Feb 16, 2010

The last time...

A request from a PDT alum- 'Throw this up on your blog for the Cutters to chew on... The last time a team was going for 4 wins in a row - we got the follow result! History has a funny way of repeating itself!!'.
I'd say GAME ON but I hope the riders of both teams care as much as the Alumni bases!


current little 5 riders said...

I dont see Bobby Knight or any other great old coaches or players getting on gossip sites to talk trash. Why don't you old has beens get over your egos. NO ONE CARES

Anonymous said...

No Bob Knight does "talk trash" and it is on National Television and at fundraising whenever possible. I would do the same if I had the chance.

1 Point to Bob Knight for having a big sack

0 Points to current little 5 riders

If you are really a current little 5 rider I suggest your team probably isn't very good if your Alumni base isn't willing to talk to anyone about the race.

Since your Alumni base isn't talking about Little 5 I'd be more than happy to help you out, watch some film, get a smoothie, hit Kilroy's whatever it is that you kids like to do.

-1 Point from your Alumni Base

1 Point to Bob Knight, he still has no problem "talking trash", so check your facts, as it isn't talking trash if your telling the truth.

Clayton Feldman

Anonymous said...

That should have been signed,
Clayton Feldman - Sage of Little 500.

adamrodkey said...

It's woth noting that I don't follow L5 at all. As a cyclist, it's not even on my radar.
But I believe (to quote Roger Penske) that "winning occurs at the intersection of preperation, execution and luck."
Is it possible the cutters win because they prepare better, have the experience to execute well and have had the good fortune of luck (luck in sports is not succoming to circumstance outside of your control)?
I guess it's easier to hate (on them), but I'm just saying.

Anonymous said...

If Clayton is the sage, does that make Carolyn Brown the sagess.

Anonymous said...

That's so cute. A team that has been in the hurt bag for better part of a generation is trash talking the winningest team in the history of the race for a race result that happened close to 3 generations ago (and doubltess before the birth of any of the current crop of Phi Delt riders).

Time would be better spent by the Phi Delt alums if they helped get their boys ready to throw down.

Anonymous said...

my prediction, cutters' shit talking will only get worse (on every website of theirs) come race day.

no one else to talk to?

Anonymous said...

Unless some former L5ers (and their offspring) are reproducing at an astonishing rate, I'm pretty sure 1982 was closer to three decades ago than three generations ago.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, no one else to talk to and no one cares! Do you mean no one cares that we are the most dominant team in history? Or that no one cares about Little 500, or just trash talking? What I've seen is the Cutters feeding off scared competitors and weak minded people. The talent is all the same. I don't think most other teams have alumni to guide them, and if they do it's fleeting. A few teams do, but it's probably half of what The Cutters have.

Anonymous said...

@poster #8: Pointless pedantry. In procreational terms: yes. A generation is approximately 20 years. In cultural terms a "generation" is typically seen as a decade long.

Thanks for contributing.