Feb 3, 2010

Planet Adventure Race Series

There's a new player in the Indiana Road race scene this year with a number of events being organized by Planet Adventure. Their schedule starts on May 8th with a return to the classic Brookside park venue and continues with the third race visit of the year to Eagle Creek Park. The organizers are committed to putting racers first and this looks to be a first-rate series.

May 8 Brookside Park CMT Circuit Race Brookside Park
May 16 Eagle Creek Park "Contemporary" Circuit Race Eagle Creek
July 11 Lawrence Village Fort Criterium Race Lawrence Village at the Fort
August 8 Southeastway Park "Vintage" Circuit Race Southeastway Park


AH said...

Interesting. According to my count there are 3 real corners when you total all 4 race courses. Take what you can get, I guess.

Will they be USAC-sanctioned?

Geraint Parry said...

They are already sanctioned so the website says. The difference between Contemporary and Traditional Eagle creek crits are a mystery to me at present!

AH said...

I shoulda looked at their website before shooting my mouth off... sounds like these are some new technical courses. Good stuff!