Jun 27, 2011

Weekend Recap (6/27/2011)

What a weekend it was for Bloomington bicycle racing! Starting small, we had some success from Scholars Inn Bakehouse and Panther at the races in Ohio with Lauren Gowdy taking a victory on Saturday and Ryan Knapp (Panther) and Jonathan Atwell (Bakehouse) both placing top 10/top 15 at Madeira and Hyde Park (which was part of the USA Crits series). Sunday saw Atwell win his first Pro/1/2 race with Knapp in 2nd. However, in the overall for the weekend, Knapp was 2nd and Atwell 4th.

Atwell (Scholars Inn Bakehouse) and "RK$$" (Panther) pose for a post-podium shot.

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Moving on to "bigger" stuff we had Erik Hamilton (Panther) ride strong in the break at the USA Cycling Elite Nationals RR, but get caught with 7 miles to go - almost a stone's throw from the finish line! Eric Young (BISSELL) rode strongly in the break in the U23 crit, but was caught and still finished 4th.

By far the biggest new though, has to be Young's first NRC victory! After completing the U23 crit he drove back up to Glencoe for the Glencoe Grand Prix and with just one teammate (Indianapolis resident David Williams) took the win ahead of Jamis-Sutter Home's Anibal Borrajo! Congrats to all this weekend! (if I missed anyone, sorry!)

GP addition- Awesome, I may be biased but am so proud of the team! (pic Vickie Gowdy)

Yeah solid win ;) Cyclingnews Report


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Here's a race recap for the Grandview 1/2:

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photo is priceless

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what a cute couple

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paul levy got married. is that a win?