Mar 3, 2009

Race Res...Oh

Anyone looking for race results from the MWCCC Collegiate race at Murray State this weekend..... good luck. The Pony Express getting the soggy piece of paper with the written results to the only computer in KY has obviously got waylaid. People, is it sooo difficult to get results posted on the web in this technological age we live in?

If anyone has insight from the weekends events form an IU perspective then please let me know.

There are some pictures posted here by Sarah Lukas who attends Lindsey Wilson College-

Brrr... Valentin and RJ look chilly!

Photos- Sarah Lukas


Anonymous said...

rim job.

KNaegeli said...

With how poorly the crit went on Sunday, I could see it taking a few weeks to try to sort out placings beyond third, especially in the Men's C & D and Women's B/C fields where riders were seemingly pulled at random because the fields were so large and people were getting all mixed up.

The road race, on the other hand, was good and those results should be easy to compile.

Anonymous said...

Race results are up (, though there seem to be many errors (Neil Broshears doesn't ride for IU, for one).