Jun 29, 2011

Wednesday Worlds

Wednesday Worlds is Forest-North Shore/South Shore tonight, meet at Sample Gates for 6pm rollout.

Race Director

So Pam Loebig resigned after residing over 3 of most exciting additions of the Little 500! Unfortunately she came up short in one regard...she had just 3 different winners in the 3 years. So who is next up for the challenge of L5 Race Director? I understand interviews have been scheduled so anyone with insight as to who's in the running? Regardless of all the personal and organization skills needed, surely 'Thick skin' is at the top of the list of requirements!

Jun 28, 2011

MMSF #5 Times



M/TT bike

Ryan Shanahan
New course record
Jonathan Atwell
Fred Rose
Adam Rodkey (A-ROD)
Kevin Depasse
Jason Romain
Dave Able
Ryan Preske
Rich (NUVO kit-I didn’t get his last name-SORRY!)
Zach Lusk
Sarah Sanders
Thomas Walsh
John Gleason
Hannah Calvert
TT (think she had aero bars on )
Lindsay Bruick
Kelly Siffin
Cameron Johns
Brian Drummy
David R Shirley
Jon Rupp
Rachel Fuller
Emma Caughlin
Emily Palmer
Rachel Griffin
Abigail Legg

MMSF TT # 5 Tonight

Reminder: There will be another MMSF TT tonight (June 28th) at 7:00pm. 10-mile out and back course in Morgan-Monroe State Forest, start/finish where Main Forest Road and Old 37 meet. Riders will go 30 seconds apart starting at 7:00pm. A group usually leaves from behind the Bicycle Garage, Inc. shortly after 6:00pm for a brisk ride out. Current course record is 20:38 by Ryan Shanahan.

Jun 27, 2011

Weekend Recap (6/27/2011)

What a weekend it was for Bloomington bicycle racing! Starting small, we had some success from Scholars Inn Bakehouse and Panther at the races in Ohio with Lauren Gowdy taking a victory on Saturday and Ryan Knapp (Panther) and Jonathan Atwell (Bakehouse) both placing top 10/top 15 at Madeira and Hyde Park (which was part of the USA Crits series). Sunday saw Atwell win his first Pro/1/2 race with Knapp in 2nd. However, in the overall for the weekend, Knapp was 2nd and Atwell 4th.

Atwell (Scholars Inn Bakehouse) and "RK$$" (Panther) pose for a post-podium shot.

Big Flickr Gallery

Moving on to "bigger" stuff we had Erik Hamilton (Panther) ride strong in the break at the USA Cycling Elite Nationals RR, but get caught with 7 miles to go - almost a stone's throw from the finish line! Eric Young (BISSELL) rode strongly in the break in the U23 crit, but was caught and still finished 4th.

By far the biggest new though, has to be Young's first NRC victory! After completing the U23 crit he drove back up to Glencoe for the Glencoe Grand Prix and with just one teammate (Indianapolis resident David Williams) took the win ahead of Jamis-Sutter Home's Anibal Borrajo! Congrats to all this weekend! (if I missed anyone, sorry!)

GP addition- Awesome, I may be biased but am so proud of the team! (pic Vickie Gowdy)

Yeah solid win ;) Cyclingnews Report

Collegiate Track Schedule

IU riders, get on track!

August 27- 28 Michigan State (Rochester Hills)
September 3-4 University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (Kenosha)
September 10-11 Illinois Institute of Technology/University of Chicago
(Chicago) (Regionals)
September 16-18 Marian University (Major Taylor
Velodrome-Indianapolis) (Nationals)

Jun 23, 2011

USA Cycling Elite National TT Championships

Jonathan Jacob (NUVO Culture Trail) won the Elite TT Nationals today. Jonathan is not a Bloomington resident, but lives close by in Evansville. Greg Strock (Texas Roadhouse) of Martinsville was 7th and Erik Hamilton (Panther p/b Competitive Cyclist) had a solid finish too with 13th place. In the U23 event, Adam Leibovitz (Texas Roadhouse) placed 8th and Rob Bush (Chipotle Development Team) came in 13th. Bloomington native Isaiah Newkirk (Herring Gas Cycling) slotted in 50th. Looks like guys from Southern Indiana (and KY) are pretty good time trialists!

Full results here: http://www.cyclingnews.com/races/usa-elite-road-national-championships-2011/elite-men-time-trial/results

Velogames Tour de France

It's free to enter. Tom Schwoegler kindly set up a group for us all to battle within:


League Name: BVN
League Code: 23004254

Jun 22, 2011

Wednesday Worlds

Reminder that tonight's Wednesday Worlds is going on. Course is scheduled to be the Paragon Loop (out Bottom Rd.). Meet at Sample Gates for a 6pm rollout. Hope to see you all there!

Jun 21, 2011


bike lanes from Casey Neistat on Vimeo.

Jun 19, 2011

NVGP Day 5

Today is the last stage in the Nature Valley Grand Prix! Yesterday was an exciting day that saw UnitedHealthcare's stranglehold on the event broken. VeloNews will be streaming the criterium live tonight at:


Our local boys are hanging tough with Eric Young (BISSELL) leading home the main field yesterday, which also contained Erik Hamilton (Panther p/b Competitive Cyclist). Ryan "RK$$" Knapp (Panther) was a little further back in 85th. Currently Young sits 36th in the GC, Hamilton 42nd, and Knapp 68th. Good luck tonight guys!

Jun 15, 2011

WW 446 Results

I arrived at the venue late today, having got stuck in traffic en-route. I wasn't feeling great so I took the moto out to the course instead of the bike to chaperon the racers around the course with the granola strapped to the back of the bike like a carrot danging for the midway prime! Tonight, the call was for 8 laps on the 446 course. I got in the fray as the group of about 25 was making the last turn on the first lap. The pace was high as already several didn't make the first cut. A series of attacks were initiated between laps 2 and 4 splintering the group into 5ths, one got away in the 3rd that included Ryan S, Aaron P, Jon A, and Tomas G. The dangerous group had almost 20 seconds on the chasers and held on through the prime line with Jon winning the coveted bag of granola! The group was caught on the 446 climbs. In the 6th lap, Aaron initiated a break and got a gap of 10 seconds. Ryan bridged up and powered the duo to a 20 second lead with one to go. The two Bakehouse strongmen worked well together to extend their lead throughout the final lap. A serious bridge was attempted by messers Depasse and Atwell, but the chase ran out of real estate and ultimately, gas. By the final corner the chasing pack of 8 riders was reeling in Pilling and Shanahan but they just didn't figure it out in time! Pilling gets the W with Ryan providing a selfless leadout. Karim wins the field sprint, just nipping Smallman at the line.

Nature Valley Grand Prix Day 1

Bloomington locals Eric Young (Bissell), Erik Hamilton (Panther p/b Competitive Cyclist) and Ryan Knapp (Panther) all competed in the opening stage of the Nature Valley Grand Prix today. Young placed 24th, Hamilton 41st, and Knapp 69th in the time trial earlier today. The Stage 2 criterium is scheduled to start in 15 minutes and will be streamed live here:


Good luck tonight boys!

Jun 14, 2011

Wednesday Worlds

Wednesday Worlds tomorrow (6/15/2011), course is the 446 Loops (8 laps). Meet at Sample Gates for a 6pm rollout to the course. I have not heard the official word from Randi, but presumably the Women will do the same course.

Course map can be found here:

MMSF TT #4 Times

The turnout for tonight's TT was great with 31 riders participating! Ryan Shanahan (Scholars Inn Bakehouse) re-confirmed his dominance with a blazing 20.43, a mere 5 seconds off of his own course record of 20.38. Greg Strock (Texas Roadhouse) became just the third person to break the 21 minute mark with a time of 20.57 (Isaac Neff is the only other sub-21 rider with a 20.59). On the Women's side Sarah Sanders was the fastest with a time of 25.32, tying Karl Hall for 19th. Interestingly enough there was another tie for 26th between Lindsay Bruick and John Kinder. Kevin Depasse posted the fastest time on a road bike (without extensions, but with aero wheels) with a solid time of 23.39.

Thank you to Tom Saccone for timing once again and also to everyone who participated today!

Full Results below:

Place Name Time MPH
1 Ryan Shanahan 20.43 28.96
2 Greg Strock 20.57 28.64
3 Jonathan Atwell 21.33 27.84
4 Fred Rose 21.46 27.57
5 Adam Rodkey 22.41 26.45
6 David Morse 22.48 26.32
7 Jason Romain 23.10 25.90
8 Chris West 23.29 25.55
9 Kevin Depasse 23.39 25.37
10 Alex Jerden 24.01 24.98
11 Joshua Kush 24.16 24.73
12 Aaron Pilling 24.29 24.51
13 Ashton Wischmeier 24.32 24.46
14 Zach Lusk 24.34 24.42
15 Bob Costello 24.37 24.37
16 Ren-Jay Shei 24.42 24.29
17 Jake Tudorica 25.12 23.81
18 Thomas Walsh 25.21 23.67
19 Sarah Sanders 25.32 23.50
19 Karl Hall 25.32 23.50
21 Larry Mullinnix 25.41 23.36
22 Shane Slaven 26.17 22.83
23 Lyle Feigenbaum 26.21 22.77
24 Sarah Fredrickson 27.00 22.22
25 Liz Martin 27.11 22.07
26 Lindsay Bruick 27.31 21.80
26 John Kinder 27.31 21.80
28 Brian Drummy 27.35 21.75
29 Rachel Fullmer 28.40 20.93
30 Emma Caughlin 28.49 20.82
31 Melissa Moeller 29.37 20.26


Reminder: today (Tuesday, June 14th) there will be another time trial at Morgan-Monroe State Forest. 10 mile out-and-back course beginning and ending at the entrance to the Forest (where Old 37 meets Main Forest Road). First rider off at 1900 (a.k.a. 7pm), there is typically a group that leaves from behind BGI shortly after 1800 (a.k.a. 6pm) for a brisk ride out there. Come out and enjoy the milder temperatures before we get out next heat wave!

Jun 13, 2011


Look fun, if a painful death-march!

300 Miles of Gravel Trailer from Jeff Frings Photography on Vimeo.

Jun 8, 2011

Help find Lauren Spierer


Thank you so much for agreeing to spread the news. Here are two links that you can use to help our efforts. The first link is to the webpage we have set up with general information and the second is the webpage for donations to help with resources, etc.



Thank you again,

David Spierer (Lauren's brother)

WW MMSF New Finish Line

I painted a new finish line for tonight's ride. It's 'near' the old line on the leading edge of the bridge on Old 37 but just North of it. You'll see it on the way out to the course. I wanted to take the gap in the bridge out of play. I didn't have time to give you 100/200m lines yet, but I did paint a WW 1/2 mile marker in the road for the long final leadouts to begin! Hope to see you there.

Womens Wednesday Worlds

From Randi Cox- WWW starts tonight as well. Meet up at same time and place (6pm at the gates). Probably the same route but could change according to peoples wishes. All welcome, usually a little more inclusive than the general ride, at least at the beginning. GO RIDE!!

Jun 7, 2011

Wednesday Worlds Tomorrow!

Join us for a hot Summer WW tomorrow. The course: Morgan Monroe State Forest (up Beanblossom). Roll from the Sample Gates at 6:00pm

Jun 4, 2011

(last) weekend update

Thanks to the bold Anon poster keepin us on our toes over at BVN foreign headquarters. It's been a busy week but finally in a quiet moment it's worth reflecting on the recent excellent performances at the top end of Bloomington biking.
Performance of the week came from Eric Young over at the NRC Tour of Somerville where he took an impressive 3rd place. This coming sunday see Eric getting his ass kicked on the Manayuck Wall in Philly but it's been a very successful few weeks on the East Coast and it wouldn't be a surprise to anyone to see the NRC-leading Bissell team working for Eric and Kyle Warmsley at the National PRO Crit Champs. Quite the step up from battling the Fratstars on the cinders!
 from cyclingnews.com
Over at the Memorial day Races in Iowa, Erik Hamilton started the weekend well with a 70+mile breakaway and a 3rd placed finish in the Burlington RR. Even on tired legs he also managed 15th on the famous Snake Alley the next day. Team Panther teammate Ryan Knapp is back from a injury-hit start to the road season with a couple of 'normal' 9th places at Quad Cities and a career-best 9th on the Snake! Better yet was a 4th place in the hard uphill bunch kick at Melon City. The Bloomington Panther contingent are clearly on the up in the run-up to Nature Valley and the Elite Nationals Champs in the next month!
Ryan on the snake following Steve Tilford (from stevetilford.com)
In less happy news Mike Sherer had a bad looking crash at the Kelly Cup in Baltimore and got pretty beat up with a broken collarbone and tonnes of nasty road-rash. It's a real shame as Mike was developing some great form after his international spring races. Hopefully he'll be back soon enough and can make something happen at the end of the season. Heal up quick Mike!
Ouch (from Mike)

You MAY have heard I'm not still in the US so I feel a little silly updating BVN. Therefore if anyone else wants to contribute to this blog then please let me know and I can allow editing privileges. It's something I'd like to see continue and as it will take a group effort I'd like to get anyone who has something to say involved.