Feb 5, 2010

A Long Walk

This is not strictly a cycling post but it does involve two of Bloomingtons beloved bikers. JJs delivery biker JP Krol and BGI wrench Adam Fryska are embarking on the most epic of steady mile sessions on March 1st when they tackle the Appalachian Trail. It's a really really long way. Keep track of their progress taking a little walk in the hills here.

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schweg said...

They are absolutely in for an epic adventure. But how about the guy in the photos below whose trail name was Cyclehiker. In 2005 rode his Dahon 650c folding bike from Chicago to Georgia and hiked the first 700 miles with the bike on his back. The plan was to finish the trail and ride the bike from Maine back to Chicago. At the half way point he decided to send the bike home. Cyckehiker is my younger brother Mark.