Mar 31, 2009

ITT Preview

Whereas Saturday at Quals was all about the team, Wednesday evenings ITTs are, as the name suggests, all about the individual! Who is the fastest on the track? A list of the heats can be found here. So what have we got to look forward to?

The traditional 'Hour of Power' runs between 7.45p and 8.45p in which most of the contenders for the title will be riding. Heats 53 and 55 will be the top womens heats when Cerone, Balbach (KD), Moeller (Teter), Hewitt, Boswell (Wing-it), Heath (DG), Rogoski (DSP) and Brown (Pi Phi) will be riding. If there was a Vegas-book on this race then Kristi Hewitt would be a prohibitive favorite. She's defending champ and even with a fractured radius was FAST during her lap at quals. If the track is fast look for Kristi to break the Womens ITTs record which stands at 2:34.27 (set by Sarah Rieke in 2007). Outside of Hewitt look for Jennifer Balbach to set a hot time. This junior is a road-riding-neophyte but is seriously fast on the track. She rode two laps for KD at quals and they looked very fast indeed. Jackie Moeller and Kristina Heath should see their road riding translate to a fast time and outside of the power hour look for Caitlin Van Kooten (Teter) to improve upon her 5th place of last year.

Kristi Hewitt in 2008 (from

On the Mens side the super-heat is number 56 at 8.35pm when Sovinski (PDT), Young (Cutters), Neibler (DTD) and Parks (TMT) do battle. The first two riders were both in the top 3 last year and will be challenging for the win again this year. Young looked very fast in quals and the smart money might be on him to bring the ITT crown back to the Cutters. Also look for this team-mate Clayton Feldman (who finished 5th last year) to stake a claim for victory this year. Hans Arnesen's ITT record (2:15.78) shouldn't be under threat but in ITTs you should never say never!

Kevin Moore (Dodds) struggles against the elements in 2004!

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