Feb 23, 2011


I am sure a lot of people are wondering what is going to happen to BVN now that Geraint is gone. Do not fear! The blog will continue to keep everyone in the loop concerning cycling in Bloomington. Things are definitely going to change but hopefully not for the worse. There is no way myself or my fellow contributors can ever match Geraint in terms of wit or unbiased reporting of the cycling community but I promise to try my hardest.

Geraint will be sorely missed and I think we will all finally realize how much he meant to the community here now that he has flown on to do great things in Liverpool. However, he is still the end all be all administrator of this blog and his twitter feed will be up so we can all stay up to date and what he is up to across the Atlantic.

I would love feedback and how I am doing and as always feel free to comment!

We can never come close to replacing GP but I will try my best to keep this blog running true to form.


Geraint Parry said...

I'm looking forward to seeing the direction the blog takes. At the moment Erik, Ren-jay, Tom and Lauren have the ability to post and I think they will cover the Bloomington scene better than any single person could. However this was always meant to be a community resource (even though it really didn't work out like that), so if you feel you have a point of view that won't be represented then please write me an email and I can give out permission to post.

I will try and contribute a little here and there but will obviously be out of the loop with regard the day-to-day goings on in Bloomington. I dare say there may be some reports from here across the pond especially when LiverpoolVeloNews gets up and running!

Change is good so I'm excited about the future of BVN.

bri said...

GP you better give yourself the ability to tell us what is going on across the pond. in particular if you run in to my favorite englanders -- louise and wayne! also we need to know if you are really cool or really lame... so when we come over we know if we should tell people we know you or not :) xoxoxoox blk

Tom said...

I'm sure everyone will do a great job, although it will take a little bit of time for them to get the hang of blogging with a British accent.


Anonymous said...

Tom - bring back PS3!

adamrodkey said...

Wait, Saccone or Cox?

Erik Hamilton said...


John G. said...

Get Gutowsky to help with the site. He's not doing anything buy sitting on his hands and wishing he was back in Provence.