Dec 1, 2009

Gravel Grovel Redux

If you'd predicted that 120+ riders would line up for a 60mile gravel road race in late November I'd have told you you were crazy! Not so as that's exactly what happened this past Friday out at the homely Story Inn! The Gravel Grovel was blessed with excellent (if chilly) weather and had an air of big-time legitimacy with the attendance of Kenda Pro's Jake R and Chad B. The results show that Jake, Greg Strock and the Mexler made the break of the day with Jake soloing in for the win from Messer and Strock! The comment section on the website and the FB group are full of glowing praise and a few blogs have writtne up interesting reports here, here and here. If anyone has other information or photos then please post a link in the comments section. All in all it gets the Turkey juices flowing for next year.....where it might be 20F and snowing!!

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