Mar 31, 2009

ITT Preview

Whereas Saturday at Quals was all about the team, Wednesday evenings ITTs are, as the name suggests, all about the individual! Who is the fastest on the track? A list of the heats can be found here. So what have we got to look forward to?

The traditional 'Hour of Power' runs between 7.45p and 8.45p in which most of the contenders for the title will be riding. Heats 53 and 55 will be the top womens heats when Cerone, Balbach (KD), Moeller (Teter), Hewitt, Boswell (Wing-it), Heath (DG), Rogoski (DSP) and Brown (Pi Phi) will be riding. If there was a Vegas-book on this race then Kristi Hewitt would be a prohibitive favorite. She's defending champ and even with a fractured radius was FAST during her lap at quals. If the track is fast look for Kristi to break the Womens ITTs record which stands at 2:34.27 (set by Sarah Rieke in 2007). Outside of Hewitt look for Jennifer Balbach to set a hot time. This junior is a road-riding-neophyte but is seriously fast on the track. She rode two laps for KD at quals and they looked very fast indeed. Jackie Moeller and Kristina Heath should see their road riding translate to a fast time and outside of the power hour look for Caitlin Van Kooten (Teter) to improve upon her 5th place of last year.

Kristi Hewitt in 2008 (from

On the Mens side the super-heat is number 56 at 8.35pm when Sovinski (PDT), Young (Cutters), Neibler (DTD) and Parks (TMT) do battle. The first two riders were both in the top 3 last year and will be challenging for the win again this year. Young looked very fast in quals and the smart money might be on him to bring the ITT crown back to the Cutters. Also look for this team-mate Clayton Feldman (who finished 5th last year) to stake a claim for victory this year. Hans Arnesen's ITT record (2:15.78) shouldn't be under threat but in ITTs you should never say never!

Kevin Moore (Dodds) struggles against the elements in 2004!

Mar 30, 2009

State Crit Champs In Bloomington!

Team Tortuga just got some great news from the local USAC committee. Bloomington will be hosting the State Criterium Championships on July 18th 2009! It should be a great day!

Michigan Results

Three IU riders made the trip up to Michigan this weekend. The results weren't spectacular but the points that Issac, Ren-Jay and Kristina gained will greatly help IU in their aim to qualify the team for Nationals. With MnO and Little500 imminent, IU needs all the points it can get whenever it can!

Mar 29, 2009

Quals Videos

Valentin Todorow has posted some videos from Quals. Check them out!Link

Quals Recap

So qualifications is in the books for another year and on reflection it was probably a good but not a great day of excitement at the track. The major story is the magnificent achievement of Teter to break the Quals record to take their 3rd consecutive pole position. The stage was set for the fairytale comeback for Tom S as his Wing-it team was sitting on Pole when Teter took to the track. It’s fair to say that the dorm team absolutely crushed the time of Wing-it with a 0.5sec beating of the previous course record (KKG 2005). Better yet they took Teter-style to another level. Last year they looked good in the Mapei-inspired kits but went above and beyond with their Rock-Teter-Racing jerseys of this year.

Record Holders!

On the Men’s side it was a competitive day with the top three teams separated by 0.3s. PDT are worthy pole sitters but special kudos must go to Fiji who set their time at 8am and almost went wire-to-wire. Controversy is never far from the Cutters as there was some questioning of their time from the bleachers even though they for sure looked fast!

So lets go inside the numbers. What else stood out from the day?
- Eric Young of Cutters might have done the fastest warm-up lap in history was he was flying out of turn two. Expect more from Eric on Wednesday at ITTs.
- Collins Bunny Gamma qualed with 5seconds to spare with no chain after it came off in turn four of the final lap. Kudos to their final lap rider who might have ridden off the track in disgust but rolled it through the finish line and they made the race.
- There were some great saves in the exchange box with SoFa (W) and AGD (3rd attempt) having honorable mentions. The best of the day was surely the final exchange of the Army Women pole-setting run. Magnificent.
- Sensible decision of the day went to the DSP (M) team. They chose to do 3 bike-to-bike exchanges on their 3rd attempt to be safe. They rightly knew they had the speed to make the race so making that decision gave them the safest way of getting it the job done.

And onto some stats. I timed the first lap of a few of the (mostly earlier) teams. The stats are biased against teams doing a bike-to-bike exchange as I ended the time when the new bike crossed the start/ finish line and not when the incoming riders slid across the line.

What sticks out from the Men’s stats is the time of C4F. With a first lap like that they must have got in the race if they could have made 3 exchanges! On the Women’s side it shows Kristi Hewitt of Wing-it will be the girl to beat in the series events as her first lap was a full 2 seconds faster than anyone else. The question whether Wing-it is deep enough to compete with Teter will be answered in the next few weeks.

PDT 33.14
Cutters 33.27
C4F (attempt 2) 33.42
DSP (M) 3 33.58
DSP (M) 1 33.6
GGS 33.61
ATO 2 33.62
DSP (M) 2 33.87
Collins BG 34.63
Twisted Steel 34.7
Phi Psi 2 34.71
Fiji 34.8
BKB 34.8
Sammie 34.85
Sigma Pi 34.92
Wright 2 35.01
Theta Chi 35.86
Delta Chi 36.19
Cinzano 36.26
Pi Kapps 1 36.5
Phi Kappa Sigma 2 36.7
Pi Kapps 2 37
Phi Kappa Sigma 1 37.3
Beta 2 37.8
Beta 1 38.02
Lamdba Chi 1 43.21

Wing It 33.91
Teter 36.16
Theta 38.26
Pi Phi 2 38.59
Athena 39.72
AoPi 1 39.77
DG 39.8
AoPi 2 39.95
KKG 40.7
Zeta 1 41.01
Gamma Phi 2 41.54
Alpha Xi Delta 2 41.89
Tri-Delt 1 42.55
SDT 1 43.49
Mezcla 1 43.55
Zeta 2 43.77
Alpha Phi 44.4
Mezcla 2 44.53
SDT 2 45.63
Collins 45.8

Correction and Catharsis

So after some introspection and clear errors this blog realizes mistakes were made in the prediction and reporting business.
Official results can be found here.

Apologies to Wing-it, Pi Phi, Phi Mu, AGD, Sigma Chi and Fiji for under-estimating your performances.

Congratulations to everyone who made it in. Analysis and some other stats to follow.

Mar 28, 2009

Qual Results

Sorry for lack of updates- no wireless at the track and the blog doesn't own an iphone!

Top six-
PDT 2m22
Fiji 2m22
Cutters 2m22.99

Other Top Ten or close- Wright, Phi Psi, ATO, AKAK. AKAK and ATO fans had a fight!

33rd- Beta.
Who didn't get in- ZBT, SAE, ACC, Lamdba Chi, Cinzano, Roman Switchblade, C4F. No surprises. DU/ Evans Scholars got in on third attempts.

Teter (Quals record 2m35s.54) and they looked awesome in their Rock Racing kits!
Pi Phi

Other top ten or close- AGD, Phi Mu, KKG, Gamma Phi.

More details to follow.


Men. Fiji 2m22. Ggs 2 25 pike 2 27

Women . Army 2 41. Theta 2 44. Dg 2 46.


Wing it on pole 2 40

Phi delt on polE 2 22.67

Mar 27, 2009

Weekend Racing

There is a little non-cinder track racing going on this weekend. A few IU riders (read less than 3) will be in Michigan for a triple dip of racing in East Lansing and Ann Arbor. There is also a Spring Warm up race in Auburn IN on Sunday. Enjoy!

Quals Preview

Everyone LOVES the big race but this blog says you can keep it. Qualifications day is where it is AT! It’s without doubt the most exciting day of the year. The emotions and drama are there for ten straight hours! The day has it all; incredible speed, wince-worthy-wrecks, cringe-inducing fouls, heart-raising achievement and soul destroying disappointment.
There's more on the line for the Men’s teams on this day than on any other. Oh yeah those good teams might think nothing can go wrong but before you get too cocky go and talk to Steve Ziemba about his 2007 race (defending champs ATO didn’t qual that year). For the teams on the bubble, it’s an agonizing day as all the hard work you have put in since Christmas will be for naught unless you get in the top 33.
A little known but cruel story played out in 2006. The Men’s ACC team rode at 8am that year and was of course top of the leader board for a brief time. Throughout the day they slowly dropped down the board until at around 6pm, a full ten hours after they rode, the final team of the day (BKB on their third attempt) pushed them off the bottom and into 34th position. That was cruel and unusual indeed.
Anyone watching last years race might have wondered why everyone worries about getting a good qualifying position. There were no big wrecks and the teams who started 16th and 17th were leading after half a lap of the race (BKB and Dodds). However the clear importance in qualifying well is to increase your chances of avoiding the wrecks that could happen on the first few laps. The opposite to 2008 occurred in 2005 when a huge wreck in turn 1 took all but 7 teams out of contention for the race victory………after less than 100meters! Of course you can be unlucky even if you take the Pole but in general the better the starting position the lesser chance of hitting the cinders!

Qual well- avoid this!

So what can be expected from this years addition of Quals?

There are 41 Men’s teams and 31 Women’s teams meaning 8 Men’s teams won’t make it and will be wishing they could take the two empty Womens places instead!

Expect drama to the very end of the day as 13 of the final 16 teams are Men’s teams. At 3pm a maximum of 28 teams will be in the race, less than 3 hours later 8 of those will be GONE!

Expect less drama between 10am and 11am when 9 of 11 teams will be Women. This blog loves the women’s race but outside the top 20 teams, women’s quals is pretty much a joke. IUSF should admit one less team into the race than try to qualify in order to force some girls to learn how to do an exchange!

So onto the picks! It’s almost impossible to accurately predict quals so this blog will group teams into how we think they will perform-

Riding for the Win- Cutters, DTD, BKB, Gray Goat, PDT, ATO, Phi Psi.
Comfortably in the Race- Beta, Fiji, DSP, Kappa Sigma, Sammie, DU, VD, Dodds, Wright, Acacia.
Happy to make the Dance- The Rest- Good luck guys.

And the Women-
Riding for the Win- Teter, KD, DG, KKG, Theta. DSP.
Top 13- Zeta, Gamma Phi, Alpha Phi, Army, AoPi, CoUCH, Wing-it
Top 20- Phi Mu, ChiO, Pi Phi, AGD, A-ChiO, Athena, Team Rev.

But then what the hell do I know?
Good luck to one and all!

Look out for semi-live updates throughout the day tomorrow for those people away from Bloomington!

Friday Ride

From Ren-jay.
It's been a while since we've last held our usual Friday ride, but with no track practice
tomorrow, you can look forward to a ride at 3pm from Revolution Bike & Bean. The plan is
to roll easy for 1-1.5 hours, so if you're looking to loosen up for quals or just want to
enjoy the weather, come on out. Hope to see you all there.

Mar 25, 2009

WW 446 part deux

A small group rolled out of town to tackle 6 laps of the 446 loop this evening, the decreased numbers due to qualifications pressure on the Little 500 riders in town. BTW there's NO better training for that race that THIS ride! Even with a small group the ride was fast with people going out the back and jumping back in with impunity. The final lap saw Cox, Sherer, Palmer, Meyers, Gaines, Rose, the Polish wonder (on an MTB) and Parry (-1 lap) rounding the top corner together. Meyers killed it with a rapid lead-out that set up Sherer for the win over Rose. Next week is the Paragon loop- bring your bullet proof wheels as Bottom Road is in ugly shape.


Worlds this evening is the 446 loop, likely 8 laps. Come on out rain or shine, there is NO better training in town that this fast loop. Apparently last week on the soggy Forest Loop the small group of Meyers, Shanahan, Knapp and Neff dominated the ride, the latter of whom was able to solo away for the 'W'!

Mar 24, 2009

Quals Times

The Qualification times are out after being chosen at an eventful meeting last night.

What we learnt-
- A new loose Cutter program is in evidence this year. The rookie choosing the time dressed in only US flag boxers was a nice touch and the decision to swap for a 1.40pm attempt is a different look for sure. This Feldman-lead group is clearly having a good time but will this all sit well with the tradition-driven alumni?
- Phi Gamma Delta will once again be on top of the Little 500 world- at least for a few minutes!
- The end of day will be interesting. with Dodds House, TMT, Phi Psi and Wright Cycling (still way below the radar and ready to shock the world) all riding in the last 45minutes.
- Ten men teams won't get in the race, the most for the better part of a decade. Teams better bring their 'A' games or they may be SOL come race day.

Mar 23, 2009

Notre Dame Racing

This weekend saw a couple of collegiate races up in South Bend promoted by Notre Dame University. A small IU group was in attendance on saturday at the road race so it was left to the Black Key Bulls and Delta Gamma to fly the IU flag with Valentin Todorow and Kristina Heath scoring some points in the 'A' races, Scott Mueller finishing an excellent 5th in the Mens 'B' and Jordan Bailey easily winning the Mens C race!
Sunday was the criterium where Issac Neff and Valentin finished within the top seven positions. Krisitina Heath also finished 7th in the Womens A and her form appears to be coming around just in time to propel DG to repeat as Little500 champions! Scott Mueller continued his good form with another top ten. On this evidence BKB would seemed to be living up to their hype as one of the favorites for the big race at the end of April.
Overall IU is still lying in 2nd position in the Midwest standing. However from now on IU will suffer from Little500 enforced absences particularly as the Midwest regionals clash directly with Little 500. This is of greater concern to qualification for Road Nationals as IU is lying in 3rd position (only 3 teams qualify) and will surely loss points to the teams behind as the number of riders will be greatly reduced in the following weeks. The Marian Criterium on sunday April 5th may be the only opportunity for a large IU turnout so look for them to fill their boots on that date!

Mar 19, 2009

Weekend Racing

This weekend the local racing takes in a classic circuit at Hueston Woods just north of Miami of Ohio. Sign up for the race before midnight tonight. If you don't they'll charge you an extra $7 so it's worth your while to sign up before.

There's also some Collegiate Racing all weekend up at Notre Dame- i'm sure IU will be sending a small group given most people will still be returning from Spring Break over the weekend.

Further afield, the second event in the McDonalds Spring Series takes place in Lexington, KY on Saturday. The following day there is a 3RVS Spring training event in Auburn, Indiana which is close to Fort Wayne. 

There's also Chris Chartier's (Dodds Alum, member of ABC cycling) bachelor party going on at all points on the Nashville 90 and then in the bars of Bloomington during Saturday evening. Apparently the rumor is that is all begins with a few shots at Dodds House early on saturday morning, not that this blog agrees with drinking and riding!

Mar 17, 2009

Wednesday Worlds

This week is the Forest Loop. Please neutralize down Beanblossom hill and keep the pace civil until the top of the first hill on the circuit.

Bton victory at Tour de Beer

Check out Ryan Knapp's blog for details of his first win of 2009! Nice job Ryan but get yourself some 2009 kicks huh!

Mar 16, 2009

Same as it ever was!

The first race of the McDonalds Kentuckiana Spring Series p/b Apex Therapy is in the books and it's a case of the more things change the more they stay the same. The results and photos are posted here. The Cat1/2 race showed that the Texas Roadhouse Juggernaut shows no sign of slowing down in this young 2009 season. Three of the top four positions go to the Louisville based squad with ex-IU student John Grant taking the win. Present IU student Issac Neff showed that the few collegiate races he has done have nicely honed the form with an excellent second place.

Mar 13, 2009

Spring Break

It's IU spring break next week and the Little 500 track will be a buzz with teams trying to perfect their exchanges in prep for Quals on March 28th. In recent times, more and more teams have opted to stay in Bloomington instead of heading to warmer climes for Spring Break. It's a strategy that must offer some benefits if you're willing to take a chance on the fickle Midwestern spring.
This year 43 mens teams will be vying for 33 slots in the race and the likelihood is that those teams who would have qualified anyway will just be perfecting their quals runs during Spring Break.
Sadly it's the teams who will be in danger of not qualifying that should be at the track next week. However they'll likely be playing hard on the beach and will have plenty of time to repent at their leisure as they look from the sidelines on April 25th.
Everyone have a good break wherever you choose to ride!

Its Time to Race!

The Midwest Road Racing season is upon us. It all kicks off a couple of hours from Bloomington with a Saturday event in Louisville at Long Run Park and a Sunday throwdown close to Cincy in the Tour de Beer. As ever it's been a long winter and the locals will be looking to hit out and see how the form really is. If you wanna race just go and do it! I'll be looking for the Bloomington guys on Alderfer Bergen to make some noise in these events fresh as they are for a couple of hard weeks of Collegiate racing!

Mar 11, 2009

WW part one

So Wednesday Worlds part one is in the books. 6 laps of the 446 circuit and there was a good turnout of the riders, maybe 30 guys and gals rolled out from the gates in chilly conditions.

What did we learn?

- People are ready to race. The Midwest season starts this weekend and there'll be some pent-up winter aggression to be worked out!
- Some people have work to do as about 1/4 of the group were GOOOOOOONE on lap one (and not your author for a change).
- It's difficult to win off the front on that course. If the top TTers in the region can't do it together then no-one was gonna do it.
- ATO are looking good for Little500. Perez and Ziemba were at the front all day and were riding strong.
- Phi Delts are in decent shape. At least 4 guys hung on the finish making them a pretty deep team.
- Cutters wish that Eric Hamilton had another year of eligibility left.
- Alderfer Bergen have got a fast lead-out train.
- The brave escape of Ryan Shanahan and out-of-towner Chris Chartier was snuffed out a mere 500 meters from the finish line.
- First blood for the year went to the Axe-Murderer!

Depauw Results

Results from the Depauw weekend of racing are now posted online. IU had another great weekend with many podium places. IU maintains it's place at the top of the conference standing (even though the ranking don't say so at the moment) ahead of Marian College whose program is going from strength to strength under Coach Dean Peterson. Special mention must go to Chris West and Ryan Kiel in the Mens B RR as they both managed to place twice in the top 7!!
Although many racers have their own blogs, if you don't and want to write a race report then please email it me and I will put it up on the blog.

Remember 2009 Wednesday Worlds starts at 5.30p at the Samples Gates this evening

Mar 10, 2009

Interview with Bennet VDG, Bloomingtons PRO!

Most Bloomington riders know Bennet Van der Genugten and have suffered on his wheel over the past few years! After attending Bloomington North HS and dabbling in both swimming and cycling he dedicated himself to biking after his senior swim season was over. This lead to a hugely successful collegiate racing career at Cumberland University, Indiana University and latterly at Marian College. In the past two years he became National Collegiate Track Omnium Champion and Midwest Conference Road Champion. Since graduating at the end of last year Bennet signed a professional contract with the Kenda Pro Cycling p/b Spinergy team. Bennet kindly agreed to answer a few questions about his expectations for the first year in the paid ranks.

BloomingtonVeloNews- Congratulations in the pro contract- talk us through how you came to sign with Kenda Pro Cycling p/b Spinergy?
Bennet Van der Genugten- First, thanks for taking a minute to speak with me and share my season with the home-town crew! Last season I was on Team Inferno, which was the same management company that owns Kenda Pro Cycling. So it has been a slowly developing almost family network of sponsors, managers and riders culminating in the UCI team Kenda Pro Cycling p/b Spinergy. Last year I had a very consistent season with a few big results that landed publicity for the team, and found my way in the lead-out train as the third man in line for the sprint, so showing that I could make my way off the front for individual success and sacrifice myself for others in the sprint secured my spot on the professional roster.

BVN- I read you have a manager (Marco Aledia) .Was there much in the way of negotiation with regard the number of years or what the contract involved?
BVDG- The contract is for one year, and is expected to be re-negotiated for the 2010 season and beyond in mid summer. Marco and I had some long talks about the contract and really what the team offered initially was quite reasonable, especially with the economic climate as it is. We are a modest team with intentions of being a ‘giant-killer’ and we are a family before a business. As such contract negotiations were handled over a coffee and a smile and not in suits!

BVN- Now you are a full-time rider have you changed your training to cater for having more opportunities to ride?
BVDG- Absolutely. The level of races we’ll be competing in this year demands it. Since graduating college I have as much time as I need to train and take advantage of it every day. Everything I do from sun-up to sun-down is focused on racing, I realize what a great opportunity this is for me, and how many good young riders are vying for my spot every year and will not waste it. My mileage has increased significantly and my training has been tailored to prepare me for races like the Tour of Missouri and Pro road nationals (Ed- Bennet modestly omitted that he thinks he has shed 15lbs since last season!).

BVN- You have raced already this year in AZ (the Valley of the Sun Stage Race) and have of course trained with plenty of people other than your teammates. Now you are a professional rider do you have different expectations about how you needed to perform when in the group? Similarly do you feel the other riders treat you differently both racing and training?
BVDG- Wearing a professional jersey was an eye opener indeed. I feel like the same guy, I AM the same guy! But the cycling world doesn’t see me the same anymore. When I’m on a group ride, people look to you when they have a question, they ask you for a pee break, they ask you what sort of tires to buy! (KENDA BABY!!!) This sort of magnifying glass has helped me grow personally as a leader in the riding community. At a certain point in Tucson I realized that I was no longer a 17 year old kid enthralled by the best guy in town but that I was one of those guys and had a responsibility to look after the other riders, especially the younger ones.

BVN- You have just got back from Kenda training camp in Greenville SC. We can read on your blog about how it went down but do you now have a clearer idea about what your role within the team might be?
BVDG- Team camp is always fun week. I think more than an athletic endeavor it is important to bond with your team-mates and the staff that will support you all season. That being said we are a professional racing team, and you don’t get to that level without riding hard. Therefore we had opportunities to test each other out: lead-out practice for the sprinters and a pain session up Paris Mountain (the pro nationals hill) with the skinny boys. We split into groups in the lead-outs, and I was the final lead-out for youngster Ben Renkema and we were killing it! I dropped Ben off at about 38mph and he said he reached 41mph, so I was very happy with that. Afterwards I also joined the skinny boys for Paris and set some tempo with Jake Rytlewski, our main GC rider. Those support roles being said, you can expect me to vie for my own glory off the front on every possible occasion.

The Kenda Procycling Team p/b Spinenergy

BVN- Do you now know your race schedule and did you have any input into what that might be? How does that compare with the other guys on the team?
BVDG-Yes we had a lengthy meeting over our schedule and I signed my name on quite a few events. I am one of a few guys who don’t have a family or a second job, and can ride in any scenario, so I will be moving around quite a bit. Crits, track, stage races, bring it on!

BVN- Any chance we’ll see you at the Bloomington Criterium on July 18th?
BVDG- Oh man! I always miss that race. I think I will be in Vancouver for B.C. Superweek.

BVN- Are there any races you are particularly looking forward to?
BVDG- I have a few selected with big gold stars next to them on the fridge so I can be reminded of my goals every time I want an extra snack! The Nature Valley GP Stage Race will be a big one, as well as Philly week then later in the year the Tour of Missouri and Pro road nationals.

BVN- Any (brief) advice to a young rider who is looking to make it to the professional ranks and is wondering whether it might be better to either attend/ don’t attend college in the US or try and go to Europe?
BVDG- Brief? Haha, you know me too well! Each rider is different, and their paths need to be too. All too often guys try to bail on college and go pro, maybe they make it and maybe they don’t. At the end of their career they have no money, no degree, and no job. So I see college as a really good way to develop your body into that of a professional while looking ahead. I also think that the professional life is simply not for most people and it often takes some time to figure that out. I think going to college whilst you do that is a great idea.

BVN- And finally at the end of the season what achievements will see you satisfied with your first year in the pros?
BVDG- In a lot of ways I am already very satisfied. I am living the life I love to lead, I get to see the country and I’m doing it amongst some of my best friends. That’s not a bad gig, eh? Sporting wise though, I do set very high expectations for myself, and winning an NRC race and staying healthy and focused while making good results from April to October will leave a smile on my face though to 2010.

Thanks the Bennet for sitting down with us and all of us in Bloomington wish him all the best for the coming season and beyond!

Mar 9, 2009

Wednesday Worlds 2009

Wednesday Worlds 2009

- Fast paced training rides in the Bloomington Area.
- Meet at the Samples Gates (Indiana and Kirkwood) at 5.30pm each Wednesday through the summer
- To be more inclusive please ride safely and steadily out to the chosen ‘course’ for the day.
- Once at the course- ride as hard as you’d like!

Suggested Schedule-

3/11- 446 Circuit
3/18- Forest Loop
3/25- 446 Circuit

4/1- Paragon Loop
4/8- 446 Circuit
4/15- Low Gap- Mahalasville
4/22- 446 Circuit
4/29- Forest/ NS/ SS

5/6- Low Gap- Catholic Cemetery
5/13- 446 Circuit
5/20- Forest Loop
5/27- Paragon Loop

6/3- 446 Circuit
6/10- Low Gap- Martinsville
6/17- Low Gap- Mahalasville
6/24- 446 Circuit

7/1- Forest/ NS/ SS
7/8- Paragon Loop
7/15- 446 Circuit
7/22- Low Gap- Catholic Cemetery
7/29- Forest Loop

8/5- 446 Circuit
8/12- Low Gap- Martinsville
8/19- Low Gap- Mahalasville
8/26- 446 Circuit

9/2- Forest/ NS/ SS
9/9- Paragon Loop
9/16- 446 Circuit
9/23- Forest Loop
9/30- 446 Circuit

Mar 7, 2009

70F in March! What's the catch? 30mph wind is what! So it was that the conditions were part fantastic, part tough at Heritage Lake IN for the Depauw Collegiate RR. There was a big turnout with a particularly large squad of IU riders in attendance.
The early races were dominated by riders preparing for Little 500. In the Womens B race a break of 4 riders bossed the race and it featured 3 IU riders! At the conclusion of the race IU had secured the first three positions with Caitlin Van Kooten leading the girls home followed by Kristi Hewitt and Julie Bembenista!
The Mens B was a sedentary affair that came down to a mass sprint to the line in which Matt Neibler of IU (and DTD) prevailed with some ease (allowing himself time to put his sunglasses on 10meters from the line). If he had looked back Matt might not have been so cool as the peloton was nipping at his heels. However if he had been caught IU would have still prevailed as Chris West (PDT) took a strong second place.

Matt Neibler winning the Bloomington Grand Prix in 2008

The Womens A race vasilated between slow and very fast and was a tough challenge for the riders. IU riders Jackie Moeller, Julie Panzica and Kristina Heath showed great tenacity to
regain the peloton after being dropped at different times during the race. Ultimately Jackie was the highest placed rider in the top twenty positions in a bunch sprint.

The difference between Mens A and all other races is like night and day. These guys RACE the whole time. The 50mile event was enlivened from mile 1 with Eric Hamilton forcing a breakaway that actually stuck for the entire event. It also featured IU's Issac Neff as well as a couple of Lindsey Wilson riders, a Marian Knight and a Boilermaker. The break worked excellently together and build up a lead of approaching 3minutes at its height. Back in the peloton the IU riders and particularly Mike Sherer were doing a great job preventing the chase gathering too much leverage.
In the finale the Issac suffered from doing too much work and came in 5th place just ahead of Eric. A Lindsey Wilson rider took the win in a tight sprint ahead of David Williams of Marian College.
All in all a fantastic day of racing that was light years different from the miserable racing at Murray State the week before. Team Time Trial and Criterium results to follow.

Issac warming up before racing in 2008
Photos from Issac Neff and Matt Neibler

Mar 5, 2009

Collegiate Racing

Even though the weather for Road Race was appalling and the criterium course was perculiar if not dangerous, the racing at Murray State was successful for IU who came out of the weekend at the top of the Conference Standings and are well positioned in the race for National Qualification.
Special praise goes out to Jordan Bailey and Julie Bembenista who took individual victories.

Jenna Johnson in the crit. She was the weekends best IU 'A' points scorer.

This weekend the racing is much, much closer to home at Depauw University in Greencastle and the weather is predicted to be excellent! Good luck to those racing!
The saturday RR is at Heritage Lake on an 8-mile circuit, the TTT is a 5-mile event to the east of Greencastle. Finally the sunday criterium is close to downtown Greencastle.

Your author will likely be driving to Greencastle on saturday morning, riding the 10miles over to the RR course and then doing a good few laps whilst watching the action. Come along if you're interested.
Photo- Sarah Lukas

Tour de France Picture Gallery

The downtown Bloomington pictura gallery will be exhibiting "After the Finish" by James Startt, a photographer renowned for his Tour de France photography. The show features the emotions of Tour de France cyclists after they cross the finish line.

There is an opening reception on Friday March 6, from 5-8 pm and the exhibition continues through March 31. It should be well worth a visit to check out the images of PAIN (featuring Luc Leblanc and LANCE!!)

Pictura gallery is located on the square in Bloomington at Sixth & College (the old tattoo parlor) and is open Tuesday-Saturday between 11a -7p

Jan Ullrich after taking a fall.
James Startt Photography

Mar 3, 2009

Little500 predictions

So the track may be closed today but Little 5 season is certainly upon us and I guess BloomingtonVelonews gives it's early opinions on who's going to win! Thanks to Sean Morrison for taking the time to get my opinion, for what it's worth....

Race Res...Oh

Anyone looking for race results from the MWCCC Collegiate race at Murray State this weekend..... good luck. The Pony Express getting the soggy piece of paper with the written results to the only computer in KY has obviously got waylaid. People, is it sooo difficult to get results posted on the web in this technological age we live in?

If anyone has insight from the weekends events form an IU perspective then please let me know.

There are some pictures posted here by Sarah Lukas who attends Lindsey Wilson College-

Brrr... Valentin and RJ look chilly!

Photos- Sarah Lukas

Mar 1, 2009

Monroe County Champion

A small group battled the biting wind to contest the Monroe County Cyclocross champs and it was regular recent victor Tomas who continues his winning form after riding away from the group in the early running. JP Krol found his running form is translating itself to the bike as he came in second!

Attendance at the past two events have certainly been affected by the imminence of the road racing season and organizer Jim Kirkham indicated that series would return in the Fall of 2009 when many people are focusing on cross racing. Also look out for a special event on the friday evening of Hilly Hundred weekend over in Ellettsville- THAT should be a blast!