Jan 11, 2012

Urban Cycle Studio

From Alison at Urban Cycle Studio (urbancyclestudio@gmail.com)
Hey, Little Fivers!

You're probably LOVING this weather. But, let's be realistic and assume the winter weather will arrive soon. We're hear for ya! Our Little 500 Training classes are designed specifically for the power training Little 500 riders need to perform come race day.

This series of classes is a fusion of strength and endurance movements catered to fit the unique needs of Little 500 athletes and other cyclists looking for a new experience. Each session is designed to mimic different parts of the race such as burning in and out, overcoming the single gear of the bike and catching the pack. Additionally, it includes movements to replicate other Little 5 events like Team Pursuit, Miss-N-Out and ITTs. You'll encounter an interval class mixed with flats, hills and sprints in these 75 minute sessions. Expect to keep a very fast pace! The goal of these classes is to build speed and power along with the endurance you'll need to finish strong in the race!

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