Mar 28, 2009


Men. Fiji 2m22. Ggs 2 25 pike 2 27

Women . Army 2 41. Theta 2 44. Dg 2 46.


Wing it on pole 2 40

Phi delt on polE 2 22.67


Anonymous said...

Wing-It on the pole!!!

Geraint. Ouch. With your prognostication and $2.10 together, I could afford a medium 'to go' coffee at Soma!

Anonymous said...

it is pretty pathetic that in 2009 iusf cant get live updates through a ustream feed or someone doing twitter updates.

Anonymous said...

Some updates:

DU faulted twice and now has to wait for the end of the day.
PDT on the pole right now for the men with a 2:22. Fiji is #2. Cutters are #3, all within one second of each other.

Teter did a 2:35 and currently has the women's pole. Wing it is #2 with a 2:40

Anonymous said...

how did SAE end up?

Anonymous said...

This is hardly what I'd call 'live' updating...any more news from the track?

Anonymous said...

OK, how about just saying who did NOT make the race? Were they just too slow, or did someone foul on a 3rd attempt?