Mar 11, 2009

WW part one

So Wednesday Worlds part one is in the books. 6 laps of the 446 circuit and there was a good turnout of the riders, maybe 30 guys and gals rolled out from the gates in chilly conditions.

What did we learn?

- People are ready to race. The Midwest season starts this weekend and there'll be some pent-up winter aggression to be worked out!
- Some people have work to do as about 1/4 of the group were GOOOOOOONE on lap one (and not your author for a change).
- It's difficult to win off the front on that course. If the top TTers in the region can't do it together then no-one was gonna do it.
- ATO are looking good for Little500. Perez and Ziemba were at the front all day and were riding strong.
- Phi Delts are in decent shape. At least 4 guys hung on the finish making them a pretty deep team.
- Cutters wish that Eric Hamilton had another year of eligibility left.
- Alderfer Bergen have got a fast lead-out train.
- The brave escape of Ryan Shanahan and out-of-towner Chris Chartier was snuffed out a mere 500 meters from the finish line.
- First blood for the year went to the Axe-Murderer!

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Anonymous said...

When will MAH (Nuvo Team) be present? It would be cool to be race with him.