Nov 3, 2009

Group Ride Crazy!

It's good to see that people are trying to break away from their L5 team cliques and get some fall/winter group rides going. We here at BVN are all about that sort of activity.

Tuesday- Womens Group Ride @ 3pm, Wilcox House
Wednesday (tentative)- Fast paced ride @ 4pm, Samples Gates (this ride is in limbo at the moment as nominal leader Matt Neib;er has some injury). That doesn't stop other riders jumping into the void to lead the group out of town if they wish- comment here if you're willing to do that.
Thursday- Revolution B+B shop ride @ 4pm. Moderate pace. Approx 30miles contact for more detail.
Friday- IUCC no drop social group ride @ 3.30pm ,Sample Gates
Sunday- IUCC moderately paced group ride @ Noon, Sample Gates
Check out for more detail in 140 characters!

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RJ said...


Hey, if you're at all interested in a Wednesday fast ride (Wednesday Worlds-esque), I'd suggest you meet at Sample Gates and whoever is there can decide amongst yourselves a route and plan for the ride. I won't be able to make it, but hopefully there will be a good turnout. Keep in mind it'll get dark a little before 6pm...