


Little 500 in the news down in Florida where the winter training is occurring.....


A Women's Team riding 90 miles? Who could this be and will it help in 4 months? We demand to know!