Feb 25, 2010


The track is open and understandably a little sloppy! There seemed to be a good group of guys and gals out there with a few lads predictably trying to put an early marker down as they led the 'pack'.

John Bishop (Pi Kapp) trying to control the group. Pi Kapp's will be trying to finish in the top 25 this year ;)

Road Season is a go!

The spring Collegiate race season starts this weekend down in Southern KY at Murray State. In the inaugural event last year icy conditions made the crit course a BIG joke (so much so that the Marian coach took this riders home without riding) so hopefully things will be better this year. It seems a good group of IU riders will be making the trip and although the Men's A group is somewhat inexperienced at this level, they do have some good potential. Ren-jay Shei and Scott Catanzaro clearly have good form and will be joined by the Kielers and Matt Neibler. Midwest collegiate racing has changed greatly in recent years with the days of IU dominating due to their overwhelming numbers long gone. Marian, Lindsey Wilson and Lindenwood all have varsity cycling programs whilst Purdue and Wiscosin-Madison continue to improve. Good luck to all! The full collegiate schedule is here.

Feb 20, 2010

Slow Track...

5 weeks until Quals with more snow on the way!
IDS article about rookies not riding!

Feb 18, 2010

Upcoming Road Rides

IUCC are starting their Friday Social no drop rides- Friday 3pm Sample Gates. Approx 30miles. All welcome.

Sunday Noon- Road Ride/A’s and B’s Practice, 12pm, Sample Gates (40-60 mi). I'm sure anyone else who can hang is welcome to tear it up! Collegiate race season starts next weekend!

Thursdays at 3-15pm- Group ride from Revolution B+B, usually 2hrs, steady pace.

Feb 16, 2010

The last time...

A request from a PDT alum- 'Throw this up on your blog for the Cutters to chew on... The last time a team was going for 4 wins in a row - we got the follow result! History has a funny way of repeating itself!!'.
I'd say GAME ON but I hope the riders of both teams care as much as the Alumni bases!

The Track is Open...kinda

Under 2 feet of snow the track stirs.....
Now I love the Cutters as much as anyone but can someone else please win this year! It's getting boring!

This appeared on PS4 earlier today

Feb 14, 2010

BGI Beatdown!

Bragging rights at BGI goes to Erik Hamilton as in the final Marian University Indoor TT he laid the smack down on Ryan Shanahan and the rest of the field! Erik had been putting serious numbers up on the trainer and some big miles up on the road and his form is clearly ticking over nicely for the start of the local road season in a months time. The Marian TTs have been very successful so look out for further evolution of the idea next year! Now bring on the road season!

A portent....

Feb 13, 2010

Never give up!

Not Bloomington-based but Francesco Chicchi's win at the Tour of Qatar is a example in not giving up. Check out the aerial sprint video from the 8m30s mark. He comes from NO-WHERE to win!

Feb 12, 2010

Bloomington Bike Polo

I'm embarrassed to say that I know nothing about this group. It seems as though they are having a good time with one of the more obscure bike-based sports! It does look kinda fun so go check it out some time though the $5000 Colnago should probably stay at home! BloomingtonBikePolo.com

Seymour TT series

There is a little race series called the B2 Bikes and Boards TT that happens close to Seymour IN on a couple of challenging courses. These begin at the end of April but you TTers out there should make note of the dates especially considering the uncertainty over the Monrovia TTs. Ryan Shanahan and Adam Rodkey have been setting course records like crazy over there (thanks to Adam for the heads up on this)!

B2 Time Trial Series Season Opener
600E 0.1 Mile south of US HWY 50
Sunday, April 25 at 1:00pm

B2 Time Trial Series Event #2
600 E 0.1 Miles south of US Hwy 50
Sunday, May 2 at 1:00pm

B2 Time Trail Series Event #3
600 E 0.1 Miles South of US HWY 50
Sunday, May 16 at 1:00pm

B2 Time Trial Series #4
600E 0.1 Miles South of US HWY 50
Sunday, June 6 at 1:00pm

B2 Time Trail Series Event #5
600E 0.1 Miles South of US HWY 50
Sunday, June 27 at 1:00pm

B2 Time Trail Series Event #6
600E 0.1 Miles South of US HWY 50
Sunday, August 1 at 1:00pm

DRT MTB Race Schedule

From DRTconsulting.net
The First race of the series is right around the corner. We visit the challenging terrain of Brown county State park. This point to the "Pointe" Hesitation uphill TT, should provide agreat opportunity to test your early season fitness, before kicking off the DINO series. Important to note, that your start order for the TT will be the order in which you registered. So pre-register now, and save money! Pre-registration is open on Truesport, and day of registration will be open at 10:30 am and close at 1:10 P.M. There will be a day of late fee of $10.00. Once again a portion of the proceeds will go to benefit the trails as DRT will make a contribution to HMBA.
Racing starts at 1:30P.M. sharp. A start list containing your start times will be posted at 1:15 and you will be given a start time at registration. The course will be Marked for Practice Saturday afternoon.
4-18: BCSP TT
4-25: Winona Lake TT, Fat skinny tire festival tune-up, come preview the course
5-23: Tentative-TBA- presented by Mountain Bike Depot, the ville, KY
5-30: French Lick, US cup Tune -up
7-18: BCSP XC, point to point
8-8: Franke Park XC Season Finale, presented by Fort Wayne outfitters

Feb 8, 2010

Marian Indoor TT #4, Feb 13th

From Brett Stewart-
Marian University is hosting its final indoor time trial event this Saturday, February 13th! Bring your own road or TT rig and compete against the clock using Marian's electronic trainers (Computrainers). Eight riders will ride at a time on the Computrainer multi-rider system! Test your winter fitness and check out the latest in Zipp high speed weaponry at Marian University's final indoor cycling event of the season! Warm up on the most realistic feeling roller set on the market with TruTrainer or use Marian's CycleOp's "400 Pro Indoor" spin bikes. All home trainers are welcome too! Bring the ol' trainer down and warm up 'homestyle'!
· The start list will be sent out via email on Friday morning to all
riders pre-registered by Thursday evening (February 11).
· The start list will also be available on Truesport.com.
· First riders off at 9:00am
· Day of competition registrants will start after the pre-registered
riders at about 11:30am-12:00pm!
Headbands NOT complusory!

*NEW Event!*
For the final event of the 2009-2010 Marian University Indoor Time
Trial Series there will be a team time trial option! Each team of 3-4 riders will tackle a flat 10 mile course and the time will be taken off of the 3rd rider to
cross the line. Drafting will be enabled adding a fun and dynamic quality to the competition!
· Team time trials will start at 1pm at a cost of $60.00 per squad.
· Times to beat from 2009

Marian University 22:53
ZIPP Factory Team 23:01

Marian University 27:33
· Contact Brett Stewart at bstewart@marian.edu for scheduling!

*Multiple Event Pricing*
Many riders are opting to participate in multiple events
· 2 ITT EVENTS: $30.00 (pre-register for one, and contact Brett
Stewart for the second event)
· Feeling good? You can also sign up for #2 day of too!
· 1 ITT + 1 TTT (4 riders): $120.00 (includes 1 ITT for each person and
1 TTT) Contact Brett Stewart for registration and any other information!

Feb 5, 2010

A Long Walk

This is not strictly a cycling post but it does involve two of Bloomingtons beloved bikers. JJs delivery biker JP Krol and BGI wrench Adam Fryska are embarking on the most epic of steady mile sessions on March 1st when they tackle the Appalachian Trail. It's a really really long way. Keep track of their progress taking a little walk in the hills here.

Feb 3, 2010

Planet Adventure Race Series

There's a new player in the Indiana Road race scene this year with a number of events being organized by Planet Adventure. Their schedule starts on May 8th with a return to the classic Brookside park venue and continues with the third race visit of the year to Eagle Creek Park. The organizers are committed to putting racers first and this looks to be a first-rate series.

May 8 Brookside Park CMT Circuit Race Brookside Park
May 16 Eagle Creek Park "Contemporary" Circuit Race Eagle Creek
July 11 Lawrence Village Fort Criterium Race Lawrence Village at the Fort
August 8 Southeastway Park "Vintage" Circuit Race Southeastway Park

Feb 2, 2010

Hillsboro-Roubaix- 4/10/10

Registration for the classic Hillsboro-Roubaix race opened yesterday and hundreds of racers have signed up already. If you're a Cat3 and want to race I would get signed up soon. Weirdly even though over 300 riders of different categories have signed only 19 Pro/Cat1/2s have done so. Either A, their team manager will do it for them B, it's like a game of chicken in which it's not cool to sign up too early or C, everyone will be watching Miss N' Out at the Little500 track instead?

Feb 1, 2010

Bloomington Bringing it!

The latest in the increasing popular Marian Indoor TT series took place last saturday and it was all Bloomington all the way. Car-poolers Ryan Shanahan and Johnathan Atwell had a ding-dong battle that saw Atwell taking an early lead forcing Shanahan to claw his way back into contention and emerge with a small victory. Atwell is an all around athlete (a 2h45m Marathoner) who will be a man to watch his coming summer! Rob Templeman also continued his good form with a 7th position. There is one TT remaining (on Feb 13th) and will likely be very well attended as people try to get their fix of competition before the road season opens.