Mar 24, 2009

Quals Times

The Qualification times are out after being chosen at an eventful meeting last night.

What we learnt-
- A new loose Cutter program is in evidence this year. The rookie choosing the time dressed in only US flag boxers was a nice touch and the decision to swap for a 1.40pm attempt is a different look for sure. This Feldman-lead group is clearly having a good time but will this all sit well with the tradition-driven alumni?
- Phi Gamma Delta will once again be on top of the Little 500 world- at least for a few minutes!
- The end of day will be interesting. with Dodds House, TMT, Phi Psi and Wright Cycling (still way below the radar and ready to shock the world) all riding in the last 45minutes.
- Ten men teams won't get in the race, the most for the better part of a decade. Teams better bring their 'A' games or they may be SOL come race day.

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KNaegeli said...

Ten teams missing out is a big number, sure, but 2006 & 2008 had 8 teams miss the cut and 2007 had 9... so the number of teams going at it has been high for a little while now.