Mar 19, 2009

Weekend Racing

This weekend the local racing takes in a classic circuit at Hueston Woods just north of Miami of Ohio. Sign up for the race before midnight tonight. If you don't they'll charge you an extra $7 so it's worth your while to sign up before.

There's also some Collegiate Racing all weekend up at Notre Dame- i'm sure IU will be sending a small group given most people will still be returning from Spring Break over the weekend.

Further afield, the second event in the McDonalds Spring Series takes place in Lexington, KY on Saturday. The following day there is a 3RVS Spring training event in Auburn, Indiana which is close to Fort Wayne. 

There's also Chris Chartier's (Dodds Alum, member of ABC cycling) bachelor party going on at all points on the Nashville 90 and then in the bars of Bloomington during Saturday evening. Apparently the rumor is that is all begins with a few shots at Dodds House early on saturday morning, not that this blog agrees with drinking and riding!


Anonymous said...

Did MAH race over the weekend? Go IU!

Anonymous said...

Calling AH of the major kind? Any weekend race reports big guy?