Nov 24, 2009

Gravel Grovel

There might not be a more perfect way to burn off the excesses of Turkey day than the Gravel Grovel. A 60mile ride/race over the gravel roads of the Hoosier National Forest starting in the Story Inn a mere 20miles from Bloomington. It starts on friday at 10am and I'm amazed to report that 85 riders have already registered. It's very much a fend-for-yourself race but looks to be a blast with so many riders on the route. There is no Day-of event registration so register at Truesport and get all the info at


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Anonymous said...


Hey Geraint,

You just got spammed!

Anonymous said...

You never get this crap on ps3 huh? Youth Juice sounds a little suspicious don't you think?

schweg said...

One of the reasons I updated PS3 was to keep this stuff from happening. But I still have "users" from Eastern Eurpoe and Russia trying to get in. This person with the Youth Juice has her own Blog, maybe people here would return the favor on her blog. Here is the link: