Feb 1, 2010

Bloomington Bringing it!

The latest in the increasing popular Marian Indoor TT series took place last saturday and it was all Bloomington all the way. Car-poolers Ryan Shanahan and Johnathan Atwell had a ding-dong battle that saw Atwell taking an early lead forcing Shanahan to claw his way back into contention and emerge with a small victory. Atwell is an all around athlete (a 2h45m Marathoner) who will be a man to watch his coming summer! Rob Templeman also continued his good form with a 7th position. There is one TT remaining (on Feb 13th) and will likely be very well attended as people try to get their fix of competition before the road season opens.


Anonymous said...

"ding-dong battle"??

Anonymous said...

So sue me, I'm British!