Feb 25, 2009


Although this isn't strictly Bloomington Biking I wanted to share a couple of pictures from the final stage of the ToC this past sunday. Big time bike racing is fun to watch- yes you spent 7hr traveling and sitting in traffic but the exciting build-up and then the brief burst of action is well worth it ! Amazingly I think it's possible to enjoy the race without stripping down to a speedo and running up the road alongside the riders. Dudes, just cheer from the roadside and you might even know what's going on in the race. For an inside look check out neo-pro Phil Gaimon's blog as he really explains how it is to be new to the hoopla of big time bike racing- something we all wished we could have done or hope we still could do.

'Popo' setting the pace on Lake Wohlford Road

Lance driving the pace on Cole Grande Road with some speedo idiots alongside.

Pictures courtesy of Luzirina Calderon

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