Dec 16, 2009

Looking ahead...

As winter starts to grip and riders head indoors for the next couple of months it's important to have something to work for! The IN/KY USAC association released a tentative race schedule for the 2010 road season and I'm pleased to say that Dan Daly will be putting on a few races next year. Then of course there's the Little 500 series schedule... Expect the schedule to fill out a little in the next month as organizers get things Oked!

Local Spring Highlights include-
3/13- Long Run RR- Louisville
3/21- Brown County RR
3/27- Little 500 Quals
3/31- Little 500 ITTs
4/3- Marian College Crit
4/4- Easter
4/10- Little 500 Miss N' Out
4/10- Hillsboro-Roubaix
4/17- Little 500 Team Pursuit
4/17- Ceraland Joanna Daly Memorial Circuit Race
4/18- Mooresville Bob Jordan Circuit Race
4/23- Womens Little 500
4/24- Mens Little 500
4/24- McCormicks Creek Road Race (YouTube preview from 2008)
4/25- Eagle Creek Fast Crit
5/1 and 5/2- Fat and Skinny Tire Fest
5/8- Eagle Creek race (USAC)
5/9- Eagle Creek Traditional Crit (IRS)

Very Tentative date for the Bloomington Crit is 07/10/10.


adamrodkey said...

Who's putting on the McCreek RR?
Glad to see this back.

Frederick said...

Heading indoors?!

Anonymous said...

Dan Daly will be putting on the McCormicks Creek race (along with C-land and two Eagle Creek races).