Mar 13, 2009

Spring Break

It's IU spring break next week and the Little 500 track will be a buzz with teams trying to perfect their exchanges in prep for Quals on March 28th. In recent times, more and more teams have opted to stay in Bloomington instead of heading to warmer climes for Spring Break. It's a strategy that must offer some benefits if you're willing to take a chance on the fickle Midwestern spring.
This year 43 mens teams will be vying for 33 slots in the race and the likelihood is that those teams who would have qualified anyway will just be perfecting their quals runs during Spring Break.
Sadly it's the teams who will be in danger of not qualifying that should be at the track next week. However they'll likely be playing hard on the beach and will have plenty of time to repent at their leisure as they look from the sidelines on April 25th.
Everyone have a good break wherever you choose to ride!

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Anonymous said...

Did MAH race this weekend? I don't see his name anywhere. Thx.