Jun 15, 2011

WW 446 Results

I arrived at the venue late today, having got stuck in traffic en-route. I wasn't feeling great so I took the moto out to the course instead of the bike to chaperon the racers around the course with the granola strapped to the back of the bike like a carrot danging for the midway prime! Tonight, the call was for 8 laps on the 446 course. I got in the fray as the group of about 25 was making the last turn on the first lap. The pace was high as already several didn't make the first cut. A series of attacks were initiated between laps 2 and 4 splintering the group into 5ths, one got away in the 3rd that included Ryan S, Aaron P, Jon A, and Tomas G. The dangerous group had almost 20 seconds on the chasers and held on through the prime line with Jon winning the coveted bag of granola! The group was caught on the 446 climbs. In the 6th lap, Aaron initiated a break and got a gap of 10 seconds. Ryan bridged up and powered the duo to a 20 second lead with one to go. The two Bakehouse strongmen worked well together to extend their lead throughout the final lap. A serious bridge was attempted by messers Depasse and Atwell, but the chase ran out of real estate and ultimately, gas. By the final corner the chasing pack of 8 riders was reeling in Pilling and Shanahan but they just didn't figure it out in time! Pilling gets the W with Ryan providing a selfless leadout. Karim wins the field sprint, just nipping Smallman at the line.


Lyle said...

AP & Ryan, way to work together! You guys could teach Lebron & DWade a lot. Go Team Scholars Inn Bakehouse!

Jonathan said...

thanks for the moto chaperone (Tom!) and the prizes (Lyle)! I don't normally like granola, but that stuff is amazing!