Nov 24, 2009

Gravel Grovel

There might not be a more perfect way to burn off the excesses of Turkey day than the Gravel Grovel. A 60mile ride/race over the gravel roads of the Hoosier National Forest starting in the Story Inn a mere 20miles from Bloomington. It starts on friday at 10am and I'm amazed to report that 85 riders have already registered. It's very much a fend-for-yourself race but looks to be a blast with so many riders on the route. There is no Day-of event registration so register at Truesport and get all the info at

Nov 23, 2009


Fantastic weekend of racing at the Indy CX festival. Check out or for results and details. Bloomington highlights include Adam Rodkeys saturday win and sunday battle, Ryan Preske saturday 4th place, Ryan Shanahan's chase yet ultimate defeat in the 35+ Cat4 race, Fred Rose's Elite masters state champ win and Erik Hamiltons dual 5ths. Top billing must go to Mike Sherer's return from a bust collar bone to claim the IN state champs. Could this be the stimulus for a run at the US collegiate to Portland are pretty cheap as I understand.
Elsewhere Ryan Knapp was also back in action down in NC (together with The Mexler) where he added to his haul of UCI points!

The Brookside Park venue is awesome for CX and check out some photos from the stairs during the Eite Race (+ Ryan S and his unusual carrying style!)

Nov 20, 2009

Indy CX weekend

The OVCX series is winding down but makes a long awaited trip to Indy this weekend with a duo of races at Southeastway Park (saturday) and Brookside Park (sunday). These events will also round out the IN cup series as well as go someway to deciding the OVCX overall titles. Both Adam Rodkey and Fred Rose are well placed in their respective overall categories with the latter likely being able to wrap the title up over the weekend. Good luck to all who go race!

Nov 18, 2009

2009 Little500 Race Viewing......with Pizza!!

From Erin Axley-
There will be a Little 500 race tape viewing tonight at 7:30 pm in Psychology 100 and
101 for anyone who is interested; current riders, prospective riders, past riders. We
will be showing the 2009 men's and women's races, and there will be pizza! Bring your
team, bring your friends and let's watch the race!

This should be fun! Laugh when the announcers fail to mention Pi Phi when they cross the line in first place! Cry when the Cutters claw their way back from a half-lap deficit! Puzzle over your teams 2010 tactics to win the race!

Nov 17, 2009

Fixey for Xmas?

USA Cycling announced the list of National Championship events for 2010. Of Midwestern interest are the Masters Road champs in Louisville, Collegiate Road Nationals in Madison and most notably Collegiate Track Champs being held at Major Taylor Velodrome. This past year Eric Young was the sole IU representative at Track Nats, claiming an excellent bronze in the match sprint. The proximity of MTV and their sheer number of riders should enable IU to have a significant presence at Nationals next year. I understand the new IUCC organization is pushing velodrome racing so when you're considering Christmas presents then turn your thoughts to a nice track bike!

Nov 16, 2009

Rose in Full Bloom

The Cap City Cross yesterday saw another victory for the recently mercurial Fred Rose! Three races and three wins since last saturday at MTV! A man on form to be sure! Elsewhere Erik Hamilton is starting to feel the effects of a long season but still managed a solid 7th place in the Elite race where he was joined by Zach Edwards in 10th. Elizabeth Cobb continues her improvement as a CX racer with a top 5 finish in the Womens 3/4 race!
Rose in action earlier in the year

Nov 14, 2009

Unseasonally good weather- who benefits?

Mid 60s in the middle of November? Nice an' all but what does it mean for next April?

The Facts-
1. Riding outside is more beneficial than being stuck indoors
2. December fitness will be higher throughout all teams
3. Winter will arrive but maybe shorter than usual
4. Bike fitness in general declines throughout the winter
5. Shorter winter means fitness declines will be less
6. Only the Cutters ride in the winter, allowed better maintenance of fitness
7. Other teams arrive in spring fitter than usual

The Result-

Unseasonally good weather= DISADVANTAGE CUTTERS!

LITTLE 500 2010- IT'S A RACE AGAIN!!!!

Nov 13, 2009

Could you please stand at the corner of Indiana and 7th for 20minutes please?

Not Bloomington-based and with a significant British slant but it does rather sum up the difficulties of getting bike racers to not ride for a few hours and help out with organizing. Ah the disconnect of being tight-asses yet paying mucho $$$ for componentary!

Nov 12, 2009

Brothers on the rise!

The OVCX series head east to Granville OH this weekend. Watch out for the Kiel Brothers to continue their improving results! They came late to the cross season but are finding some solid form with Matt taking two second places over the past weekend at MTV and in Lexington! Watch out Adam Rodkey- the title for best Cat 3 CXer in Bloomington is up for grabs!

Race Across the Sky- Encore

The Galaxy 14 Cinema in Indianapolis will be one of the three theatres in Indiana that will be showing the the Race across the Sky documentary TONIGHT. If you didn't see it already it's probably worth making the trip as there are some spectacular moments. If you are a LANCE fan then it's a must see as you get to see him smite a bunch of US pros and there's not a wily Spaniard to be seen!

Nov 10, 2009

MTV cyclocross

A good weekend for Bloomington racers at the Major Taylor Velodrome cross. Fred Rose and Adam Rodkey were the highlights as they took victories in their respective categories whilst Matt Kiel and Emily Benson both showed strongly with 2nd place finishes.
Results here along with a bunch of very pictures that can't be stolen off of the website!

Nov 6, 2009

Rookie Clinic

A new innovatiopn at the Little 500 track. Kudos to IUSF and thanks to the Soccer team for allowing someone else to use Bill Armstrong stadium for a few hours during their precious season!

Rookie Clinic
Sunday, November 8th
Bill Armstrong Stadium

They will be working on exchanges but also for those that have attended the previous rookie clinic we will also work on pack riding and pacelines. After the rookie clinic there is a rider social for anyone and everyone. Pizza, outdoor games, music, playing around on the track, etc. From 4:30-whenever.

The question is whether you have to be a current L5 rider to get the free pizza and ride on the track? I can see many sad alumni coming to Bloomington to have a chance at throwing out a few hot laps for old times sake!

Friday Social Ride

Just as a reminder their is a "no drop" ride today from Sample Gates at 3:30. The weather is
supposed to be nice so try and make it out!

Nov 4, 2009

MTV Cyclocross

From Bikewave-
The #2 race of The Indiana Cyclocross Series is this Saturday ! Located at
The Major Taylor Velodrome, the action will start at 10:30am, with the
1/2/3 race going off at 2pm. Race details are on Truesport ( to pre-register ) and on the race blog .
This is an excellent venue to race and watch racing. Bring your cowbell,
trombone, whistle, and beverages of choice and hang out. Its going to
be a great time...ride your bike over/drive the family over/parachute in,
whatever works for you! Its going to be nice out this weekend.
A big thanks in advance to our sponsors and the crew of volunteers who
make this race possible: Zipp, Cannondale, Hammer Nutrition, Kona, Nuvo
Magazine, DG bicycles, Nebo Ridge, Fox, Indie Bike, Trek and Luna Music.

Nov 3, 2009

Cross before breakfast!

9am at the rear of BGI and then at the tailgate fields. Start the day with a healthy dose of intense exercise! CLASS?.......BLOW IT OFF, GO RIDE!

Group Ride Crazy!

It's good to see that people are trying to break away from their L5 team cliques and get some fall/winter group rides going. We here at BVN are all about that sort of activity.

Tuesday- Womens Group Ride @ 3pm, Wilcox House
Wednesday (tentative)- Fast paced ride @ 4pm, Samples Gates (this ride is in limbo at the moment as nominal leader Matt Neib;er has some injury). That doesn't stop other riders jumping into the void to lead the group out of town if they wish- comment here if you're willing to do that.
Thursday- Revolution B+B shop ride @ 4pm. Moderate pace. Approx 30miles contact for more detail.
Friday- IUCC no drop social group ride @ 3.30pm ,Sample Gates
Sunday- IUCC moderately paced group ride @ Noon, Sample Gates
Check out for more detail in 140 characters!